Best Leaf Blowers in 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guides

List Of Top 10 Best Leaf Blowers in 2020

10. Best Partner

Best Partner

If you are currently looking for a handy leaf blower to ease your tidying job, here is one of the must-have leaf blowing machine that has been rated as one of the best product in 2020. “Best Partner” electric leaf blower has earned the UL authentication so you can trust the quality of this product without concern. Technically speaking, this Best Partner leaf blower has a special 2-speed air control that speeds up to 200 MPH. The benefits of this feature is that it can ensure better versatility depends on the user’s preference. Besides, this leaf blower brand is designed with a classic and lightweight concept in order to maintain the easiness to operate.

In term of the cord attached with Best Partner, it uses the build-in Cord-lock, so no matter how long you walk or how strong you pull the blower, it doesn’t disconnect the cord to the blower. 2-speed air control for greater versatility. This leaf blower also offer the 1-month satisfaction money-back guarantee, so you once you already purchased and found that you do not like the functionality of the product, you can always return it back for the full cold hard cash to your pocket. However, if you are satisfied with its performance, the product also offers the 12-month replacement warranty once there is problem with hardware detected along with the lifetime support by skillful customer service.

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9. Greenworks


Are you looking to do something to improve your garden look? Make your garden/yard look clean and green again with Greenworks. This brand new electric leaf blower integrated the latest technology GMAX lithium ion battery (40-volt 2.0-amp hour) that guarantee a powerful and longer performing capacity. According to the real customer review, a full battery Greenworks can last up to 25 minutes when turning on full speed or up to 45 minutes on the lower varying speed. It is ideal for a small or medium size space.

Besides, Greenworks features lightweight design, so it is nothing troublesome with handling this tool. Also, there is the extension tube integrate in the machine itself. It is very helpful as it can increase the distant of the blow and thus makes it blow more efficiently. With Greenworks, there is no more rope pulling to start the engine anymore. So what are you waiting for?

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8. Toro

Toro 51619

Next onto the list, another leaf blowing machine that is highly rated as the best tool in 2020 is Toro. Proudly innovated, Toro features a latest larger metal impeller which generate the power of the machine for better mulching. The power can be driven to as much as 250 mph degree. Coming with Toro, there are handy kits such as vacuum tube, power insert, bottom zip bag, and a concentrated nozzle. Besides, there is also the cord storage hook that is included with the package too. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to buy any extra tool to operate this machine unless you want to extend the reach of the blower, so you might also want to purchase the extension cord along with the product.

It is worth mentioning that there are different speeds that can be set on the blower. You can easily control it no matter if you are in the blowing or vacuuming mode. With performance assurance resulted by controlled laboratory testing, there is the accurate 350 CFM for blowing mode and 410 CFM for vacuum mode. Hence, it’s obvious that no typical leaf blowing could compare to Toro.

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7. Poulan Pro


Poulan Pro is also ranked as one of the top 10 best electric leaf blower this year. Poulan Pro’s hardly-beaten 48CC 2-stroke engine allows this machines to strongly performing its tasks, clearing every leaves or debris standing on its way. More specifically, the blowing mode can reach up to 200 mph or 475 cfm. Besides, Poulan Pro also owns the shoulder straps that can be adjusted on how long or short you want the straps to be. There is one obvious reason to this straps is that it can helps your body to lift this leaf blower instead of putting all the pressure on your arms although the fact is this machine is actually very light in term of weight. What is more, it has the heavy-duty frame that protect the motor from being destroy by falling or oppressing by heavy object. Like other top leaf blower brand, Poulan Pro also has the variable speed throttle so you can choose for better control when using this.

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6. Sun Joe

 Sun Joe

As long as there’s electric tool, Sun Joe always ranked in the top place. Now with no different, this Sun Joe leaf blowing is winning every user’s heard again; making it stands as the top 6th electric leaf blowing machine in 2020. Highly focus on the simplicity of the design but high-duty performance, this leaf blowing brand is known as ideal use to sweep leaf or debris anywhere from patios and driveways to decks and garages.

Sun Joe features up to 155 mph air speed and 12,000/13,500 RPM. Along the side with 6 amp, its performance is never a subject to question. What is more surprising, its weight is super light. With only 3.8 lbs, even a 13-year-old kid can also easily carry it around. These points that make Sun Joe more apparent on why it can be rated this high.

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5. Craftsman


Another top rated electric leaf blower belongs to Craftsman. Claiming itself and really proving it, this 25cc 2-cycle engine guarantee a high-preforming job with the air generate up to 430 csm or 200 mph. For convenient use, its engine is made to be powered by oil which is also included along with the first time purchase of the product.

Likewise, Craftsman is equipping with the Easy-start technology including the 3 uncomplicated steps like prime, choke and pull. Besides, this product is also made with a close attention to the user’s experience in term of its weight. The design is purposefully made to be compact and lightweight so it’s easy to carry around while working with. Aside from this, it also has the variety of speed throttle where you can monitor while operating it. On top of this, the design of the oil tank is also thoughtful. By making it translucent, it allows user to be aware of when is the time they need to refuel the tank, so there’s no such thing as running out of oil without realizing one.

