TOP 10 Best Modern Planters in 2020

Aquaphoric Self Watering

It isn’t that much of a hard work to take your planting skills to new heights. In addition to some plant care-taking skills, a beautiful planter can be of great help.

While we’re at this topic, in this article, we are shedding some lights on the top 10 best modern planters in 2020. These picks are sure to meet a variety of needs including yours.

List Of Top 10 Best Modern Planters in 2020

10. PureModern PurePots Square Cuboid

PurePots Square Cuboid 2210

PurePots Square Cuboid 2210 is a well-known modern outdoor planter with the total size of 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches. For the durability of the pot, the pot is carefully made from the superior grade fiberglass. Its beauty is enhanced too since it is painted in various beautiful colors.

As this product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it is guaranteed to withstand the UV and corrosion effectively. More than just giving great strength, you can have the choice in choosing the favorite color for your pot as well.

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9. LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planter Set

 Tall Planter Set 2 Flower Pots

The next gray planter carries the total dimension of 27 x 12 x 12 inches. LA JOLIE MUSE is proud to introduce to you the flower set which is the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use. The first awesome feature of it is the fact that it is very light in weight. Compared to competitive products, the long-lasting use of this product is ensured.

You can also decorate your house with this elegant round pot too. For the perfect and heathy growth of the plant, do not hesitate to try this unique and modern flowerpot.

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8. Veradek Metallic Steel Medium Span Planter

 Veradek Metallic Series Corten Steel

Veradek Metallic Planter can protect the root of the plant during the harsh seasons very well. You can also use it during the winter season since it is crack resistant. For your information, the tray is attached too; therefore, you can place it in the indoor area without concerning about the dirt.  This steel-made planter has the size of 38 x 10 x 30 inches.

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7. Tusco MSQ16ES Modern Square Garden Planter

Tusco Products MSQ16ES Modern

This beauty in espresso color in 15.5 x 15.5 x 14 inches is the Tusco Products MSQ16ES. Here is the modern contemporary planter well produced from the durable plastic. With the materials that can withstand extreme weathers well, it is the right choice for using both indoor and outdoor  It can resist the sunlight and UV effectively, making it the right choice for the outdoor plant. The good news for the users is the company of this product backs the item with a 10-year warranty.

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6. Concrete Hanging Planter

Concrete Hanging Planter

The next reputable product goes is the Concrete Hanging Planter which sure can amplify the beauty of your plant and home. This hanging planter box allows you to arrange the plant in the style that you want easily. It is also suitable for planting small plants both indoor and outdoor, too. This pot is of vibrant color; therefore, placing it in the living room, entryway and more is a smart choice.

Last but not least, the size of this product is 23.8 x 8.8 x 6.8 inches, and it is also backed by the warranty. If you are interested in this product, do make sure to get it soon while stock lasts.

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5. Tusco MSQ16BK Modern Square Garden Planter

Tusco Products MSQ16BK

Looking for the best square garden planter? This option from Tusco is the suitable product in the list today. Firstly, this Tusco product is of 16 inches, plus, this black planter is well constructed from molded plastic. Since it is well made from plastic, the weight of this product is very light.

You can use this pot both indoors and outdoors without any problem. Another great feature that it carries is it can withstand harsh weathers and UV very well. This USA made product makes the excellent choice for those who wish to own an extremely durable product.

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4. Tusco MSQ20SL Modern Square Garden Planter

Tusco Products MSQ20SL

Tusco is proud to introduce to you another 20 inches contemporary garden planter. This product comes in slate color, and it has the square shape. Unlike the old traditional clay planters, this one is made from the plastic. The awesome feature of it is the fact that it is the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor uses.

If you wish to own the pot to withstand extreme weathers, you can have the full trust on this 19.8 x 19.8 x 16.5 inches modern planter. If you used to concern about the quality of planters, worry no more as the warranty is given for this one. It is also the easiest choice for acessorizing the house as well.

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3. Tusco MSQT23BK Modern Square Garden Planter

Tusco Products MSQT23BK

Another remarkable product that is designed to bring the best is known as Tusco Products MSQT23BK. First of all, this modern outdoor planter carries the full size of 15.5 x 15.5 x 23 inches. Another awesome feature of it is the durability and the quality that it provides. This product is highly recommended for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Besides offering the perfect protection for the plant, it can complement any home décor very well too. For your information, the company of this product backs the item with a 10-year warranty for the users as well.

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2. Tusco MSQT19ES Modern Square Garden Planter

Tusco Products MSQT19ES

This one comes with the great look and the amazing quality; Tusco Products MSQT19ES has the full measurement of 13 x 13 x 19 inches. It is the lightweight garden planter; therefore, you can transport it from place to place easily. The material chosen for producing this product is ensured to be the high-quality plastic.

It is well-known for the fact that it can resist both harsh weathers and UV. It is also of rugged durability. For your information, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

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1. Window Garden Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter

Aquaphoric Self Watering

Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter upholds its company’s reputation for the long-lasting quality that it offers. This is one of the contemporary planters which is highly recommended for indoor use. There are many incredible features that it carries; for instance, it is the self-watering planter which is the ideal choice for protecting the plants when you’re away.

The fiber soil is given, so you can start your planting instantly. With the sleek and stylish look of this modern pot, it is also a great option for decorating your house. Last but not least, this impressive product has the total size of 11 x 11 x 9.8 inches.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our modern planters review, and found it informative enough to get you started enjoying some exciting planting and plant-accessorizing projects. Look no further because our top 10 picks work best. Get your preferred models soon before stock runs low.