TOP 10 Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best lawn sweeper to clear debris in your garden? We have reviews the following options for you to consider.

List Of Top 10 Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews in 2020

10. Earthwise


Do you want a perfect field without scarifying your sweat? Here in the list of the best lawn sweeper in 2020 belongs to Earthwise. This super durable quality lawn sweeper is commonly known and admitted by users that it is a useful tool for collecting anything from leaves to grasses and gives back a nice and clean field. Earthwise is ideally used with the small area. Its special feature is that it spins as the rake-like action that sweeps those leaves and grass off with the lawn surface. It is super easy to use. The design is lightweight to ease with move it around. On the same note, it also has the handle that made from scratch-resisting steel for easy monitoring.

In term of height, Earthwise is adjustable very easily by just raising for lowering the brushes. Please always note that this lawn sweeper is best for leaves and grasses only. It would not effectively works the same way with rocks, nuts or other wet debris, so you may want to make sure that you use it the right way.

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9. Generic

Cub Cadet

Another best lawn sweeper in 2020 is won by Generic. Generic is special in a way that it has the cub cadet of up to 50 inches attached at the tow-behind this sweeper. It’s great because you do not have to manually push it through.

With cub cadet, you can easily switch on the button and navigate it. It’s super easy to use while saving a lot of your valuable time, too. Also, this lawn sweeper is reasonable small in term of size, so you can always find it easy to store it without consuming much room in your space.

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8. Brinly

Following in the list as the best lawn sweeper is surely Brinly. Coming in black color, this lawn sweeper is famously known for its high-velocity brushes where height can be adjusted in order to maximize its performance when it comes to picking up debris. Brinly has a large 20 cubic foot hamper along with the 42 inch sweep so it can make sure that there won’t be any debris left behind.

This lawn sweeper works unbeatably with leaves, pine needles, thatch and of course, grass clipping.  Its design is quite compact that allows user to easily store it without requiring so much space. One thing to be noted about this would be about assembling it. There are few users that have claims that they were spending quite a while to get the pieces together. However, this problem is not a thing at all as long as you follow the well-explained instruction provided along this.

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 Yard Commander

If you are not sure how much this lawn sweeper could do, you can actually tell by its name. YARD COMMANDER is known as one of the best lawn sweeper ideally used for small garden or yard. With the capacity of 12.9 cubic feet, it has 4 brushes that make sure all the dried leaves and grass are collected perfectly to give the green and fresh look to your yard.

Besides, to make the work smoother and enjoyable, YARD COMMANDER comes with durable rubber wheel so you can easily move it around. With this lawn sweeper, tidying up your yard won’t be a tiring job anymore.

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6. Strongway


Looking super premium in Black color, Strongway is surely the best lawn sweeper you should always own one for your yard job. Its excellence performance is guaranteed with the 4 high quality brushes that rotate at 4:1 ratio. What this means is that Strongway can pick up all the debris like grass, leaves and other typical yard waste; giving a clean yard you always look for.

Moreover, this lawn sweeper also attached with the 13 cubic feet waste bag along with the durable quality poly wheels in order to insure a smooth operation despite working on the terrain surface. On top of this, Strongway is also designed with a pin-style hitch in order to make the mounting faster and more convenient.

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5. Neiko

Neiko 53418A

If Neiko is not ranking as one of the best lawn sweeper in 2020, nothing else would be. Surprisingly, Neiko does a lot more than a typical lawn sweeper does. It is created for multi-purpose of use because it doesn’t only sweep the typical yard’s debris, but also it can retrieve heavy objects like nails, screws and other metals-made things as long as it’s less than 30 pounds.

Besides, it has the 36 inches ultra-wide sweep that can cover a large surface; making your work a lot faster with minimum efforts requiring. Besides, Neiko also has the telescoping handle that its height can be adjustable for personal comfort. On the same note, it also has the 7 inches large wheel. Hence, it is totally fine whether you want to use it on the carpet, grass or concrete surface. When releasing the particles from the waste bag, you can just lift it and it will quickly release all the debris inside the bag in just a glance.

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4. Black + Decker


Guess what’s special about Black +Decker that make it one of the best lawn sweepers in 2020? It’s clearly because of its super premium combo kits that include trimmer and sweeper. With just a set of it at home, you will have perfect garden all season long. Its string trimmer is powered by a high-torque transmission in order to ensure a clean and fast cut of the grass. Besides, it also features the automatic feed spool in that can feeds the trimmer line in case you want a sharply clean boundary.