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4. Hitachi


Following in the list, the best leaf blower; with no doubt, belong to the world known home appliance brand, Hitachi. Now, there are several reason why Hitachi can obtain its seat on the top 10 best leaf blower in 2020. First of all, it is credited to the class leading air volume that is capable to generate up to 441 CFM, so it can ensure the speedy movement of debris that it blows. Besides, its outstanding power and long lasting life of the product is confidently guaranteed as the product features 23.9cc 2-engine.

On top of this, Hitachi leaf blowing machine has designed with the large throttle lever aloft the blower for user to set faster when operating the tool. What is more, this product features the PureFire low emission on its 2-stroke engine. What this means is that it doesn’t only save your nose from bad emission spreading out from the engine while using, but also it does not do any more harm to this suffering environment; which makes it a wise idea to own one of this. One last thing to always note of when using this the first that is that you should also refers to the User Guides that is located on Technical Specification part every time before starting it.

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3. Husqvarna


Looking super premium, here is Husqvarna ultra-high speed leaf blower. Carefully integrating with X-TORQ engine, this leaf blowing machine is known for its ability to decrease the harmful exposed emission of up to 60% while improving the energy efficiency by up to 20%; making it both economic and environmental friendly. Another great point about this product is that it produces full blow force with very little arm strain by using the offset handles to makes it easier to control while protecting the arm from getting pulled downwards. Besides, it also functions with very least vibration as there are dampeners to be put between the engine and chassis.

Asides from that, this leaf blower brand also possess the ergonomic harness system. In other words, its padded harness and hip-belt is created in order to fit with the contour of user’s figure. The other positive point about this is Husqvarna has the cruise control that the can set the speed for easy utilizing.

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Second to the top best leaf blower machine in 2020, here is the unbeatable12 amps WORX that works absolutely amazing. WORX’s material is made of the super-durable plastic that weighs only 6.4 pounds; making it super light as a leaf blowing tool. Using the high tech turbine fan, WORX produces pretty strong and high-capacity air volume; measuring twice as speedy as the professional gas blowers. What is also special about this is its design. WORX was focused with dynamic airflow and hyper-stream nozzle so that it can maximize its blowing performance. There’s also speed adjustment that can be taken in order to perform the job base on real cleaning challenges.

Other than that, this leaf blower brand always owns its personal power cord retainer that is used for hassle-free leaf blowing; making the using experience even easier. If these benefits are not enough, here come also another 3-year warranty on the products, so needless to worry, you have everything you need when you have this machine.

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Getting to the final one; also widely known as the top best electric leaf blower in 2020, it is surely from TECCPO. From quality to practically, TECCPO has it all. Now speaking of the design, TECCPO amazing integrate axial fan design; that is famously satisfied as a tool to maximize the air flow up to 310 CFM while air speed measures up to 9000rpm/15000rpm (the two speed selecting options); making air output to be ultra-more-powerful than any other conventional centrifugal blower. Hence, nothing could stand in the middle of its way; allowing you to clean your yard faster and less tiring. You can also choose lower or higher speed accordingly the real demand.

What is more, the product is claimed to be woman-friendly with its lightweight design. What this means is even women can effortlessly work with in. Moreover, such design also allows users to control it effectively with only one hand. So you can even text someone on your phone when blowing the debris in your yard. In term of the package inclusion, TECCPO comes with a full set kits; counting from charger, battery packs, instruction, to warranty card. Finally, what to note about this product is that you have to charge it to the full percentage first before using it for the first time. So, with all these positive points that TECCPO has; which was mentioned above, it’s very hard to deny that it’s the best leaf blower ever produce this year.

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Buying Guides for Electric Leaf Blowers:

Now, to help choosing the useful leaf blower for yourself, here are a few tips that you can take note of.

1. Source of energy to power the engine

It’s important to understand and actually take a good consideration on this point. Not only it can be economical in the way that it can save your pocket from spending on energy source, but also it’s helpful when you actually start to use it. It’s worth noting that in some of your area, an energy source is more abundant or widely use then the others. Let’s say, if the leaf blower is powered by oil, but in your area, it’s easier to find gas or petroleum, then you prioritize choice should be choosing the one that’s powered by gas or oil. The same goes to if your yard is big and can hardly find the electricity outlet, you rather not choosing the one that is run the outlet.

2. Weight

Taking a careful look on the weight of the blowing machine is also another useful tips. Leaf blower is a job that you need to move around, so you do not want to look for anything that’s too heavy to carry around in a reasonably long time. Hence, you should always look for any leaf blower with lightweight design. You can also tell how light it is or whether or not you can work with it by simply look at the description of the product. Besides, you should also try to practice lifting it and walking around to see if your body is comfortable with the product. Besides, it is also a great choice if you can find any products that can be worn like a backpack, so it can save you from getting super exhausted easily.

3. Scope of working area

Last but not least, you should also determine the scope of work (clean). Although there are several brands that offers the best leaf blower that’s practical to use, still they tend to be different in term of their performance size too. Let’s say, if you working area is huge that might need an hours blowing the leaf every day, you may not want to buy any product that can last only 25 minutes (usually happen if the product is powered by battery). On the same note, if the area is huge and you are choosing a product that’s powered by electricity outlet, you should always look for the cord extension in advance, too. Hence, determine the cleaning/working scope tends to save a lot of headache or unexpected demand that you will have when operating the product.

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