TOP 10 Best Lighting for Makeup Vanity Reviews in 2020

Women look good with their makeup, so it is really important for them to care about their face and the make up process. To achieve the flawless makeup, we need enough brightness on the mirror to see the missing pieces to perfecting our face. If you do not have enough bright or lamps in your room, the entire make up process can be troublesome. Our team has a solution to this.

In this article, we are introducing to you the top 10 best lightings for makeup in 2020, which will sure meet your needs.

List of  Top 10 Best Lighting for Makeup in 2020

10. Tairoad Dimmable Ring Light/ makeup vanity with lights

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Firstly, let’s get to know about the best lighting for makeup, which is the best choice for makeup and good photo or video taking. This item is really easy to adjust in terms of the brightness of the lamp than the filter in the smartphone or any application because there is the color temperature that you can change from warm light to cool light (3200K to 5600K). Furthermore, this best lighting for makeup vanity has a ring shape that really flash a light to the face and it is sized to be 16 inches. Its stand has adjustable height ranging from 29 to 79 inches, which you can choose up to your convenience.

And, you can move this face lighting to everywhere as the ring light is really lightweight. Most people use it for their videos in Youtube or live stream. When you purchase this one, you will also get an adapter, a phone holder, tripod, travel bag, and an instruction manual.

9. Moodecor makeup vanity with lights

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This is the LED light bulbs from Moodecor which aims to enhance your makeup experience. It consists of 12 bulbs, which almost simulates real and soft sunlight. It delivers a soft glow and color-correct lighting to make the makeup process more accurate. The vanity light bulbs can be attached straight onto the mirror within minutes, and users can plug it to the 12V power to get the lights on.

In addition, there is a smart switch which enables you to adjust the brightness to meet your own demands and preferences. The kit is 11.53ft in its full length, which suits almost every standard size mirror. Moodecor is absolutely the best lighting for makeup vanity. It is suitable for dressing rooms, windowsills, use on the wall, and more.

8. LightingWill makeup mirror with light

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Here comes the best lighting makeup from LightingWill. In the package, there are 10 pieces of light bulbs, which deliver 6000k dimmable light. It is able to deliver natural lighting for users to produce a perfect makeup. In terms of the light color, it provides soft, natural, and not dazzling light.

The kit comes in 11.15ft in full length, which can fit with most of standard mirror. The brightness of the bulb is adjustable according to your demand, and there is a smart switch for you to control. With just a long/short touch on the turn-on/off button of the kit, you can adjust the brightness of the lights ranging from 1 to 100%. This is the best bathroom lighting for makeup. It is designed to stick tightly to the mirror without falling off easily.

7. Chende Mirror Lights


Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit


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If you wonder what kind of lighting is best for applying makeup, here is the best lighting for makeup that comes on the set of mirror and bulbs. You will get 10 LED bulbs that hold on the mirror, which could give you 4000K of color temperature. It is the recommended brightness from the professional for the makeup artist lighting because it does not hurt your eyes and skin. Plus, it can be easily installed by sticking the bulbs on the mirror or mirror frame as you want, and you can cut off the extra bulbs if it is not fit with your shape.

Its voltage is 12 volts. The lights come with the weight of 1.13 pounds and the length of the light kit is 11.53 feet without the dimmer or adapter.

6. Bathroom Vanity Light

Bathroom Vanity Light, Letsun LED Make-Up Mirror Light

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This is the best lighting for bathroom. In the bathroom, there will be no natural light get into as in the room and normally you do your makeup at there. Thus, this is the lighting that you can equip on the mirror in your bathroom to look more fashionable and befinicial. This item is made of stainless steel and k9 crystal with 4 modern LED lights that would give 6000K color temperature to light your bathroom.

Its voltage is 110 volts. Anyway, this product is measured to be 2.87 pounds; for indoor use only.

5. Pretmess white vanity with lights

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For this makeup lighting, it comes with 3 color modes for different purposes and demands. It includes day, natural and warm lights. There are 10 LED bulbs which can offer enough brightness for you even if you are doing your makeup in a dark condition. The brightness can be adjusted within 5 levels.

These bulbs require only little power consumption, which can also USB for low power support. If users are not satisfied with the quality of the product, they are guaranteed with money back within 30 days to ensure the best consumer satisfaction.

