TOP 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera Reviews in 2020

Action Camera, Vemico Sports Action

Recording videos or capturing thousands of images during motorcycling is a new trend for adventurous people. To ensure both of your safety and best quality of images/videos, a good quality camera that can be mounted on your helmet is what you need.

Here we have gathered the top 10 best motorcycle helmet cameras in 2020 within a single article to help you find the most suitable one quickly and effortlessly.

List Of Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera Reviews in 2020

10. IXROAD Sports Action Camera

IXROAD Sports Action Camera

The first helmet cam to be reviewed is IXROAD Sports Action Camera. To ensure that the footage will be recorded with high resolution, the manufacture has equipped this system with 4K Ultra HD camera. Moreover, the camera features a multi angle lens that are able to capture images and videos from 170 degrees wide. To make controlling it a breeze, there is also a wireless remote control attached with the kit.

IXROAD Sports Action Camera also has a built-in wi-fi system to make sharing or transferring images and videos to other devices more convenient. Besides, this helmet cam arrives with two 1050mAh batteries that can be recharged for a better and longer time of usage.

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9. Defway 4K Sports Action Camera

4K Sports Action Camera Wifi

Another high quality motorcycle dash cam to look at is Defway 4K Sports Action Camera. The first feature of this camera is its wifi connection and wifi app control. This cam allows its users to take photos or record video through cell phone application. Besides that, users can transfer or share their footage to other devices within 15m range which is very nice. Moreover, it features waterproof system which allows users to use it underwater for 30M range.

Defway 4K Sports Action Camera arrives with a remote control wristband which you can attach it with your wrist for ease of controlling. Coming with 2 inch LCD screen, this camera will display you any taken photos and recorded videos right after you capture it.

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8. CooleedTEK Mini Sports Camera

CooleedTEK Mini Sports Camera FHD

CooleedTEK Mini Sports Camera is a roadcam pro that every rider or adventurer should own. Coming with a waterproof design, this camera is compatible to use under water or at any adventurous setting. In addition, its compact and lightweight design makes it a lot easier for traveling, hiking, riding, or other outdoor activities. Not only does it have a good design, its functionality is also such a freeze. This camera will record the video with a very high resolution of 1920*1080p@30fps/ 1280*720p@30fps. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in microphone that enables you to record a high quality of sound.

CooleedTEK Mini Sports Camera also features a large rechargeable battery capacity which allows you to use it for more than 3 hours long. Being compatible with TF card, users can now add external memory card for more storage.

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7. SJCAM Star Wifi Action Camera

SJCAM SJ7 Star Wifi Action Camera

If you are looking for a cam that comes with a ready helmet camera mount, SJCAM Star Wifi Action Camera is the best option. Featuring a 4K camera, it will capture all your moments with a high resolution. What is more, its 170 degree wide angle lens will make sure that, the image will be taken from almost every corner. Besides that, it also features gyro stabilization system to offers better stability to your images and video.

SJCAM Star Wifi Action Camera arrives with chipset and sensor to makes mounting a lot convenient. Additionally, this helmet cam is highly resistant to water which allows you to also use it underwater.

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6. COOAU 4K Action Camera

COOAU 4K Action Camera Cam

Being an ultimate waterproof dash cam, COOAU 4K Action Camera is very ideal for motorcycling and underwater activities. Featuring waterproof system, it can be taken with you to underwater to record any moments. Aside from that, COOAU Cam will record your video with a very high resolution of 12MP. This action camera also comes with a longer battery life which allows you to constantly continue recording up to 2 hours.

COOAU 4K Action Camera also arrives with extra features of wifi and HDMI systems letting you transfer and share your photos within a blink of an eye.

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5. ICONNTECHS IT Full HD 1080P Sport Action Camera


Another best action camera for motocycle that we highly recommend next is ICONNTECHS IT Full HD 1080P Sport Action Camera. Coming with a slim and compact design, it can be easily carry with to any trips. Moreover, it weighs very lightly which allows users to easily mount it on helmet. Featuring LTPS screen, you can now views your recording or photos with ease. To ensure that, a wide-angle view will be captured, this camera is created with a 170 degree wide angle lens.

ICONNTECHS IT Full HD 1080P Sport Action Camera will record your footage with NT96655 resolution. That way, a better quality image will be delivered.

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4. Vemico Action Camera

Action Camera, Vemico Sports Action

Vemico Action Camera comes with the most suitable features for sport activities including lightweight, compact design, high resolution cam, and smart functionalities. This camera helps to record your video with high resolution of 30FPS and record your slow motion video with 60FPS resolution. Apart from that, it makes your video recording a lot more flexible, it comes with a built-in time-lapse and loop system.

Vemico Action Camera makes viewing or displaying images or video a lot easier for users as it features a 2 inch LCD screen. Controlling your camera will be nothing to concern anymore. This camera has a remote controller that can be worn on your wrist for better camera controlling.

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3. Crosstour Action Camera

Crosstour Action Camera 4K WIFI

Coming next, Crosstour is another best motorcycle camera that still enables you to record any incredible moment under the darkness. It will produce footage with its 30fps resolution which is high enough for better image quality. Its 170 degree wide angle is perfect for a quick and vivid image capturing. On top of that, Crosstour Action Camera arrived with a waterproof case that is thick enough to product your camera from strong pressure, dust, and water.

In addition to this, it features wifi connection system that enables you to immediately share or transfer your photos to other devices within a short time. Its water protection system allows users to not only use it on road but to also record underwater activities with confidence.

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2. AKASO Brave 4K Wifi Action Camera

AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP Wifi Action

The second best motorcycle helmet mountable camera goes to AKASO Brave 4K Wifi Action Camera. The waterproof system and wifi connection are the core features that allow users to use it with convenience and confidence. Besides that, it also features high video and image resolution of 4K/24fps, 2K/30fps and 1080P/60FPS for greater footage quality. AKASO Brave 4K Wifi Action Camera is highly built with anti-shaking gyroscope to help add more stability to your recording.

Coming with an optional view angle, users can now adjust the right angle for their shootings. The screen is wide and clear which allows you to view and displays perfect captured images.

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1. Campark ACT74 Action Camera

Campark ACT74 Action Camera

Campark ACT74 Action Camera prevails over other cameras due to its convenient design and great functionality. First off, its lightweight and compact designs are what best suit riders and travellers. However, other features including wifi connection, water protection, wide angle lens and so on are what cannot be missed. It comes with wide angle lens that help to capture your photos with 170 degrees large.

Moreover, its wifi remote controller allows you to control over your video recording at your own needs. Featuring a rechargeable long battery life, Campark ACT74 Action Camera allows you to constantly use it up to 3 hours long which is nice.

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As you can see, all of the ten action cameras reviewed above come with different and unique features of their own. However, producing the best quality videos and images and ease of use are the things they have in common. If you have found the one that best suits you, grabbing one right away will not definitely be a waste of time.