After trimming, here comes a sweeper that generate a wind speed of 130 MPH to clear the leftover debris from hard ground; like concrete walkway. Although its motor is powerful, yet the operation is so quite that you can barely hear. These two tools both comes with battery status indicated on them, so you do not have to worry about running out of battery without notice.

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3. Ohio Steel

Ohio Steel

Standing at the top 3 known as the best lawn sweeper recently is Ohio Steel. Its big sweeper that sizes up to 42 inch is one of the big plus from this because it makes the job becomes a lot faster with more area of coverage. Ohio Steel is ideally use with all tractor brands because its hitch can be adjusted up to 5 positions in order to ensure a custom fit when using. It picks anything from leaves, pine straw and pine cones to basically anything else in its path.

For those out there who worries about the difficulty of assembling this high performance lawn sweeper, you can worry no more with Ohio Steel because all the assembling instruction is clearly and simply indicated in the instruction book provided along with the product.

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2. Agri-Fab


With no doubt, another effective lawn sweeper belongs to Agri-Fab. What makes them stand on the second top best product in 2020 is, firstly, its big mesh bag of 25 cubic allows users to save a lot of time from having to empty the waste bag. On top of this, it has the pull button brush that is used to adjust the height in order for the best user’s experience. What’s more special is that the sweeper tongue can perform double function which is cut and sweep both at a time, so you do not have to come back for any waste again. Furthermore, the dump lever can be operated without you leaving the tractor’s seat. Its brush to wheel ratio is measured up to 5.6:1 that makes the sweeping job super-efficient.

The assembling is super easy that it takes less than 30 minutes. You do not have to acquire knowledge about this before to assemble it. Storing is also super convenient. You can easily fold the entire sweeper, so it consumes very little space in your storage.

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1. Greenworks

Now down to the final one that is also the top best lawn sweeper in 2020, Greenworks. It is the best of the best when it comes to this category of tool. Greenworks is perfectly suitable for small to mid-sized lawns so it doesn’t matter if you want to use it for personal household tool or mini-commercial land, it still works unbeatably. Greenworks amazingly owns a 20 inches wide path that does super-fast job in term of collecting the debris in your yard. What is also worth-noticing is that Greenworks has a powerful 12-amp motor that cuts deeply into the grass roots in order make sure the lawns grow to be thicker and healthier; offers you the perfect greenery in your favorite yard/garden.

On top of these, Greenworks uses is equipped with 3-in-1 mowing functions such as rear collection, mulching, as well as side discharge. Proudly speaking, Greenworks even features 7-position adjustable cutting height, ranging from the lowest of 1.5 inches to the highest of 3.75 inches. Last but definitely not least, this sweeper also has foldable handles, which provides you the easiness in storage. So if you are wondering why Greenworks could win this place as the top best product, now you got the answer.

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Buying Guides for the best Lawn Sweeper

To assist with purchase an ideal lawn sweeper, here are a few tips that you can take along. First of all, you should always look for a lightweight design. Gardening job at the yard can be pretty tiring; especially when it concerns with a lot of physical lifting. Although almost all the lawn sweeper can be attached to tractor to help ease the effort, still you would want to look for the product with lightweight design, so you do not have to concern a lot with lifting it or moving it around. Besides, the wheels are quite important as a feature for an ideal lawn sweeper. A good durable wheel that run smoothly regardless the surface types, like concrete, grass or terrain, will come super handy because it will still maintain the operating process going on excellent.

Another tip that you should always look for is the sweeping ratio. The average brush to wheel ratio for the best lawn sweeper usually start from 4:1, so you want to make sure you take a look on this detail. Furthermore, the size of mesh bag can also play a big part in choosing the lawn sweeper. If you have a bigger space to clean up, you may want to look for the bag that has bigger cubic feet because it will save you from emptying the waste bag in the middle of operation.

Besides, always read the product detail. You may not know if the product is going to fulfill all your needs or not without understanding its capability, for example, in term of storing flexibility.  Storing can also be another thing to think about. Although the lawns in your yard need the cleanup job regularly, it is not necessarily an everyday task.

Hence, having a proper space to safely store the sweeper is also important. Generally speaking, most the good quality lawns sweeper can be folded into a more compact shape, so reserving a space to store it would not be a headache job. Still, you may want to make sure that you read the product detail to just verify that it’s really foldable without damaging the product.

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