TOP 8 Best Leather Knife Sheaths in 2020

top 10 best knife sheath

When you go out especially in the dark, at night or getting through the road, which is really quiet, a best leather knife sheaths tends to be a tool to take care of you in case some unexpected incidents happen. You will never get to know first whether there will be anything happening to you on the way home or to somewhere else, so you need to get something to guard you.

At the same time, you can be harmed if you knife is not covered by a sheath. That is the reason why we have decided to make a review about the best leather knife sheaths that we have found in the market. Without any delay, let’s get through these top 10 picks altogether.

List Of Top 8 Best Leather Knife Sheaths in 2020

8. TOPS Bushcraft Sheath Brown Leather


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We are going to begin our review with the best leather knife sheaths from TOPS Bushcraft (originate from USA). This bushcraft sheath is made of the high quality leather which is thick and durable. It has got the fold over design equipped with the welt that is double stitches to make sure that it can be use for long. This folding knife sheath is attached with a ring and the belt loop with another two straps that can make the sheath dangler.

It can support with many different TOPS knives which includes Hohawk Hunter, Spirit Hunter, and Fieldcraft by B.O.B and so on. Anyway, there will be a fire starter and survival whistle including in the pack.

7. Whole Earth Supply Large Brown Leather Sheath

Large Brown Leather Sheath for Fixed

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The second best knife sheath that we are going to show you is from Whole Earth Supply. It is one of the leather sheaths that can fit well with most kinds of knives such as Fixed Blade Knife, Knives Hunting and so on. The sheath comes in brown color and is large enough to fit up to 6 inches fixed knife blade. The sheath is about 7.75 inches long while the opening is 2 inches wide.

It is constructed with the genuine buffalo leather, which is also around 1/8 inches thick. They have double stitched it to make this one stronger and this sheath is attached to a belt loop on the back that can fit with the belt that has the width up to 1 7/8 inches.

6. Whole Earth Supply Brown Leather Tracker Sheath

Brown Leather Tracker Sheath Fixed Blade

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Here is another best leather sheath from Whole Earth Supply. Again, it comes in brown color and is constructed with the genuine buffalo leather which is 1/8 inches thick and ensured to be used for a long period of time. The sheath itself is 8.25 inches long with the opening of 2 inches wide. It can fit a tracker style blade which is about 5 inches long with the wide for up to 2.1 inches (2.215 inches is considered a tight fit).

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There will be a belt loop on the back that is suitable with the belt for up to 1 ½ inches width. Most kind of knives like trackers knife, blade knives, and blank knives are perfect match with this sheath.

5. Triple K Knife Plain Sheath

Triple K Knife Plain Sheath

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Then, we have another knife holster from Triple K. It is a kind of the sheath that is made of two pieces of heavy strap leather that comes with a welted knife pocket. There is another top snap closure featuring with this sheath as well. It is ideal for the blade for up to 4 inches long with its width 1.25 inches. You can attach this one to your belt as well yet your belt need to be not wider than 2 ¼ inches.

Many kinds of knives can fit with this one so you do not need to worry that you waste your money on the one that cannot fit your blade.

4. CFK Cutlery Company Custom Knives Sheath

CFK Cutlery Company Custom Handmade

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CFK Cutlery Company has brought to you the best custom knives sheath that will comes to cover your blade effectively. This one is made especially by hand with the hard buffalo-hide saddle leather which is premium and top grade leather that we have ever found. It is made to be dark brown to fit well with your belt’s color and make you feel cool when you cover your blade with this one.

You can wear this one by attaching it on the belt on the base of your lower back or you can snap it on a pack strap. It is designed to be best fit with up to 6 ¼ inches blades with 2 ¼ inches wide. It comes in great appearance and has a very long life span.

3. Norse Tradesman Cowhide Leather Sheath

Norse Tradesman Handforged Viking Knife

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We are going to continue our review with this best horizontal knives sheath from Norse Tradesman. This one comes in set: a knife and a sheath. This is one of the Viking utility knife that comes with hand-crafted raven head hilt and antique which is semi-polished. This long lasted knifes comes along with the sheath that is carefully made out of pure cowhide leather with just simple glance.

With high quality material, it is guaranteed that this knife and this sheath will stay with you for a long period of time. You can just strap this sheath to any belt or you can just keep this one on your hip.

2. Nescole Fixed Blade Knife and Leather Sheath

Nescole 9 inch Fixed Blade Bowie Knife

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This is another set from Nescole that will offer you one 9 inches fixed blade Bowie knife and one leather sheath. The knife is hand crafted with 100% attention paid when crafting. The knife is made of high quality material with sharp face, strong and durable enough to be used for long.

This perfect knife comes with a fixed blade knives sheath, which makes this look more elegant when placing the knife on your hip or attaching with your belt.

1. Buck Knives with Leather Sheath

Buck Knives with Leather Sheath


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Buck Knives has delivered the best knives sheath set, which includes a super sharp knife, and a durable sheath. The knife is razor sharp and known as the clip point blade that is made of steel to make sure that the blade is strong and resist well with corrosion to live longer than ever.

It is packed with another protective sheath that is made from the high quality leather. A snap fastener is attached to the sheath and there will be another belt loop to offer you the choice if you want to carry your knife on your belt.


We have come to the end of our review on top 8 best leather knife sheath that we have found on the market. They are all made from leather with long durability. These leather sheaths are the highly recommended and highly rated ones that we have come across and we are sure that at least one of them has already caught your eyes. So, if you are looking for the sheath that can cover your knife blade well, please consider one of these above.