TOP 9 Best Lightweight Luggage Reviews in 2021

For those who like to travel around the world, they might struggle at the check-in counter when they buy too little of an amount of the additional weight. With this issue, sometimes, when your luggage is overweight, you need to take out most of your stuff and throw it away so that you can check in and get your flight tickets. Well, we’ve got your back when this happens because everyone faces this problem. The sources of this problem can be from anything but one of those cause is from your original luggage weight. It might be too heavy and consume a lot of weight. If this is also your problem, then why don’t you get a new luggage which is light and allows you to bring many kinds of stuff or souvenirs back home when you travel abroad?

Lightweight luggage also provides easy mobility as well which is convenient for every traveler. That is why in this article, we are going to show you to top 9 best lightweight luggage to guide you shop wisely for those who are going to shop for a new lightweight luggage. Without further delay, let’s see what we’ve got down there.

List of  Top 9 Best Lightweight Luggage Reviews in 2021

9. it luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles

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Starting the list with the first best lightweight luggage which is IT Luggage Los Angeles 28.9 Upright. This luggage has the modern yet sleek design which follows the trend of today luggage. The interior measurement of this luggage is 27″ x 17.3″ x 10.2″ that with this size, it is spacious and allows you to store more stuff than most of the luggage from other brands. Even though this luggage is so huge, its weight is only 4.85 lbs that allow more mobility and portability that you can bring anywhere easily without facing the same old problem of overweight when checking in at the airport.

Moreover, this luggage of equipped with two wheels that is smooth and quiet which will not annoy the surrounding. On the top of this suitcase, you will see the telescoping handle that comes with soft grip and non-locking system.

8. it luggage World’s Lightest Carry-on

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Moving on to another best lightweight luggage we have here which is the IT Luggage 31.5 inches Lightest 8 Wheel Spinner. This luggage has 2 wheels in each corner of the luggage which make it easy to transport and pull it when travel. It won’t slip even when you pull it faster when the catching the flight. For the interior measurement of this luggage, it has the size of 10.2″ x 18.3″ x 31.5″ and the weight is only 5.29 lbs which mean you can store more stuff in there when you come back from your vacation.

Moreover, the 8 wheels of this luggage can rotate 360 degree which is super convenient for every user during the travel. The frame of this luggage is made of fiberglass that will deliver the durable struggle and can handle on the heavy duty you need.

7. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase

Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Softshell lightweight

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If you’re planning to get the new luggage for your next trip then the Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase should be on the top of your check-list. This luggage comes in a set of 3 that will fit with your preferences and you can choose in based on the duration of your trip.

This luggage is made of 168D oxford cloth combines with the 210D nylon lining which is better than some luggage that made of polyester material and you can use this luggage to go on hundreds of trips without any problems. On the top of this luggage, you can see the telescope aluminum handle that can handle all the heavy duties right there and tough in every situation.

6. Aerolite Carry On MAX Lightweight

Aerolite 22x14x9" Carry On MAX Lightweight Upright Trave

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Another great quality lightweight luggage we have here is the Aerolite Ultra Light Carry On Luggage. This luggage is constructed from polyester which is tough, sturdy and durable that can handle all the heavy duties and you can bring this luggage to hundreds of trips without any problems.

For the capacity of this luggage, it can contain till the maximum capacity of 38L and the weight of empty luggage is only 4.63 lbs and you will never face with the overweight problem ever again when you go on your next trip. Even though this luggage is lightweight but is equipped with the rip-resistant technology for added convenience to the users.

5. Merax Afuture 3 Piece Luggage Set

Merax Afuture 3 Piece Luggage Set Lightweight

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Get a new luggage for your next trip with the Merax Travelhouse Luggage 3 Piece Spinner. This is the super lightweight luggage that you can find on the market today. Even though it is lightweight but it has durable construction from ABS material that you can carry on with you to hundreds of trips await.

This luggage comes with the set of 3 that each of them is different in size so that you can choose the one that fits with your trip duration and this is really convenient for every traveler. On the top of this luggage, you can find the sturdy and tough telescope handle that made of aluminum for easy maneuverability along with the secure combination lock.

4. Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight

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If your old luggage causes you a lot of trouble lately then you should find a new one and the Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight is the one that you might need to replace that old luggage. With this super lightweight luggage, you can increase your packing capacity due to its spacious interior as well as the lightweight body which mean you can bring more stuff back home than your old luggage.

This luggage equips with two handles that one is on the top and another one is on the side of the luggage. These two handles will assist you when you need to lift the luggage in the certain situation.

3. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 3 Piece

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Another super lightweight luggage landed on the top third-rated on our list and it is Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set Spinner. On the surface of this luggage, you can see the small diamond texture and this texture acts as a scratch-resistant agent, so that your suitcase will always stay beautiful as it is.

The lightweight body of this luggage means that you can increase the packing capacity when you want to bring souvenirs along with its spacious interior.

2. Rockland Luggage Set 3 Piece

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Coming up next, we have the Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Set. This is another super lightweight luggage that made of durable ABS materials that will handle all the heavy duties you have when you go on the trip. For the 4 wheels that equipped with this luggage are multi-directional silent spinner as well as smooth movement. The handle is also made of tough metal which is for heavy-duty performance. Last but not least, it comes in various colors that the customer can choose up to their preference.

1. American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set

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Saving the best for last, we have the American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II. This super lightweight luggage will allow you to enhance your packing capacity and bring more stuff back home from your trip. Looking at the construction, this luggage has many exterior and interior pockets that are to make sure you keep your stuff organized and easily accessible. The inline skate wheels are constructed to minimize the frictional resistance and deliver durability while offering smooth rolling.


If you are planning to go on the next trip and your old luggage are broken or does not meet your needs, then these 9 best lightweight luggage should be your next big things to bring on the next trip. If you haven’t had one yet, then this is your chance to grab one of these goodies. We hope you enjoyed our reviews.


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