Top 7 Best Memory Foam Futon Reviews in 2019

Futon has long been a popular furniture for every Japanese family or those who live alone. It can be used as a sofa for you to enjoy your time watching your favorites TV-show, and it can also be transformed in a bed, providing comfortable sleeps.
Since there are so many benefits that Futons can provide, it is an essential piece of furniture that you should have inside your apartment or house.

Modern futons come with the memory foam padding or mattress that delivers the utmost comfort to every owner. While searching for the best futon, it might take you a massive amount of time just to find the best one for your situation.

We believe that it is not worth doing so, and that’s why our team is here to help you. We have researched day in and day out and compiled together the list of the top 7 best memory foam futons, and the review will serve as a guide for you to choose wisely when going shopping. Without further delay, let’s see what we’ve got down there.

List Of Top 7 Best Memory Foam Futon Reviews in 2019

7. Mainstay Futon Wooden Frame Memory Foam

Mainstay Wooden frame Memory

The first product that we are going to introduce you on our list is the Mainstay Futon Wooden Frame Memory Foam. If you are living in a small living space, then this comfy futon might be the best choice for you. This futon can be folded and change its shape to fit in with any situation and save a lot of space since it can be used multi-purposely.

When you want to grab a snack and watch your favorite shows, it will be there for you or when you are tired from the long day at work and want to take a quick nap, this futon can adjust its position into a bed as well. Since it can do a lot of works, you can also save your budget in buying more stuff as well as saving your space as well due to its flexibility.

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6. DHP Olivia Memory Foam Futon

DHP Olivia Memory Foam

Moving on to another comfy futon we have on our list is DHP Olivia Memory Foam Futon. For this stunning piece of furniture, you can see its modern design and fantastic appearance with the grey linen upholstery that will live up the mood inside your living room. Even special, this is the memory foam futon which means it will offer the maximum comfort you can imagine of when sitting on it. It will be your best friend because this futon will always be there with you in every situation.

If you want to grab a snack in front of the TV, watching your favorite movies, it will be there to accompany or you want to sleep to relax your body, it still is there for you. On a side note, this comfy futon has a durable construction and can withstand the maximum weight of 600 lbs.

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5. Royal Sleep Products Memory Foam Futon

Royal Sleep Products

Another high-quality memory foam futon we are going to introduce you here is the Royal Sleep Products Memory Foam Futon. This comfy futon has four layers of a premium-quality cotton blend to deliver the superb comfort to your back and your whole body. Moreover, this futon is multi-position which mean you can adjust it to various positions to fit with your mood and situation.

Its ultimate position is a full-size bed that you can roll your body on and relax on the super comfortable memory foam surface. Talking about the ultimate position, it has the dimension of 8″ high, 75″ wide and 54″ deep. With this modern piece of furniture in your house, you can save a lot of space and budget because it can substitute most of the furniture that you could think of.

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4. Mozaic Full Size Cotton Twill Futon

Mozaic Full Size 10-inch

Coming up next, we have the Mozaic Full Size Cotton Twill Futon ranked on number 4 on our favorite list. This futon is made of memory foam and the mattress itself is made of a high-quality material that is durable and last for many years to come. The special notice about this futon that makes everyone fall in love with it is that you can use it for any purposes. You can use it as a bed, sofa, and even a couch.


It is just that convenient that everyone need to have it in their house. The size of the full-size mattress is 75″ long, 54″ wide and 10″ thick. Besides, if we are looking at the mattress, it is reversible and is made to be used for a futon in both folded upright position and flat in the bed position.

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3. Mainstays Memory Foam Convertible Futon

Mainstays Memory Foam

Here we are at the top third comfy futon we have on our list, this is Mainstays Memory Foam Convertible Futon. This futon has what it takes to be a modern and comfortable futon with its modern design along with the camel suede fabric for a better quality and can be used for many years to come. Moreover, the good thing about having or owning a futon is that you can adjust its position from being a sofa to a bed effortlessly.

It will be your best friend in every situation. The benefit of having this futon is that you don’t have you get a lot of furniture in your house since it can substitute all of them already. On a side note, if we look at the construction, this futon is made a sturdy wood frame which is built to last.

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2. Mozaic Full Size Dual Memory Foam Futon

Mozaic Full Size 8-Inch

Moving up to another best memory foam futon we have here is the Mozaic Full-Size Dual Memory Foam Futon. This futon has the reversible memory foam mattress that is convenient and the mattress itself is made of a high-quality gel memory foam to deliver the ultimate comfort and long life. The mattress-wise has the full size of 75″ long, 54″ wide, and 8″ thick.

Moreover, the mattress is covered with cotton twill that is made of high-quality cotton as well to last for years. You can fold this mattress back and forth and change its position from being a sofa to bed effortlessly. You can save a lot of space by having this piece of furniture inside your house or apartment.

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1. DHP Independently-Encased Premium Futon Mattress

DHP 8-Inch Independently

Saving the best for last, we have DHP Independently-Encased Premium Futon Mattress. This futon has high-quality memory foam as well as polyester layering to deliver ultimate comfort to the owner. You can fold too many positions from sofa to bed and in bed-position, it has the size of the full-size bed.

Moreover, you will also get the microfiber mattress cover as well that will protect the mattress from any damage also provide additional comfort to your body as well. It is the best choice for those who live in a small living space or house since you can save a lot of budgets and you can use it to substitute other furniture as well.

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After browsing through all of the leading models of memory foam futons above, we hope that this list will aid your selection. All of the futons we introduced come with a high-quality memory foam mattress and provide maximum comfort to the user. Any of them will not let you down. Get yours.

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