TOP 10 Best Kalimbas in 2020 – Reviews and Guides

GECKO Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano Builts-in EVA

As an African instrument originated in Zimbabwe, Kalimba comes with both attractive outlook and remarkable tunes to provide a feast for the eyes and ears. Although the structure is sophisticated and users are required to master the skills to produce characteristic tunes, the instrument is attractive and open to everyone to begin and enjoy its magnificence. However, choosing the right Kalimba directly affects the quality of the sound it produces.

Are you looking for a Kalimba to start your musician journey? If so, continue with this article. To meet your demand, we have done the research on this subject and come up with the following outstanding brands of Kalimba to help you begin the journey. In this article, you will find out about the reviews of the top ten best Kalimbas on the market. At the end, you can also see a little buying guide section that will guide you through the main features that determine the best Kalimba.

List Of Top 10 Best Kalimbas in 2020

10. Apelila 17 Key Kalimba

 Apelila 17 Key Kalimba Thumb Piano

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It is known to be the thumb piano with 17 keys to offer all the standard C tunes. The construction of this kalimba is solid because it is made of high grade mahogany. Its size is small and portable; as a result, users can carry it with them anywhere with the carry bag provided. It can help you to get your spare time worth and make your travel more poetic.

The mahogany boosts the sound of the kalimba to the best warmth and fullness. For each keyboard, the note is carved directly onto the keys, and therefore, it is difficult to sharpen. The hole design is designed ideally to produce perfect sound, and the music box is made smooth to feel just like spring water.

For users at the beginning level, the kalimba can be simply played with thumbs. Users need to hold the kalimba in hands and use two thumbs to play each time. If you are a professional one, you can enjoy playing it on a rocking chair with leisure.

9. GECKO Kalimba 17 keys

 GECKO Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano Builts-in EVA

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The kalimba is made of premium materials, including mahogany and steel bars. It is handcrafted to give a better sense in hearing, visioning and touching. Even with users who have zero basis, they can play music with just moving their thumbs around. It aims to provide the best music performance in any occasions, including friends and family gathering, school break times and spare time relaxation. It also offers a booklet guidance, which demonstrates all the necessary information about the Kalimba.

The kalimba comes with an EVA box, which can protect the kalimba effectively for the users to bring it anywhere with them or collect as an artistic purpose. Its box is to prevent all types of scratches and damages, and it is also water resistant to secure it.

The Kalimba is also protected with 365 days of warranty. Within 45 days, the manufacturer guarantees for unconditional returns if the users are not satisfied with the quality of the product.

8. UNOKKI Kalimba

 UNOKKI Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano

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It is a professional kalimba instrument which is constructed of mahogany with ore steel bar. It consists of 17 keys, and all of them together produce the most beautiful tunes. The steel keys are designed to produce bright sound clearly. The notes and letters are engraved on the keys, and as a result, it provides a more convenient experience for the users to enjoy music time. Also, the product includes song books to help users play the correct way easily.

It is just like a mini version of the piano which is suitable for all ages, including kids, adults and professionals. It plays the standard C tune exactly the same as the piano. Also, its wood body helps the resonance to be more beautiful. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones in any special occasions.

7. GSM Brands Kalimba

 Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Finger Piano

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If you are a beginner to the instrument, you are highly recommended to choose GSM Brands Kalimba. The reason is that all the notes are labeled on the bars, and therefore, users do not have to worry about not remembering or making mistakes. The 17 keys altogether form the standard C tune which is used internationally.

The kalimba is made of durable and sturdy mahogany. Its bars are constructed of the ore steel, which extends the lifetime quality of this instrument. Although it is small in size, its sound is large enough to warm the whole room as well as the whole house. Also, because it is compact and portable, users can carry it with them to any places conveniently.

If you would like to show your talent at any occasions, you can always bring it with you to make yourself ready to deliver a great performance.

6. Moozica 17-Key EQ Kalimba

 Moozica 17-Key EQ Kalimba, Electric Finger Thumb Piano Built-in Pickup

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The Kalimba is designed to deliver beautiful sound to its audience. It aims to produce the best sound quality with a sweet and melodic tune. The kalimba comes with a Hi-Fi pick up added to the 17 keys. Moreover, its interface is measured at 6.35mm to connect amplifier. No matter what, it still delivers the real sound of the instrument. Therefore, it is designed ideally for performance on the stage.

The materials of this kalimba is chosen carefully to form the solid structure. It is made of mahogany wood and carbon steel for the key bars. It appears in the color of clean blue, which provides a calm outlook for the instrument.

The design is dedicated in details. Thus, it is a wonderful gift for people who are obsessed with music and love to make a collection of special instruments. It is suitable as a gift for all special days and occasions.

5. Newlam Kalimba Thumb Piano


 Kalimba Thumb Piano 17 Keys

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The kalmia is made of solid wood, which is dried by natural air, and therefore, it offers ethereal timber to fit with the wood grain. Unlike having sticker notes on some finger pianos, the steel bars are handcrafted with all the letters and notes engraved on it. It only takes 5 minutes to obtain the skill of playing a song. Thus, it is suitable for not only adults but also kids who possess a musician dream.

