TOP 10 Best Natural Fiber Rugs in 2020

When it comes to choosing the best rugs, natural fiber rug is always the number one choice. Natural fiber rugs will offer many benefits to the users including strength, aesthetic appeal, durability, sturdiness and more.

Rugs come in many different pictures and with different advantages, which can make you have a hard time choosing the best one best fit for the floor. We have listed down ten best natural fiber rugs highly rated in the market. With no more delay, let’s get to know all of these natural fiber rugs together.

List Of Top 10 Best Natural Fiber Rugs in 2020

10. Safevieh Natural Fiber Collection

Safavieh Natural Fiber

You will be surprised with our first kick off rug from Safevieh. This product has been made with the high quality materials which are all ensured to be 100 percent natural such as jute, sisal and sea grass; all of which have been handmade and hand woven of durable jute fiber. It comes in the dimension of 6’ x 9’ which will protect your floors better than ever. Ideal as the floor covering for your home or office.

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9. NuLoom Natura Collection Natural Fibers Rug

nuLOOM Natura Collection Cameron

NuLoom has come up with the latest and modern method to bring the best rugs to the market. To make sure this rug has a long lifespan, NuLoom has chosen the high quality materials to craft this one up to person. It is made of hand woven jute which make this rug so sturdy.

Anyway, you can place this rug anywhere you want but it is perfect to place it in front of your sofa or under the coffee table. It is designed with beautiful color combination with the bold pattern that offer your house the most elegant centerpiece.

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8. NuLoom Natural Fibers Border Jute Area Rugs

nuLOOM Natural Fibers Border

We are sure that you want the floor covering that offers the perfect decoration to your space. NuLoom straw rug will make sure to provide high quality floor covering with the best art design. It is made from 100 percent natural jute fiber that are all made in India.

This natural rug is made by machines and features the dimension of 8’ x 10’. It comes with the border that protect the fibers from being loose which can lead to rug break down so that it can stay for a lot longer.

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7. Natural Area Rugs Calvin Collection

Natural Area Rugs Calvin Collection

Crafted by Artisan rug maker using the 100 percent natural jute, this Calvin Collection from Natural Area Rugs will offer the beautiful and elegant decoration style to your floor with the soft texture perfect for your foot. It comes in 5’ x 8’ which is perfect for most social areas including office, dining room or living room or such.

To make sure it lives longer, get the carpet pads that can protect and keep the rug stable. The fibers will be loose by time, yet if it happens, you should better use scissors to clip it than pulling it out by your hands.

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6. Casa Pusa Sisal Natural Fiber Rug

casa pura Sisal Rug

This Casa Pusa rug is one the best rugs that are available on market and well known for its sustainability. It is constructed from 100 percent natural sisal with the cotton border that offers the users the natural feeling and add the beautiful texture to your existing decoration. Thanks to its cotton border, this fiber rug is not required to underlay to prevent any slippery. It will help absorb the moisture and released it back to the air when needed.

Better than this is that this kind of rug withstands well in high traffic area, with disguise stain and dirt and protect itself from your pet claws. Various color options will be offered so choose your favorite one.

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5. NuLoom Elijah Seagrass with Border Area Rug

nuLOOM Elijah Seagrass

We have already got you to know some of the best offers from NuLoom already, yet there are still another best NuLoom coming in line. This rug is made from 100 percent natural sea grass that comes in beige color. This 9 x 12 natural fiber rug is designed with the contemporary and casual style which is suitable with any house decoration. The border area will protect the rug from fiber loosen to worth your money.

If you are looking for the perfect rug to cover your floor, and offer comfort to your feet with additional decoration to your floor, consider the rug from NuLoom.

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4. NuLoom Natural Hand Woven Rigo Jute Rug

nuLOOM Natural Hand Woven

Let’s get to know the very last best rugs that we have come across from NuLoom. NuLoom offers the beautiful hand woven rugs that is best at covering your floor and offers the casual vibe to your space. It is crafted in India using 100 percent natural jute that makes this model environmental friendly with rustic charm to the surrounding.

This kind of rug can blend itself well in either tradition or modern decoration and sometime tends to add more appeal to your floor as well. Great for the living room or your office under the coffee table.

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3. iCustomRug Zara Natural Sisal Rug

iCustomRug Zara Contemporary

This rug model from iCustomRug is the perfect option if you are to get the natural fiber look one. It is made from 100 percent polypropylene with the perfect border that makes this rug softer, great stain resistant and durable. This rug also features the low pile which is ideal under the furniture to offer comfort to your feet when stepping on.

There will be no scratch created on your floor and there will be many other sizes to choose based on the size of the space you need to cover.

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2. Safevieh Natural Fiber Collection NF114A

Safavieh Natural Fiber

Featuring beautiful texture, this Safevieh NF114A can be trusted for its unmatched style. It is crafted with 100 percent natural seagrass fibers that makes your home decoration sustainable. This natural rug brings the classic rural charm and coastal flair to any living space.

This rugs has the cotton twill border with the polypropylene backing that provide more stability, bring warmth and clean lines to your space. This seagrass fiber rug will always add comfort to your foot.

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1. Safevieh Natural Fiber Collection NF447A

Safavieh Natural Fiber

Durable and sustainable are what describes these natural fiber area rugs from Safevieh. It has been hand woven with the thick jute fibers (originated in India) that provides the comfort to your foot as well as provide support to your ample.

This rug comes with a plain weave design that can blend itself well with the existing decoration in your house. You can use this one in your home office, under the coffee table, or in your living to add the casual vibe and relaxed look.

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Here comes to the end of our review on the best natural fiber rugs in 2020. All of the natural rugs above are the top rated rugs that we have found on the market known for their durability and style. At least one of these picks might have already caught your eyes but if you happen to be uninterested in the models reviewed, we are also sure that you now have plenty ideas/criteria in mind after getting to know these best natural fiber rigs. We hope your enjoyed the reading.

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