TOP 10 Best Lego Table with Storage

Being a parent, kids are always at the forefront. When education is one of the most important things parents prioritize for their kids, it is still vital to balance their playing time and work time, which allow them to rest their brain and we indeed know that kids love to play hard. Therefore, parents may think of things that have versatility for their children.

Lego tables are solution to what you are thinking about. The tables can be used both for your kids’ studying and also other additional functions that allow them to play with, such as construction building and so forth. If you are also looking to buy one, you have come to the right site. This article will exhibit top 10 best lego table with storage for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Lego Table with Storage

10. Tot Tutors Lego Table

Tot Tutors Kids

This one is a perfect furniture for your kids’ bedroom, living room, and so on. More than just a plastic furniture for your kids’ studying, this one comes as a 2-in-1 activity table. Its cover is removable. At the center of the table construction, it is also designed with a building block storage, allowing your kids to play and thus add-on to their cleverness. When its cover is closed, your child can read the books on it, drawing, doing craft, playing games, and so on. The table dimension is 23W x 23D x 17H inches. You also find it trouble-free to clean this one. This table is durable, lightweight, and super easy to install.

The package also includes two chairs for your convenience to fit with the table.  Its chair dimension is 12W x 11D x 18H inches, and its seat height is 10 inches. The table also comes in various colors such as red, green, pink, aqua, white, yellow, etc, which you can choose up to your kids’ preference and fit with your home or room decoration.

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9. YouHi Activity Table

YouHi Kids Activity Table

YouHi Activity Table is made for kids with 3 years old and above with a perfect height for them. This kid activity table configuration also has an enough space for your kids to play game such as architectural fun. When the fun is over, you can cover the table and then you can use it for learning purpose cozily and comfortably. YouHi also features with dual storage spaces, allowing you and your kids to have a large space to store and also distinguish toys’ and learning storage.


The table is also made out of top-quality materials without painting its surface, and thus cause no harm to children’s health and keeps them away from chemical damage. The table dimension is 33.47 x 17.91 x 20.47 inches, which is big enough to allow many children play on it at once. YouHi never fails to meet its customer expectation and always deliver high performance and quality.

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8. Tot Tutors C512-Lego Table

Tot Tutors Kids

Tot Tutors lego tables are always one of the best table choices for your children. This one is a 20 x 20 x 17 inches table, having enough space to play and suitable height for kids. This table also has removable cover, showing its construction that can be used for building blocks such as lego and duplo games. The table also features a mesh storage bag on its side, giving it an easy way to organize your children’s block set game and thus allow them to find it to play easily too.

The table is also easy to install and wash it clean. The package also includes two chairs for your convenience. When the cover of the table is covered, your kids can use it to eat, read the books, or do their homework. With this one, you can leave your children to play comfortably and enjoyably on the table when you have to do some other chores.

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7. PlayBuild Kids Table

PlayBuild Kids 4 in 1

This one is a 4-in-1 table. The table is a perfect fit to use for both indoor and outdoor play. It is built with a big surface and removable cover for playing building blocks. The table also features plenty spaces to keep your blocks, crayons, markers, and toys in place. The table dimension is 21 x 20.5 x 4.5 inches, can be used by many kids at a time. It weighs around 11 pounds, super easy to clean and assemble.

The table is comfortably portable to bring along anywhere, and it is constructed with all-weather design, giving a convenience to take it to the beach and backyard. It is also durable and long-lasting for years. The table is a perfect gift for your toddlers for both boys and girls to study and play. It comes in white, red, and blue, a perfect color for your modern home.

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6. Smart Builder Toys Table

Smart Builder Toys 3 in 1

A table that is constructed following the safety standard tested following the American Guidelines is Smart Builder Toys Table. This one is super durable and made out of high quality materials. It is a 3-in-1 use. You can use this one for brands building or flip it over for brands block. The package consists of activity table, removable cover, 2 chairs, and built-in storage space.

The table is also easy to flip over and wash it clean. The table size is 20″X20″X17″, large enough for many children to play around it at a time. The chair dimension is 12″X11″X18” with its seat height of 10 inches, fitting with the table height.

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5. Play Platoon Kids Activity Table

Play Platoon Kids

Play Platoon always satisfies its customers to deliver a high-quality table with practical functions. This one highly encourages your kids’ imaginative play with splash, build, as well as create. It is a 3-in-1 table. With this one, your kids can use it to play as water table. or building brick on it, or for their eating and learning purposes. It is strong and durable.

Play Platoon is also super easy to flip over from building bricks to water table, allowing your kids to have fun instantly. The package also consists of two chairs as well as 25 jumbo bricks. The kid activity table is an ideal gift for both boys and girls with 3 years old and up. The table also has 1 year warranty.

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4. KidKraft Table

KidKraft Building Bricks

KidKraft Table is designed to help kids build their creative imagination while playing on this table. With this one, they can play with many friends at a time. The table is made of solid wood materials, making it durable and long-lasting for years to come. KidKraft is compatible to use with many brick brands including lego, duplo, and more. KidKraft allows your kids to play with its top open and thus creating two separated playing space, or they can just close it to have one big playing space together. It is also built with pinch-free design, offering your kids’ little finger to safely remove the cover of the table. The table dimension is 35.5 x 19 x 15.4 inches, and weighs around 2.2 pounds.

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3. KidKraft Table Espresso

Kidkraft 2-in-1

If you are worry about having a sharp-edge table that your kids might play and then bump into the edge that can cause injury, KidKraft Table Espresso is for you. This one is made of wood with rounded corners ensuring your kids safety despite their childish plays. The table has dual-sided board, easy and lightweight to flip over, which one features smooth side and another features lego-compatible materials. It is also easy to assemble, and the assembling instructions are also included in the package. KidKraft is also an ideally perfect gift for any young kids, which works both for their fun time and increase their imagination and brain function.

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2. Tot Tutors Primary Colors Table

Tot Tutors Kids

This one comes in round table, is good-looking and ideal for your kid’s bedroom, playroom, as well as their living room. Tot Tutors is well constructed, making it sturdy, and super easy to clean up. The lego plates is also lightweight as it is made out of plastic. It is also easy to assemble.

It features the removable cover, allowing you to eat or study on it when it closes or play lego and duplo when it is opened. The table weighs around 9.92 pounds. The package also includes two chairs fitting with your table perfectly.

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1. KidKraft Board Table

KidKraft 2-in-1

The last brand on our list is KidKraft Board Table. The table is compatible to use with 200 Lego Blocks. With this one, it helps your kids’ imaginative creations are boosted up and allowing them to think outside of the box. Its board comes in grey. The table also features a storage compartment under its playground, giving convenience to store items and other toys organizedly and neatly. Its dimension is 25 x 23 x 16 inches, which is large enough for many kids to play on it at the same time. The table also looks attractive and is perfect to use for decorating furniture.

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You have come to the end of the article. The article has just briefed for you the top 10 best lego table with storage. They give multiple benefits to your kids and your family as a whole. They can be furniture for decoration, yet for your kids to learn or eat on them or also play architectural or building games. Look no further. Grab one among the 10 best lego tables above and let your children have fun and balance with their education time.

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