The product does not only include the instrument, but it also comes with guidance booklet and cleaning fabric as the essentials for the users to work well with the kalimba. Last but not least, the product is ensured with 60 days warranty. Users are guaranteed with unconditional return within 60 days.

4. Ationgle Luxury Kalimba

 Ationgle Luxury Kalimba - 17 Keys Thumb Piano Include Tuning Hammer

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The kalimba is perfectly handcrafted using mahogany wood as the structure frame. The wood is air-dried naturally. As a result, it provides clear and bright sound to satisfy the sense of hearing. It is known to be durable and sturdy, so users can purchase it for a long term use as long as they are still obsessed with the attractions of the instrument.

All the 17 keys work perfectly to produce any types of music styles. These include pop, rock and carols. Although the keys are already carved with letters and notes, users can still attach the stickers onto it to let them memorize more easily. The design aims to provide a comfortable experience while playing the music.

With the instructions and songbook guidance, beginners can learn how to play a song within minutes, and they can continue to challenge themselves until they master the skills. The quality of the kalimba is guaranteed because it comes with 30 days warranty. Users can get their money back if they are not satisfied with its performance.

3. MOOZICA K17B Kalimba

 Moozica 17 Keys Kalimba Marimba

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Similar to the kalimba model from Moozica mentioning above, this model comes with outstanding design to provide a professional experience. It has an attractive appearance with the deep blue surface and hand-rest curve style. Moreover, the quality of its sound is premium because its body is made of wooden materials to guarantee excellent sound effects. It consists of 17 keys to perform coordination together with rhythm. Even when plucking, the sound is still sweet and pleasant to the listeners.

The Kalimba also comes with a hard case made from PU leather to protect the instrument inside. Users can carry it outdoors with peace of mind, and they can dedicate themselves to the performance at any time.
Thus, if you still have no idea about what to give as a present, consider this Kalimba. The reason is that it does not only spread the African culture to your loved ones but also help their days become more relaxed and beautiful with soothing sound of this Kalimba.

2. Abida Kalimba

 Abida Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano EVA Waterproof Case Study Instruction Tuning Hammer

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The Kalimba from Abida is guaranteed with both quality and durability. Its body frame is constructed of premium mahogany, and its key bars are made of carbon steel. Both of them provides a great sound for the audience to enjoy. The keys are bent down to make users feel comfortable while playing. It also includes an EVA case which is water resistant to protect the kalimba from any outside forces.

The Kalimba consists of 17 keys for the professional experience. With these keys, users can enjoy the bright and melodious sound from this instrument. The letter and notes have already been engraved to the keys, and therefore, it is very helpful and effective for beginners to learn. For those who wish to start playing with Abida, no music basis is required. The songbook is there to help the users with the tune.

It is lightweight and suitable for kids and beginners. However, music lovers and bands can also use it to be a luxury plus to their musician journey.

1. Moozica 17-Key EQ Kalimba

 Moozica 17-Key EQ Kalimba, Electric Finger Thumb Piano Built-in Pickup-Best Kalimbas

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This model of Kalimba is the best one among the top ten list. It is highly recommended for both of its beautiful sound and its wonderful handcraft design. It is made of Acacia Koa wood to ensure the greatest sound effects. For its key bars, the ore metal materials allow users to make their performance perfect with the melodious and soothing sound. In the front, there is also an interface at the size of 6.35mm for linking the sound to the amplifier. With the amplifier, the quality of the sound will not decrease, and therefore, it is designed ideally for stage performance.

The 17 keys are the standard C tune. However, the default C tune can be also transformed to G major. Each of these keys has been tested properly by the manufacturer before packaging. Users can choose this as a gift with peace of mind to let the friends show off their music style at any time.

Buying Guide

While there are hundreds or thousands of Kalimbas on the market, users should consider the following features in order to purchase the most outstanding and suitable one.

Materials: the materials of an instrument directly affect the quality of the sound it produces, and so is kalimba. Regularly, the body of the kalimba is handcrafted with the solid mahogany wood, and its bars are made of either ore or carbon steels. There are also some bars made of solid metal.

Keys: the keys should be engraved with letters and notes to help the users to make the performance better. Also, it is useful for beginners to speed up their learning process.

Hard Case: the lifetime of the kalimba is closely connected to the quality of its case. The case should be resistant to water as well as other damages from the surrounding environment.


Have you seen your preferred Kalimba yet? If so, do not hesitate to make the purchase. To sum up, above are reviews for the top ten best Kalimbas on the market for users to preview as well as consider to do the purchase. A Kalimba is not only a simple instrument for everyone to learn how to play but also a spare time mate who will produce the most beautiful sound to calm down an anxious and stressed mind. With the best Kalimba, users are able to achieve their musician dream as well as show off their music styles whenever and wherever they wish for.