TOP 10 Best Large Wall Clocks in 2020

IMAX 2511 Large Wall

A timepiece should not be just functional but also decorative if you are to place one in your home. With large wall clocks having soared in popularity in recent years, we think it’s about time to look at the top selections of these goodies in a list below. Whether you want a clock of a quirky, classic or retro style, here is a look at the top 10 best large wall clocks in 2020.

Top 10 Best Large Wall Clocks in 2020

10. LaCrosse 404-4060 Quartz Wall Clock

LaCrosse 404-4060 23.5

LaCrosse 404-4060 has the total size of 23.6 x 2 x 23.6 inches. This beautiful timepiece can be more than the machine to tell time, as it is well produced from the top MDF wood, this stylish product is built to last. With the roman numerals attached to it, this giant digital clock becomes a great piece of art in the house.

Besides this, the accuracy in telling the time is ensured. Please also be noted that this clock uses the AA battery.

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9. Fcoson Vintage Metal Clock

Fcoson Vintage Metal Clock

If you wish to get a stylish wall clock to replace your boring clock at home, check out this sophisticated large wall clock like Fcoson Vintage Metal Clock. First off, this product carries many superb features that you should take into consideration. With the great workmanship, the product is highly durable. This 19.7 x 19.7 x 1.6 inches clock is recommended for hanging on the wall in the café, hotel, living room and more.

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8. Studio Designs Home Industrial Metal Wall Clock

Studio Designs Home Industrial

The design and the technology of wall clocks from Studio Designs have improved significantly over the years. Studio Designs Home Industrial is the incredible product that is well produced from bronze. With its large size of 30 x 30 x 2 inches, the convenience in reading the time is enhanced. It is not only the clock, but it is also the awesome product for decorating the house too.

We bet that you will be in love with the unique design of this jumbo digital wall clock. Please also be noted that the AA battery is required.

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7. Studio Designs Home 73003 Metal Decor Wall Clock

Studio Designs Home

Here, we have the Studio Designs Home 73003, a steel clock that will not disappoint you. First off, the size of this product is 30 x 30 x 3 inches. The number attached with the clock is large; therefore, it can ease the convenience in reading the time as well.

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More than just a clock, you can use it for decoration purposes as well. Its unique and well made design provides both quality and style at the same time. This product requires AA battery to operate.

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6. Galway Black Wall Clock

Galway Black Wall Clock

Black Wall Clock comes in 8 size options for you to choose. First and foremost, this incredible product works silently; therefore, you are free from the annoying clicking sound. It is a handmade product designed in a round shape.

This style of this wall clock is undeniably attractive, so you can use it to complement various home decorations with ease. The good news for the users is many parts of this wall clock are backed by a limited time warranty.

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5. Aero Snail Black Vintage Retro

Aero Snail Black Vintage

Next, let us introduce to you the Aero Snail Black Vintage Retro Wallclock. This large wall clock is creatively produced and well made from iron metal; hence, the quality given in return is guaranteed to be awesome. It also receives many positive reviews on the accuracy that it offers too.

This product is operated on the AA battery and it can last for a long time too. Finally, for your information, the size of this product is 20 x 20 x 2.5 inches.

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4. Black & Wood Wall Clock

Black & Wood Wall Clock

For the 4th product in the list, this is another large digit clock, which comes in 8 size options for you to choose. Black & Wood Wall Clock is the incredible clock model that can be considered as the piece of art in the house. With the stylish design and the workmanship, the quality and durability of the clock is just desirable.

Adding to that, the operation of this clock is quiet. This one is highly recommended for installing in the room, office, living room and more. As there is no noise, you can focus on other tasks peacefully.

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3. OLDTOWN Farmhouse Metal & Solid Wood

Oldtown Clocks OLDTOWN

We believe that a clock is more than a time telling machine; it is also the way to show the style and the taste of the home owner ,too. OLDTOWN Farmhouse is the product which is thoroughly constructed from the combination of metal and wood. With these two components, the beauty of this wall clock is unbeatable. If you desire to get the clock that can operate silently in all the occasion, please consider having this one.

Since this product is light in weight, it is extremely safe for hanging in the house. Plus, this 30 x 30 x 1 inches clock comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

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2. Centurian Decorative Wall Clock

Centurian Decorative Wall Clock

The next beautiful wooden clock that is best known for the style and feature that it offers is this Centurian Decorative Wall Clock. As the name has already suggested, this product is suitable for using as the decorative product in the house too. The numbers on the clock are in the classic form; therefore, it is highly recommended if you wish to combine the classic style with the modern house décor.

With the total dimension of 30 x 1.5 x 30 inches, this product is coated with black powder. For your information, this product requires a little assembly.

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1.IMAX 2511 Large Wall Clock with Pendulum

IMAX 2511 Large Wall

Are you looking for a high quality large wall clock for decorating your house? If so we bet that IMAX 2511 Large Wall Clock with Pendulum, our number 1 pick, is the right choice. This durable clock is well produced from MDF wood along with many other great components. For the long-lasting durability, the production process of the clock is carefully done.

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The full dimension of this antique clock is 23 x 1.8 x 23 inches. Plus, this clock operates on the AA battery. If you are concerned about the assembly process, we can guarantee that assembly and installation can be completed with ease.

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Even though many clocks of other brands are of a lower price tag, our top 10 picks are among the best in 2020. Plus, considering their large size, these wall clocks are reasonably priced, and they are designed to meet a whole variety of needs. Pick your preferred model soon before stocks run low.