TOP 10 Best Laser Tag Guns in 2020

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set for Kids

Toys bring joy and fun, and essentially it should be something that can help you to interact more with your young children. It is important to take some time off, relax, and spend the time attentively with the kids. So, we suggest that why not try out the laser tag guns.

The guns will increase the activeness of the young kids and also bring you closer to them. Below is the list of top 10 best laser tag guns that we prepared after we had carefully done researches on each products.

List of  Top 10 Best Laser Tag Guns in 2020

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10. Wild Jack Laser Tag Gun

Set of 4 Infrared Laser Tag Guns Toy Blasters Game-Laser Tag Guns

This exciting laser x from Wild Jack comes in a set of four guns giving the players options to either play as teams or individual battle. The team colors are designed in green, blue, red, and white. What’s more, this fantastic laser x offers 4 gun functions including pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and rocket; each comes with different reloading time and numbers of life bars.

To make the game super enjoyable, the laser x is equipped with shot sounds, infrared laser, vibration and glow. This laser tag gun is perfect as gift for any occasions to your little children suitable for both girls and boys.

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9. Liberty Imports Laser Tag Set

Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag Game Set

This extreme set of laser guns for four players from Liberty Imports is another hot item among young children. With unlimited players, the players can choose four team settings and four weapon settings. The weapon settings are pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher providing different scenarios of excitement. Moreover, this lazer x comes along with long range sensor up to 132 feet.

Before the game starts, the team/players get to choose their team colors-blue, orange, green, and white. Therefore, this great set of laser guns will keep your children entertain and great for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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8. ThrillZone Laser Tag Guns

Infrared​ ​Laser ​Tag​ ​Guns​

ThrillZone’s laser tag guns definitely gives you the thrill once you hold the gun. The laser tag set comes with 4 guns with red, white, yellow, and blue colors. Also, this laser tag set enables multiplayer game mode which makes the game more fun and exciting. Especially, the guns are provided with realistic effects like vibration and speaker that will speak out when you shoot or are shot.

Last but not least, its futuristic design offers a new game environment created from the players’ imaginative world. This laser tag set is not only made for young kids, but also adults; both can play and have a blast together.

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7. ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns

Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests

The ArmoGear laser tag guns promise to give you the most genuine laser tag game ever. This laser tag set claims to be the most advanced laser tag set which is equipped with real target vest, modes for invisibility and flashlight. What’s more, the guns come with voice-guided direction giving an even more authentic feeling. Plus, the guns can strike or detect shot within 150 feets range.

Moreover, the exciting laser tag game can last forever thanks to the use of high quality materials making the guns super durable with premium quality. To operate the whole set, 24 AAA batteries are needed. Enjoy the authentic laser tag game with this full set of laser tag guns.

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6. Kidzlane Laser Tag Gun

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game

This laser tag toy from Kidzlane comes in a set of two guns with green and orange. There are four team modes available among red, white, green or blue. Moreover, the laser tag toy contains 4 gun modes with 4 different sounds for each mode. Plus, its realistic effects make a huge different in the game with the shooting sounds, vibrations, and lights.

Also, with long shooting range up to 130 feets, it makes the game ideal for any spaces both indoor and outdoor. Young kids will absolutely love this laser tag toys to the moon and back.

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5. Kidzlane Laser Tag Gun

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game

This lazer tag comes in a set of two guns with red and blue. What’s more, the players are given with many options to create the most thrilling game ever. The modes include 4 team modes and 4 gun modes. To be detailed, the players can choose between red, white, blue, and green to represent their team color.

During the game, the players can switch between 4 gun modes such as pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and rocket, which are equipped with different characteristics of shooting range and life bars. With this lazer tag, your kids will have the best play time ever in their childhood.

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4. Best Choice Products Laser Tag

Best Choice Products Kids Laser Tag Set Gun Toy Blasters

Let’s have a laserblast with the two-gun pack from Best Choice Products. The pack provides a white gun and a blue gun with unique and sleek design. Moreover, a real laserblast has to come with multiplayer mode giving you choices to team up or free battle, and different weapon modes giving you options to change in between the game. What’s more, there is life indicator on the guns with 3 lights, and each player gets 9 lives in a game.

However, it would be pretty hard to stay alive with the gun’s long range sensor that could hit strike up to 40 meters. Only laser tag guns from Best Choice Products can deliver you the best laserblast experience.

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3. Best Choice Products 4 Pack

Best Choice Products Kids Laser Tag Set Gun Toy Blasters

This laser tag equipment is another great pack of four guns from Best Choice Products. In the pack, you will get one blue, one orange, one white, and one green gun. With more guns, more players there will be in the game. This laser tag equipment allows you to freely choose your weapons from 4 blaster settings, and how the teams are arranged.

Also, the laser tag equipment offers 40 meters range sensor which is great for any playground size. Without space limitation, you can now turn anywhere into a laser tag arena.

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2. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag

This Infrared laser tag set provides four guns with four different colours- blue, green, red,and orange. And, team colors are available in red, green, white or blue to represent each of the players. For a more fierce battle, the guns come in four weapon settings- pistol, shotgun, submachine, and rocket encouraging the players to use their decision making skills on what to use in order to successfully attack the targets.

With realistic shooting sounds, the players can immerse authentically into the game. The laser tag is probably an amazing gift idea for both kids and adults.

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1. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set for Kids

This battle pack consists of two futuristic guns-ocean blue, and purely white. You can immediately start the battle without any other equipments needed. What’s more, team and blast settings are what critical here which allows the players set according to their preferences and try different feelings of the game.

Also, the battle pack is guaranteed to be a child safe product with output lower than 1mW. Stop worrying, and let the battle starts.

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The list above gave a very detailed description about each product among the top 10 laser tag gun. Hopefully, the information helps you to see through the similarities, differences, and how much joy they would bring to you and your family. All of the laser tag guns mentioned in the list are incomparable regarding the excitement and the thrill once you have one of them in your hand.