TOP 10 Best Massage Guns or Percussion Massagers – [Buyers’ Guide]

A massage gun is beneficial for muscle groups. It is effective in pain relief and blood circulation. Although it does not show a quick result within a few days, the health benefits are accumulated to make you strong and healthy. In this article, we will go through the top 10 best massage guns or TheraGuns to see more of their potential. Read along with us to learn about the characteristics and benefits of the massage guns that we have found for you.

List of The Best Massage Gun or Theragun Reviews in 2021

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Product Reviews

#10. VYBE Massage Gun

This massage gun has a quiet yet powerful design with a high vibration. The vibration is 30,000 strokes in one minute. It is designed ideally for athletes, and there are up to 7 heads in the set for different massaging purposes. They target different muscle groups.

It is compact and portable. In a full charge cycle, it can last up to 5 hours. This is the reason why it is suitable for both home and travel. It is suitable for both before and after a workout. After the workout, it can make the muscle relax again.

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#9. Cholas homedics massager

Cholas is also a silent and powerful massage gun. This massage gun has its vibration at 4800 strokes per minute, but its noise is guaranteed to be no more than 35dB. The purpose of this massage gun is to relieve muscle pressure, enhance blood circulation, and improve health status. This massage gun design is the latest update in 2021 with great heat dissipation without a crash.

There are 6 heads included in this massage gun set, and there are up to 30 speeds that you can customize until you find the most desired one. It is built-in with a 2400 mAh battery, and this battery can last for 6 hours after a full charge. There is a battery indicator to show you when the next charge is needed.

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#8. FITPULSE handheld massager

Next, we should have a look at the massage gun from FITPULSE. This is a large set because there are 12 heads in this one set. There are two other massage balls provided, and the balls can promote blood circulation and help in the recovery. Moreover, it features a fast charging process. A full charge cycle can last for more than 6 hours.

There are 30-speed levels for this massage gun. The maximum speed is up to 3200rpm. You can customize the vibration based on the demands of your own health. No matter which speed you choose, it is still silent enough to cause no distractions at all.

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#7. REXBETI Muscle Massager Guns

You can also choose REXBETI for a high-quality massage gun. This massage gun provides 30 speed settings so that users are able to adjust to any speed they prefer. Different people prefer different levels of comfort, but this massage gun is just suitable for everyone. There are up to 6 heads in one set, and they are made for different massaging functions as well.

The working noise is low enough. The range is measured between 32dB and 52dB. Moreover, it is operated on 2500mAh battery capacity, which can last more than 6 hours. This is so long that you do not need to charge for many days. It also comes with a carrying case to keep the gun and other accessories.

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#6. Lnchett muscle massager

This massage gun from Lnchett is also worth a closer look. This massage gun has a handheld design, and it is made for pain relief and muscle relaxation after a workout. It is based on a 2500mAh ion battery, and this battery offers a long operation time of 6 – 8 hours. The operation is super long because we only need to use minutes per day.

The massage gun comes with a brushless motor, and it does not cause any distracting noise. There are up to 8 heads in one set, and you can use it to target different muscle groups to get a better health condition. The gun is stored in an aluminum case for a protection purpose.

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#5. Legiral Percussion Massage Guns

Another choice for a premium massage gun design is from Legiral. This massage gun is made for a variety of health benefits, including muscle recovery, pain relief, and better blood flow. This is also helpful in relaxing the body and muscles for a professional athlete. There are up to 20 levels of intensity using 6 massaging heads. Therefore, the speed varies between 1200 and 3200rpm.

Another great feature of this massage gun is a low noise operation. The noise is measured between 35dB and 55dB, and this does not make it too loud for others to hear. It is based on a rechargeable battery, and a full charge cycle only needs 1.5 – 2 hours only.

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#4. WuBeFine Deep Tissue Massage Gun

WuBeFine is famous for its deep massaging function. It comes with a handheld design, and it can apply the pressure deep into the muscle tissues. It can eliminate various body and muscle problems, including pain and soreness. This rapid tension relief minimizes the chances of getting injured during the workout. Moreover, there are 6 massaging heads, and up to 30-speed settings are included.

Nevertheless, the operation is still smooth and quiet. This is because it is equipped with a brushless motor that comes along with noise reduction technology. The kit is stored in a lightweight and portable carrying case. The case is built-in with a silicone handle to make the grip better and more comfortable.

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#3. QIQIGO handheld massager

This well-made massage gun is made to relieve pain and soreness in the muscles and promote blood circulation. It is ideal for therapy treatment, and as a result, it can improve the overall health status. This is thanks to the 6-headset that provides a deep tissue massage.
There are up to 30 modes for this massage gun, and each mode targets different muscle groups. The lowest vibration is 1800rpm, while the highest one is up to 4800rpm. The gun is rechargeable, and it can last for 8 hours after a single charge. The full charge cycle only requires 4 hours.

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#2. Legiral hypervolt massage gun

Here comes another massage gun from Legiral. This massage gun is designed for a tight muscle problem. It is made to relieve the pain and soreness of the gun with a professional vibration mode. It is operated on a 2500mAh battery, and it can last for 6 hours in a full charge cycle. However, it requires only 1.5 – 2 hours in order to get it fully charged.

It is based on a low noise operation. The noise level is between 35dB and 55dB only. There are up to 20-speed settings for adjustments, and therefore, it is ideal for athletes at all levels. In this set, there are 6 replacement heads, and they allow you to enjoy different massaging functions.

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#1. Flyby Physical Therapy Massage Guns

To complete the review, we should not miss this massage gun from Flyby. This massage gun supports a low noise operation with a great massage experience. The noise reduction technology minimizes the operating noise to only about 45dB. Moreover, the handheld gun is lightweight and portable at the same time. It is only about 1.8 pounds.

There are 3-speed settings for this massage gun, and the speed ranges from 1800 to 3200rpm. The maximum pressure applied is 50lbs. More importantly, it has a long battery life which is no less than 4 hours. The battery is rechargeable once it is running out of battery. For these reasons, many people recommend this massage gun.

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How to Choose the Best Massage Guns

If you do not choose the right massage gun, you might end up leaving more problems to your health, body, and muscles. Thus, the criteria below are what you need to take into serious consideration before you make the purchase.

Speed settings: many massage guns have an adjustable speed setting. Some only have 3 – 4 modes, while others allow adjustments for up to 30 modes. Yet, the vibration speed should not be less than 3000rpm. Otherwise, it will not effectively massage the deep tissues.

Health benefits: before you buy, you need to look at the health benefits of the gun first. Some of the most common health benefits are muscle relaxation, pain relief, better blood circulation, and pressure relief.

Battery life: when you choose a massage gun, make sure that the battery life is no less than 3 – 4 hours. Otherwise, it would require you to charge very frequently.

Replacement heads: different massaging heads target different muscle groups. Therefore, it should include at least 3 replacement heads in the set.


To conclude, above are the top 10 best massage guns. There is nothing more important than your health. Don’t wait until you need to cure. Instead, start with improving overall health status day by day.


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