Top 9 Best Matelasse Coverlet Reviews in 2019

Want to add deck a touch of elegance to your bed? Matelasse Coverlet can help you with that. Matelasse Coverlet is actually a special type of fabric made in French tradition that gives a tufted look to your bed. Matelasse fabrics can be made into comforters, duvet covers, coverlets and quilts, but the term simply refers to a cotton fabric with a raised design.

As you might imagine, a fitted coverlet is the most tailored, tightest-fitting coverlet option and is intended to be primarily decorative. So here, we have brought to you the list of the Top 9 Best Matelasse Coverlet Reviews in 2019 for you below.

List Of Top 9 Best Matelasse Coverlet Reviews in 2019

9. Ethan Allen White Paisley Matelassé

Ethan Allen White

First off, we would like to introduce to you this Ethan Allen White Paisley Matelassé. This matelasse bedding is designed with many standards of sizes for you to choose between queen size, king, euro sham size and so on. More than that, it is designed with a good quality material, which is a pure stonewashed cotton. This coverlet is additionally easy to clean up as it can be washed by machine, which could ease your cleaning much better.

What is more, the design of this coverlet will also help to enhance the decoration of you bed to look more stylish. It is sure that you will fall in love with this model of matelassé coverlets.

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8. The Paragon Matelasse Coverlet Set

The Paragon Matelasse

Decorate your traditional home with this classic set of Matelasse Coverlet by The Paragon. This is a matelasse quilt set that comes with the standard of 2 matching quilts. Moreover, it is made of pure microfiber polyester, which offers you a fluffy coverlet to sleep and stay comfortable for day and night. Aside from that, it also helps you save your money as it is durable which can be used for long.

Last but not least, this coverlet is designed for easily clean up as you can wash it in the washing machine. Thus, you can save your power while cleaning

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7. Plow & Hearth Marie Matelasse King Coverlet

Plow & Hearth Marie Matelasse

If you like elegant and sophisticated bedding ensembles, this set of Plow & Hearth Marie Matelasse King Coverlet will be a perfect one for you. This model of coverlet comes with the Hedge green. The light of the color has made a great design for your bedroom as well as helping you to get out of stress. This twin matelasse coverlet is made of a premium quality of material, which is stonewashed cotton.

It is fluffy smooth, which offers you a comfortable feeling to sleep on. Aside from its, quality, this coverlet is additionally styled with a beautiful flower and vine design.

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6. Plow & Hearth Marie Matelasse Stonewashed

Plow & Hearth Marie Matelasse

Simple, yet unique, this Plow & Hearth Marie Matelasse Stonewashed is a must have coverlet for your bed decoration. This type of mateleasse coverlet comes with four color options for you to choose from cream, blue, hedge green, snow white. It is made of high quality stonewashed to provide you a soft and perfect coverlet to sleep. More than that, this cotton matelasse coverlet is designed for heavy duty use which can serve you for a very long time.

What is more, you do not have to worry about the cleaning because this coverlet comes with the light weight which is easily to keep it clean. It is designed to be machine washable which could help your cleaning much easier and save time.

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5. Plow & Hearth Marie Matelasse Queen Coverlet

Plow & Hearth Marie Matelasse

If you are looking for a lightweight and color, this Plow & Hearth Marie Matelasse Queen Coverlet is the best option that you can choose. This Coverlet comes with a light cream color which can make up your mind from the stress. It also has a very lightweight which can help your cleaning much easier. You can either wash it by hand or machine. More than that, it has come with a gorgeous flower and vine design which could enhance the decoration of your bed.

Aside from that, this cream matelasse coverlet set is made of a good type of stonewashed cotton that makes the coverlet soft and convenient to sleep. With this coverlet on your bed, you will have a good night sleep.

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4. Lamont Home Majestic Matelasse Queen Coverlet

Lamont Home Majestic

Lamont Home Majestic Matelasse Queen Coverlet is another model of coverlet that we adore in the list. It comes in three colors, which are grey, white and ecru. Aside from the queen size, this grey matelasse coverlet is also available in several sizes for you to choose from twin, full, and king. In addition to that, the design of this Matelasse coverlet would surprise you with the timeless floral brocade design which looks stunning and beautiful.

To make the coverlet soft and fluffy, this model of coverlet has used a good type of pure cotton, which can guarantee the softness and the quality of this coverlet to be used for a very long time.

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3. Diamond Matelasse 3-Piece Quilt Set

Diamond Matelasse

Let’s take a look at another type of Diamond Matelasse 3-piece Quilt set that we have in the list. This matelasse coverlet comes with a variety of different colors such as yellow, orange, light white and so on. Thus, you can choose your favorite color that is suitable with your bed.

Aside from its color, this queen matelasse coverlet set is designed with the diamond pattern and solid flange which looks elegant and high class. Besides that, it comes in good quality that you can use for a very long time as it is made of cotton of durability.

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2. Pinzon Ivy Matelasse Coverlet

 Pinzon Ivy Matelasse Cotton

Now let’s move to Pinzon lvy Matelasse Coverlet matelasse which is our top 2 highly reviewed product in the list. This matelasse quilt is originally made of good quality cotton which gives you a flurry and soft coverlet that you can sleep on conveniently. In addition to that, it is designed for heavy duty used as it is made of a good quality of cotton.

Moreover, this matelasse pattern comes in the solid color which is suitable with the existing bedding. Lastly, you can find it easy to keep the coverlet clean because it is  machine washable.

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1. King Charles Matelasse Queen Coverlet

King Charles Matelasse Queen

Here, we have come to our top 1 best matelasse coverlet in our list which is this King Charles Matelasse Queen Coverlet. This matelasse bedding is made with the classic design which is inspired by Charleston bedding. It is a heavy duty coverlet made from durable stonewashed which is soft and comfortable for sleeping.

Apart from that, this type of coverlet comes in the queen size of 90-Inch x 96-Inch. Last but not least, it is made for easy clean up as it can be washed by to machine and can quickly dry.

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Now, you have just gone through our Top 9 Best Matelasse Coverlet Reviews in 2019 above. All are these are beautiful made coverlets that not only can enhance the design of your bedding, but also offer you a convenient way to have a good night sleep. Grab your favorite type now.

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