TOP 6 Best Outdoor Watches in 2020

Keeping up with the trend and fashion is very important to most people. Especially for fashion and accessories that are practical and useful, those are definitely worthy investment. And watch, undoubtedly, is one of the most special parts about our everyday accessories, which bring about so many benefits.

If you are reading this article, we believe that you would love to take a look at any modern watches that possess high tech system. More specifically, you are probably looking for an outdoor watch that is best-suited for your needs. Here we are bringing you a sneak peek of the 6 best outdoor watches in 2020. Their features, qualities, and designs will sure capture your interest.

Top Best Outdoor Watch Reviews

6. Vectorcom RD08 Walkie Talkie Outdoor Watch

Coming to the first item on the list, you would find this Vectorcom RD08 Walkie Talkie Outdoor Watch, one of the tactical watches, really beneficial in numerous ways. First, this watch can assist you mostly during exercise or outdoor times. As it is attached with earbud and microphone, you can listen to music as well as answer the calls while walking, riding motorbike, or exercising very conveniently without having to use your hand, which we believe is very disturbing. Moreover, you can also recharge the battery of this watch over and over again, so that means you don’t need to spend a lot of money renewing the battery.

On top of these amazing features, it is also equipped with a speaker as well. If you are on the way of searching for any tactical watches, you should refer to this watch since it is very ideal for outdoor activities such as sport, hiking, camouflage, camping or just walking out at a mall. This new invention marks the newest generation of communication, which you can stay connected with your beloved people even during the busiest time.

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5. Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch

Next, we would also like to introduce to you one of digital watches that comes with many practical functions and looks very professional in its own way. This Garmin brand outdoor watch is very ideal for those who are involved in many outdoor activities such as running, hiking, biking, walking, swimming, treadmill runs, gym workouts, and even indoor cycling. In addition to its multi-sport mode, the watch is built to resist the toughest environments and conform to US military standard for durable, resistant water, heat, and shock. Another special thing about this watch is that it helps you track like a compass, for the watch is equipped with GPS, plus other worldwide navigation satellite systems such as Galileo as well as Glonass. This is really great for busy people and long distance traveling.

Designed with a water-resistant feature, you would not need to worry about it getting wet, and you can still continue exercising under the rain or in the water. Other than this, you can enjoy using it to check your heart rate and stress. As a digital one, this watch is compatible to connect with smartphone to get notifications and other kinds of auto-data posted to online fitness community of Garmin. Because of all the features above, this Garmin outdoor watch is considered one of the best digital watches of all time.

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4. Casio Men Multi-functional Sport Watch

With the simple yet unique design, this watch is regarded as one of the rugged watches; very suitable for men. Although this watch looks very simple, you would really like how it functions. Thanks to the solar power system, this watch does not require you to charge the battery over and over again in which you would find it very comfortable to use. What makes this watch even more interesting is that it also glows out in a low light area as well.


With its low-temperature as well as water resistance, this is very convenient to use in any whether or under water, and it also easy to clean up. Also, this watch could also assist you in setting alarm clock as it has five daily alarms. Other than this, you can easily look up the date because this watch also displays full auto calendar.

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3. Casio G-shock Shock Resistant Multi-functional Watch

If you are the one who enjoys doing many sporting activities, especially hiking, then we would also like to introduce you this hiking watch. You can rest assured knowing that the internal machine will not easily break even when you drop it strongly. This is because it is built in with shock resistance that is capable of protecting the machine of your watch perfectly. Furthermore, it is easy to do the cleaning up even when it gets dirty and dusty. All you need to do is to wash it with water. Thanks to the feature of water resistance, you do not have to worry that your watch will be destroyed when soaking it into water.

Not only does this hiking watch works great when hiking, it can also be worn for swimming as well. Other than this, you will never feel annoyed with charging your watch all over and over again because this hiking watch also possesses a very tough solar system. On top of that, this watch is comfortable and convenient to wear because it is not too big and very light in weight.

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2. Timex Tactic Watch

If you are a kind of person who likes to travel along the sea, or like doing any activities in the water, this watch is highly recommended to you. This watch is specifically designed to assist most of outdoor adventure such as hiking, running, or even swimming. Built in water resistance, this watch can endure up to 50 meters or 165 feet in the water in which we believe this fits perfectly with swimmers. This Timex digital watch is counted as one of the best recreational swimming watches. However, please be noted that this is not for diving as well as snorkeling.

As a plus, this watch also has daily alarm, features two time zone, time mode, and calendar. It is suitable for people with 8-inch wrist. With all the above features, think no further. Take your outdoor activities level up with Timex.

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1. Timex Chronograph Watch

Coming to the top product on the list, we reckon that you should look at the highlight of this outdoor watch as well. What any users really like about this Timex chronograph watch is its simple and classic outlook. Designed with genuine leather strap, this outdoor watch looks great on men. Moreover, this outdoor watch is also available in many colors in which you can choose from.

Additionally, it is very helpful for you if you involve in any activities that related to water such as snorkelling and swimming because it possesses the feature of water repellent as well. Furthermore, this watch also lights up in the darkness which makes it even more appealing to the users.

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Overall, these are the very best outdoor watches on the market today, which come in various functions, specialties and styles. With this list provided, you’ll be able to make an informed and wise decision in picking the ideal outdoor watch for your needs and preferences. And, we are sure that none of these watches will every disappoint you. Get one today while stock lasts.