TOP 10 Best Outdoor Hanging Lights in 2020

2-Pack SUNTHIN 48ft String of Lights

Are you looking for something to decorate your outdoor at nighttime? Or do you want to have a homemade dinner in a romantic environment? Then, you should consider decorating your space with best outdoor hanging lights because warm lighting can make you feel relaxed, and will soothe the environment.

So, you will need to find the best and most durable hanging lights. We’ve got your back on this. We are here to introduce to you some of the top brands and models of outdoor hanging lights. Here are the top 10 picks of 2020:

List Of Top 10 Best Outdoor Hanging Lights in 2020

10. LEDERA Weatherproof LED String Lights first brand that comes to the list today is LEDERA. The company has invented this weatherproof LED String Lights to assist you in decoration. This heavy-duty string comes 48 feet long and consists of 16 bulbs per spare. The string lights are made of high quality wire and weatherproof sockets, making these outdoor hanging lights heavy duty, durable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

You will not have to worry when there is rain or snow anymore. Moreover, the installation takes only a minute. When installing or removing, you should detach the bulbs from the string first.

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9. LEPOWER 48Ft String Lights Patio Lights

LEPOWER 48Ft String Lights, 2W LED Bulbs 15 SocketsComing up next on the list today is the hanging light from LEPOWER, a well-known company for producing high quality products. The company has never disappointed customers with its products. With no doubt, these string lights is no exception. These are made with the highest quality materials such as bestwire and sockets, allowing you to put your mind at ease even in the extreme weather.

Not only that, the product is constructed to be waterproof, making it ideal for commercial use. On top of that, you can decorate and enhance your surroundings to be cozy and warm with its 18 bulbs and 48 feet long.

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8. Light Tech Commercial Grade Outdoor Light Strand

Commercial Grade Outdoor Light StrandTransforming the atmosphere to be more romantic and sumptuous with Light Tech’s outdoor light strand is now achievable. Featuring end-to-end connection, this outdoor strand allows you to connect as many strands as you want to decorate your area. Moreover, the connections are sealed to ensure safety. More than that, you can also personalize the brightness level of the light or make it blink as you desire because the product is well-matched with dimmers, switch, and outlet control.

On top of that, this great outdoor light string is resistant to extreme weathers, making it perfect for commercial uses such as for patio, café, and bistro.

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7. John Timberland Bellagio Collection Outdoor Hanging Light

Bellagio Collection 18" High Outdoor Hanging LightAre you bored with the modern style of the long ceiling light? Let’s change your décor with this antique style from John Timberland, a company that has always design attractive outdoor hanging light fixtures. This model is from the

Bellagio Collection. The outdoor chandelier lighting us designed with bronze finish.
This product comes with hammered glass, making this outdoor light more attractive and stylish. You can hang this outdoor or indoor such as at the entryway. For your information, the bulb inside is replaceable.

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6. SUNTHIN 48ft String of Lights

2-Pack SUNTHIN 48ft String of LightsDecorate your patio, garden, restaurant, backyard, or porch with SUNTHIN string light. This great outdoor pendant lighting comes in 2 pack of strings; each string is 48 feet long. So that you can have 96 feet of string; long enough for commercial use. Featuring standard E26 sockets, this outdoor light string allows you to replace any compatible bulbs easily; you can now have your choice of bulbs.

Besides, the string is made of wire of supreme quality and weather resistant sockets; you can also feel secure no matter what the weather is like. On top of that, you can connect multiple strings together as there is a female plug at the end of the string.

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5. Mpow 49Ft LED Outdoor String Lights

49Ft LED Outdoor String LightsHaven’t found the right one yet? Let take a look at this top rated product from Mpow. This is one of the best hanging lights with black string that is perfectly used for bistro, garden, and balcony for a more romantic and cozy atmosphere. This outdoor string light comes with 15 LED bulbs on it 49 feet rubber strand, making the environment bright enough, comfortable and relaxing.

Featuring an end-to-end connection, you can link up to 23 strand. Moreover, it is designed to be weatherproof; you will not need to worry that this light string will effected by rain, snow, or heat. For your information, these outdoor string lights come with the warranty of 18 months.

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4. Brightech Ambience Pro Commercial Grade Outdoor Light Strand

Brightech Ambience Pro CommercialCast a spell in the evening party by beautifying your patio and the outdoor space with Brightech Ambience Pro. The brand has helped its customers by designing the top grade outdoor hanging lanterns. The strand is constructed the most durable strand, making it heavy duty and resistant to extreme weather. You can hang it on at the garden or backyard even during rainy, snowy or windy day; perfect for outdoor and commercial use.
Not only that, this outdoor light string is designed to be compatible with the 1 watt Edision bulb, and it is of only 15 watt in total. Consume less electricity; save your money from electricity bills.

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3. SHINE HAI 48Ft Weatherproof Outdoor String lights

SHINE HAI 48Ft 24 Hanging Sockets OutdoorAnother alternative of the string lights is from SHINE HAI. With this elegant string you can have a sumptuous environment. The strand is made of flexible rubber, making it durable and suitable under any kind of weather. Moreover, you can lengthen the string by using the end-to-end connection.
The sockets are designed to be compatible with the S14 Edision Vintage bulbs, allowing you to have bright and warm lighting atmosphere. You can hang the string on the wall, patio, garden, or you can use light hanging pole.

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2. Proxy Lighting 48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights

8 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String LightsMoving on to the top 2nd highly recommended strings from Proxy Lighting. With its high performance, this 48 feet string light is ideal for business and household use. The installation takes only a minute. Not only that, this elegant item comes with 15 hanging sockets plus 11 watt shining bulbs, you can always have a comfortable atmosphere. Significantly, it is designed to be compatible with any dimmer. You can adjust the brightness or even set timer.

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1. Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Light Strand

Brightech Ambience Pro Commercial GradeIt’s time to reveal the number 1 outdoor hanging light of the year. The top 1st highly rated item goes to Brightech Ambience Pro with its commercial grade light string. The string comes in the length of 28 feets plus the 15 bulbs, making it the perfect appliance for converting the atmosphere to be glamorous and romantic.

Besides, the strings are designed to withstand high or low temperature, making it long lasting and the best one on the market. So now, you can hang it in your patio or at the garden with no worries. Last but not least, you can also use a dimmer to get the light as bright or dim as you wish.

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Now we have already introduced to you 10 of the best outdoor hanging lights in 2020. It is your turn to decide which one is ideal for you. We bet you will be satisfied with the quality any one of the items offers. Don’t hesitate to transform you atmosphere because a soft and cozy environment awaits.