TOP 10 Best Large Cutting Boards in 2020

Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo

It doesn’t matter if you are a home cook or professional chef, cutting board is a necessary kitchen tool and is how you perfect your knife skills. When it comes to size of your cutting board; most of the time, it needs to be big and practical.

And since, there are thousands of cutting boards on the market, so it can be hard to know the good ones. Thus, our team has gathered the top 10 large cutting boards in one list to help you out.

List Of Top 10 Best Large Cutting Boards in 2020

10. Villa Acacia Wood Carving Board

Villa Acacia Wood Carving Board

We are going to start with Villa Acacia Wood carving board; a highly durable hardwood crafted from 100%, 1-1/2″ thick Acacia. This a 24 x 18 x 1.5 Inch cutting board with beautiful wood carving design as well as wide juice groove and well channel. With its extra-large size, it’s great for carving roasts, barbecue, grilling and even Thanksgiving turkey.

This large wood cutting board specially designed to collect drippings and juices while cutting, resulting a mess free countertop. You can cut and chop on both sides for any task with the reversible wooden surface. Plus, it’s easy to hand wash and clean (do not use with dishwasher).

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9. Prosumer’s Choice Countertop Cutting Board

Prosumer’s Choice Bamboo

This large bamboo cutting board from Prosumer’s Choice is 29.5 x 21.2 x 2.6 inches which would fit perfectly on your countertop. It is a beautiful piece and a generous size board that is almost too pretty to use. The tray made of beautiful bamboo grain that is sturdy and space saving with the adjustable legs. It made from bamboo for its hygienic properties and environmental benefits.

Bamboo is considered a super renewable resource, so you can feel good about your purchase and its impact on the earth. It is an ideal kitchen accessory; quick to clean includes easy-grip handles to transport.  The juice trap will also prevent juices from your meats from coming into contact with other foods.

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8. Shun DM0817 Hinoki Cutting Board

Shun DM0817 Hinoki Cutting Board

This is an extra-large cutting board from Shun made from Hinoki (Measures 18 inches long by 12 inches wide by .75 Inches deep). Hinoki is a type of Japanese cypress renowned for its beauty as well as its delicate, natural fragrance. What makes this cutting board an authentic Japanese product is the Hinoki is grown in Japan and is forest stewardship council (FSC) certified for sustainable forest and management practices.

In addition, all the Hinoki products are made from wood resulting from forest thinning, which is required to maintain healthy growth. You can just wet the surface before use to prevent staining. It’s easy to clean using a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly, keep out of direct sunlight (no dishwasher).

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7. Large Wooden Cutting Board

Large Wooden Cutting Board

A large wooden cutting board (size 20x15x1.25inches) from California Custom Millwork is made in the USA. This thick cutting board made from a durable maple wood, allows you to use over and over without constantly re-sharpening your knives. Plus, the multi-use reversible board gives you plenty of room carving meat, chopping vegetables, or as a serving platter.

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Easy to clean and maintain, simply rinse thoroughly after each use and mild soap if necessary. For long lasting use, apply food-safe mineral oil regularly. This will prevent the board from absorbing water and warping.

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6. Terra Teak Cutting Board, Extra Large

Terra Teak Cutting Board

Terra Teak extra-large cutting board is measured by 24″ x 18″ x 1.5″ Inch Thick. The exotic golden wood texture makes the board. A tropical wood (no chemical or pesticide treatment); teak is dense and rich in natural oils, which make it superior to other woods in resistant water and the elements.

This extra large cutting board features side cut handles that makes this board easy to carry and clean up when done using. Also, it can be hand washed without worrying about warping and requires little maintenance other than oiling every few months.

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5. PREMIUM Bamboo Cutting Board & Butcher Block

PREMIUM Bamboo Cutting Board

Next on the list is an extra-large butcher block cutting board from SoulFino. It is ideal to use it as a butcher block and for everyday kitchen chopping, with size of 17’’x13’’ and 7 lbs. thickness. This bamboo board is light but extremely hard, durable and scratch resistant it’s dense for safe chopping while prevent knife damage. Also, it’s easy to clean, as it doesn’t absorb liquids easily and won’t soak in food odors or stains.

For the final note, environmentalists would choose this extra large butcher block cutting board because they are earth friendly. Unlike Trees, Bamboo Restores Itself within 3 to 5 Years.

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4. Teak Cutting Board with Hand Grip

Teak Cutting Board

Teakhaus stunning rectangle edge grain chopping block is known for its durability and longevity. As we all know, teaks resistance to moisture and abundant natural oils make it an ideal use for culinary applications. The added hand grips and drip groove make it easy to move the carving board easily and even faster to clean. With minimal care, you can have a long use with the board.

Just simply wash with soap water and apply mineral oil occasionally for best result. This Wood Cutting Board Is Spacious Enough For Large Family Parties, 24 x 18 x 1.5 inches.

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3. Tableboard Co Reversible Cutting Board PBB1

Tableboard Co Reversible Cutting Board

With a large hard maple surface, this cutting board is perfect for not only cutting but kneading bread/pastry dough or rolling out pizza. You can use the smooth side for working with dough and the reverse side as a cutting board. It creates a perfect over the counter work station. You can clean easily with damn cloth. By oiling your board regularly will keep it beautiful and extend its life.

It has a 1 ½ inches lip on both side to hold the board in place when working to prevent slippery and cause injuries. Overall product’s dimensions 22 l x 28 w x ¾ h.

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2. Extra Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens

Extra Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board

This oversized cutting board is 18 x 24inches, rectangular. The soft straight grains of walnut wood make it an cutting surface that won’t dull your knives. And with the carved juice groove around one edge, you can take care of all messy food prep carving meats, slicing fruits and more while keeping a clean working area. It carries an attractive dark brown shade when seasoned making it a piece of home to go with its function.

Each board arrives in its raw unseasoned form, so you can use any preferred seasoning oil to get the rich dark color. It is made in the USA with responsibly sourced, non-endangered Black Walnut Wood and is kiln dried and carefully smoothed before finishing.

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1. John Boos WAL-R02 Walnut Wood Edge Grain

John Boos WAL-R02 Walnut

Last but not least, It is the John Boss WAL-R02 Walnut Wood Edge Grain reversible cutting board. It comes in three different colors (maple, walnut and cherry). Since it’s made from wood (hard rock maple), we do not recommend soaking the board in water and not intended for the dishwasher. For care and maintenance, you can clean your board with hot soapy water each use and let it dry

For further sanitation, it can be rinsed with a vinegar or chlorine solution as well. Oiling the wood regularly keeps the color more vivid and prolongs the life of your board.

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In conclusion, a good cutting board is just as important as your blade. You need to practice your chop, slice and dice skills consistently. That means your board should be durable and not slide dangerously around. Get yourself a new cutting board from this list and prepare yourself a good meal while mastering your knife skills too.