TOP 10 Best Led Garage Lights

Investing in garage lights is quite difficult; you need to carefully look into each model’s functions and other aspects like brightness , size or energy consumption and whether or not the model can cater to your needs. In this article, we’ve selected the top ten best led garage lights offered at a great value that will brighten your garages. Let’s take a look at these favorite affordable options of ours.

List Of Top 10 Best Led Garage Lights

10. HoneyBay

Linkable LED Utility

The very first product that we want to introduce in the list is Linkable LED by HoneyBay. This linkable LED is super bright with its 4800lms of brightness; the best option for brighten your garages, storage room, workspace, and other important areas. It also consumes less energy, playing a big role to help you in reducing electricity costs. The 5000k color rendering is nice, offering enough light to you work place.

This Linkable LED is capable of linking one light to another via the four foot power cord. More importantly, the quality and durability are really good that make the light suitable for most situations. It represents good value – with competitive price and high performance. Please be noted that, the company offers a 5-year warranty for this product as well.

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9. LeonLite

LeonLite 40W 4ft

If you are looking for garage lighting that can bright up your area, look no further than the LeoLite Linkable LED utility shop light. This LeoLite LED can link up to 5 lights with 5000k daylight; that makes it super bright for a big space such as a garage. It consumes only 40 watt of power that could save up to 60% of your money on electricity bills. Its brightness of 400lumens provides a balanced light without any inconvenience. These shop lights are really easy to install, requiring no special knowledge to install – just hang and plug in.

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Linkable LED Wraparound

Another recommendation from us is this outstanding garage lights by THKSGOD. This product can link up to 6 lights that could meet your lighting needs. It is an ideal for those who wish to bright up the garages, offices, schools, and room etc. These are very bright lights, 6000k daylight. It does have a variety of options. It can be daisy-chained or personally plugged in.

All of its components such as LED construction, LED wraparound light, and beam offer enough light for garages. More importantly, this product is convenient to use and trustworthy. It also consume lesss energy (only consumes 48 watt). Please be noted that, the company offers a 5-year warranty on this product.

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7. Striker Concepts

Striker Concepts

Next, here is another highly reviewed garage light from the company ,Striker Concepts. This garage light features outstanding LED with an output of 3000 lumens. Equipped with sensitive motion sensing technology, that allows this product to work well in a dark space and it will turn on instantly, making it very convenient for when you’re carrying something in your hand.

On top of that, with its output of 3000 lumens, the Striker TRiLIGHT is brighter and consumes only 24 watts of power that help saves your money. It looks tactical and durable, which is perfectly suited for a garage. Please be noted that, the product is recognized by SGC, making it a safe-to-use product in your garage.

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6. Hykolity 

Hykolity 4FT 42W

This Hykolity LED lights provides high performance. It is durable and energy saving which are probably the features you are looking for. This garage light uses LED double fixture to offer you a better, and beneficial lighting than traditional lights offer. This LED shop light provides 3700lms while consuming only 42watt.

With its 5000k brightness, the light can render a nice color, making it super bright for big space. It is durable and has a wide range of applications that you can install it in your garages, workplace, storages or other important rooms. This product offers a 5-year warranty that make you will feel at ease to buy it.

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5. AntLux

AntLux 4ft LED

Here, let’s look at another top-rated led garage light by AntLux. This AntLux 4ft LED garage light offers a super energy saving feature that can save up to 70%.  It features 5500lms of brightness while consumes only 50watt, making it super lighting and saving. It is really easy to set up by just attaching it to a place that you want then just follow the instruction provided in the packge.

It is made from sturdy materials, making it durable and convenient to use. This product is perfect for your garages, basements, utility room, and etc. The product’s dimension is 48 x 7 x 2.8 inches and input voltage 120-277Volts AC.

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4. TanBaby

LED Garage Ceiling

The Tanbaby light is one of the brightest lights perfect for large garages. This Tanbaby garages shop light features LED technology 3*48 PCS, CRI80+, 6000K daylight, providing the best indoor lighting that you’ve never seen.  With this 6000k daylights, it is most suitable in the darkest environment. It is produced with premium aluminum, advanced cooling system and heat dissipation that makes it more durable and safe to use.

It only consumes 24 watts to produce 3000 TRUE. This light is four-times brighter than the traditional light and can save more than 85% of the electricity costs. These lights also can be rotated. This product also offers a 2-year warranty for all customers.

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3. GRG

GRG LED Garage Lights

This is the GRG LED garage lights, which is the best choice for garage lighting among other areas. It features a LED technology with high lumens output, using only 60watt to produce 6000lms. For this reason alone, it is super bright and energy saving.  It comes with a good life what will guarantee your satisfaction and reduced expenses on maintenance. The installation is easy by just attaching it to the ceiling of your garages then follow the instruction provided.

You don’t need a lot of tools to install this or hire a professional for the task. More importantly, it is compatible with garage, rooms, and other place for lighting purpose. Please be noted that, these lights are rotatable (90 degrees).

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2. Hypergiant

(Pack of 8) LED T5

Here, we’re looking at this Hypergiant LED T5 integrated. This Hypergiant LED T5 integrated is perfect for lighting up your garages, office, or work areas etc. It features 6000k daylight lighting and need only 20 watt which make it more bright with less energy consumption.

It is an inexpensive and useful lighting than traditional light. Its LED lights are adjustable and super bright. This Hypergiant lights are linkable that could link up to 6 tube lights together.

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1. Sunco

Sunco Lighting 6 Pack

The wait is finally over; the best, most top rated product goes to Sunco Lighting 6 packs. It is one of the best products with good performance. This product comes with a good design that guarantees the brightest lights and energy saving that can save up to 84%. It features 4100lms and 4000k daylight while consume only 40 watt per lamp.

This Sunco’s LED shop light is designed using superb material and have 5 plug-in cord. It is the best option for garage, office, room, and warehouse or work spaces that you wish to brighten. Please be noted that this company offers a 5-years warranty on this product.

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The above guide and review hopefully has provided you information about garage lighting ideas and what it is you want for your home garage, regardless of how you use it and price. The product will provide you satisfaction with its outstanding performance. So what are you waiting for? Go and get one while these goodies are still in stock.


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