4. Vanity Mirror Lights Kit


Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit for Makeup


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Here, we want you to know this product that comes in the set of 10 LED light bulbs. The lights provide you the color temperature of 6000K to have your makeup looking flawless. You can use it safely with the double-side tapes, and it can be on the mirror, mirror frame or on the wall. The full length of the light kit is 13.5 feet, and you can cut off for the excess bulbs.

Furthermore, it is really cool that you can keep the wire hidden under bulbs to make your mirror look well organized.

3. Chende Makeup Vanity Mirror

Chende Black Hollywood Makeup Vanity Mirror with Light Tabletops Lighted Mirror

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Move to the features of another best lighting for makeup vanity. This one is designed with the standing that you will get it stable on the table, and you can also hang it on the wall with the metal hook. In addition, it is covered with the black aluminum frame to look more elegant and the LED light bulb to flash the good brightness. Actually, you can adjust the level of brightness with the dimmer switch.

There is also a power outlet on the frame of the mirror that allows you to use tools like a hair-dryer, straighter, etc. It is sized to be 25.6 x 2.4 x 19.7 inches and the weight is 20.19 pounds.

2. BeautifyBeauties Lighted Vanity Mirror

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Want to get the best lighting for applying makeup? This is the high technology of LED lighting system. For this one, you can change the brightness level or switch on/off by touching sensor. And, you can rotate it to be any corner both horizontally and vertically with 180 degree. This one is also built-in bluetooth connection, allowing you to easily connect to music while doing your makeup. The mirror also features removable magnification that allows you to zoom and see any spots on your face in more details. You do not worry about the quality of this product because it is made with the high quality for protecting from scratch.

1. Neewer Ring Light with Light Stand


Neewer Ring Light 14-inch LED with Light Stand-Lighting for Makeup


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Here is the last and vest product in our recommendations. This item comes with the light standing and the 14 inches of circle light with 180 LED bulbs. You can take the video, do your makeup or take any selfie for yourself with the holder and the color filters that you can change easily. There are two plastic color filters of orange and white, and it could flash the light of 5500K of color temperature.

The makeup light can be used more than 50000 hours with the power of 110 to 210 volts. The standing light is high up to 155 cm and the full dimension of this lighting is 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.1 inches.


There is a wide array of lighting products to help you in makeup, video shooting or photo taking. The ones provided and highlighted above are the best lightings for makeup that will never fail you. Get one because any of these goodies can be a great assistant for your beauty.


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Hollywood Vanity Mirror Lights


Hollywood Vanity Mirror Lights,Makeup Vanity Led Mirror lights

Now we move to the best lightbulbs for makeup. This product comes as the set of 10 linkable light bulbs that it is easy to use by sticking it on the mirror or mirror frame to flash the light. There is two ways in usage with the brightness of the bulbs by removing the cover to get the light brighter for your face or putting the cover to get the natural outlook.

However, you still can adjust the brightness by touching the switch rotating fingers. These bulbs are LED type with its voltage of 12 volts. The full dimension of these 10 bulbs is 157.5 x 1.9 x 1.9 inches.

LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

LED Vanity Mirror Lights KitNext, we find out about another best lighting for makeup that is the kind of bulbs. It also comes in 10 linkable light bulbs with the memory function. If you set the brightness at which point before you switch off, you will get that brightness level after you turn on. Plus, you can adjust the brightness by touching it for long time, and turn on/off by touching it for short time. You can rotate the bulbs as your decoration within the mirror with its line

In addition, this item is the best lighting for bathroom vanity because these bulbs are waterproof and it can really hold on the mirror with the double tape.

Letsun LED Vanity Light

Letsun 5w Cool White LED Vanity Light Bathroom Light Make-Up

Turn to another best lighting for bathroom vanity. It is the lighting for makeup that comes with the 21 small LED lights that cover with the material of stainless steel. The light is resistant to water and steam in the bathroom. You will get color temperature from 6000K to 7000K that is bright for you to have a clear view of your makeup.

Your bathroom will have another outlook with the tube shape of the item that comes in modern style, and the full size of the light is 5.7 x 3.7 x 16.7 inches. Moreover, the light is weighted to be 1.8 pounds with its voltage of 110 volts.


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