TOP 7 Best Levitating Speaker Reviews in 2020

LG Electronics PJ9B ZeroG

Are you looking for a speaker that you can play music beautifully? However, getting a normal speaker is too boring, so why not get a levitating speaker instead? Levitating speakers are an air floating speaker that looks like an incredible magic ball that at the same time can deliver a super great sound.

Yet, you can’t just go to the market and directly purchase one since there are tons of levitating speakers available today. Therefore, you should pay attention to the details of each leading model here in just one article to save your time. With our list of Top 7 Best Levitating Speaker Reviews in 2020, you will get the perfect one.

List Of Top 7 Best Levitating Speaker Reviews in 2020

7. Yell by Voguestrap Hoveric Levitating Bluetooth-Speaker

Yell by Voguestrap Hoveric

This is Yell by Voguestrap Hoveric; a levitating speaker that you may look forward to owning. This speaker comes with a beautiful red color that looks so cool. It is built with the magnetic base to make the speaker floating and keep moving. This Yell levitating speaker can move around for 360 degrees. It looks so amazing either during the day or night time. More than that, it is designed with the 4.1 Bluetooth connection as well as 5W wireless which could deliver a great quality of sound.

Aside from that, this floating Bluetooth speaker is additionally built out with the battery that is rechargeable with the capacity 1000mAh. What is more, it is likewise designed with a tiny USB for battery charging. Per full battery of this levitating speaker, you can listen to music for more than 5 hours. Last but not least, this speaker takes only 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged.

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6. GIZEE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Here, let us introduce to you another levitating speaker that we bring to our list today. It is the Levitating Bluetooth speaker. Similar to the previous one, this speaker is designed with the Bluetooth feature which you can listen to the music from your any electronic devices. You can straightly connect to your phone either Samsung or iPhone, tablet as well as your personal computer. More than that, it is designed with all the ideal materials that could offer you super clear and Hi-Fi sound.

What is more, this is also an eye-catching levitating speaker with a great design of black color which looks both classic and modern. Besides that, it is designed with the wireless LED light that will look even nicer at the night time. With this model of speaker at home or in the bedroom, it will help to enhance the decoration.

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5. LG Electronics PJ9B ZeroG Levitating Speaker

LG Electronics PJ9B ZeroG

Have no idea about what thing you should buy for your sibling or your friend’s birthday? So here, we’ve got you an idea. Gift them this LG Electronics OJ9B ZeroG Levitating speaker. Surely, they will love it. What is special about this flying speaker is its portable Bluetooth speaker design which is made for easily transport. It takes up only a small space to store, in case you want to pack it along your trip.

What is more, it is made out from the new innovation with the magnetic feature to keep the speaker moving around like a magic ball. More than that, you will find it more comfortable to use since it comes with a wireless charger. Nevertheless, it takes only 4 hours to get a full battery back, and the battery is of a great quality which can be used for over years long.

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4. ICE Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker

ICE Harmony Floating Bluetooth

Here we have another floating speaker that looks visually stunning. It is the ICE Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker. This hovering speaker looks incredible when you put it in your room, especially at night time. It somehow could help you to release your stress by just looking at it and listening to the music play through this ICE harmony levitating speaker.

It can provide you a high quality of sound along with the 3D effect. Aside from that, this ICE harmony can be used separately without the magnetic base. On the other hand, the Bluetooth feature that is designed with this hovering speaker can easily and directly connected to your smartphone as well as other types of electronic devices.

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3. Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker

Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating

In case you are looking for an ideal bed companion, we would like to recommend you this Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker which is also a top reviewed product in our list. This floating speaker magnetic is having a fabulous design with a variety of different LED lights that could create an incredible 3D effect in your room. Aside from the light effect, this floating speaker is designed to be adjustable which enables it to stand alone without its magnetic base.

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In addition, this infinity orb magnetic levitating speaker is made of Bluetooth connection about 4.0, and it can directly connect with your electronic devices including all type of devices. Likewise, it can work within 10 meters with its wireless feature. The quality of this floating speaker is last for over years long as the producer only choose the materials that have a premium quality to make it.

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2. MARS BY CRAZYBABY Wireless Floating Speaker


What we have next for our Top 7 Best Levitating Speaker Reviews in 2020 is the Mars by Crazybaby. This levitating speaker is not only having an incredible name, but it also has an amazing look with the leading capacity. In terms of its physical look, it is designed with the UFO shape floating in the air. What is more, it is also available with three different colors which you can choose between black, gray and white.

All the colors look so elegant when you display it in the room. What is more, this best levitating Bluetooth speaker is having a great quality which is designed for heavy duty used. It can be your best companion for a very long time. Apart from that, its quality is also perfect. It comes with two drivers that could deliver you a superior sound with a high quality. More than that, you can also receive the phone call through this speaker as well.

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1. ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth-Speaker

ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Now we have come to the very last product in our list. It is the ICE 7 Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker, another portable and floating speaker that got a lot of reviewed in our list. This is a floating speaker that is designed with the wireless and Bluetooth connection. With this speaker, you can automatically connect to any devices either Samsung, iPhone or tablets.

Moreover, this portable wireless floating Bluetooth speaker can also offer you a great quality of sound which is perfect to kill the boredom. It is also available for several colors including black green and white blue. Furthermore, it also helps to enhance the decorating of your room to look more elegant and cooler. Someone would also love it if you buy it as a gift to them.

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Add extra entertainment to your life with one of these top 7 Best levitating speakers in 2020 that we just introduced to you above. They are well-made floating speakers that have both the look and the great quality. We are sure you will love them. Therefore, get your preferred model now or you will regret later.