TOP 10 Best Pelican Gun Cases in 2021 – Reviews

Are you looking for a case, which best fits your rifle/gun and could bring the best security? If you want your rifle to still be in a perfect condition as the first time you bought, you have to find the best case to protect your rifle from any possibilities that could happen to damage your lovely one. Below are the top 10 best pelican gun cases that we have found so far. Without further ado, let’s browse through these top 10 picks together.

List of  Top 10 Best Pelican Gun Cases in 2021

What are the top gun security safes?

10. Pelican Storm iM3200 Gun Case


Pelican Storm iM3200 Gun Case With Foam & Wheels

Look at what we have found here. Pelican Storm iM3200 gun case is one of the best gun bags with foam that comes in OD green color. This one is watertight and resists most impacts as well as getting your rifles or other equipment rid of dust.

It is designed with the layered foam and the in line wheel to make transportation much easier. Plus, there are 3 pieces of bottom foam along with convoluted top to make sure that your rifle will be safe and secure.

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9. CVPKG and Pelican Gun Case


4 Yellow Replacement Latches for Pelican 1700, 1720

The latches that come along with this CVPKG Pelican gun case are way awesome, which could possibly gives your Pelican 1700, 1720 and 1750 the best personalized touch. Talking about the installation, it is just a piece of cake even if you have never installed one before.

You can also customize your own Pelican gun case by your own as well. Anyway, there are only 4 latches included and there be no case added.

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8. Nanuk 910 Pistol Case

The 8th pistol case from the Nanuk is going to be the next item that we are going to review. It is Nanuk 910 Pistol cases that come along with a cubed foam that can insert to. It also features a soft gripping handle, and is dustproof and crushproof.

In addition to this, the internal dimension is 13.2 x 9.2 x 4.2 in inches, and the external dimension is 14.3 x 9.2 x 4.1 inches, which is suitable enough for the rifle you’ve got.

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7. SKB Cases with Custom Cut Interior Foam

CVPKG Presents -SKB Black 3i-3614-AR case with custom cut interior foam

Here is the best one among all the best rifle cases from SKB. Its dimension is 36.50L x 14.50W x 6.00D in inches. The AR cavity that comes along with this case has adjustable pull out foam, which allows you to plug to accommodate. It has the overall length up to 35 inches.

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The case itself can resist water and dust and is strong enough to protect your rifle as well as most of your equipment. To add more, the case will not corrode any easier and is durable enough to be used for quite a long time.

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6. CVPKG and Pelican Gun Case

Black Pelican 1510 case with custom 4 pistol insert

We are looking at the brand new Pelican 1510 case that is designed to be capable of holding up to 4 pistols whose size is up to 1911 as well. There is also a dump bucket in the middle, which is used for storage and another lid pouch for accessories.

This time, it comes with wheels and handles to make it easier when you want to carry it around. It is actually made out of crosslink foam, which is durable enough and strong enough to protect your rifle or gun for a very long time.

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5. SKB 3i-5014 Double Bow Case

CVPKG Presents - Black SKB 3i-5014-DB-B Double Rifle

Move to one of the top rated hard gun cases from SKB. It is one of the best SKB black cases, which can store double rifles at the same time. It comes with the custom foam vase interior along with the convoluted foam lid, which are supposed to secure your gear position and cushion.

Besides, it can resist water, UV, dust and at the same time, you can feel free left it anywhere without worrying that your case will corrode easily. With this waterproof gun case, you will always be sure that your rifles are in a perfect condition.

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4. Pelican 1700 Case with Foam

Pelican 1700 Case with Foam

Let’s continue our review about the best Pelican Gun Case with this Desert Tan Pelican 1700 case. This case comes with an Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve that could possible releases the built up air pressure at the same time when keeping the water out.

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It is built with the stainless steel padlock protectors that will protect and secure your rifles effectively. There are stainless steel wheels attached with this case and another handle at the front that can be folded to make it easier when carrying around.

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3. Pelican Storm iM3300 Case with Wheels

Pelican Storm iM3300 Case with Wheels for Multiple Firearms

This case looks tough, rugged and really light in weight to make you feel much more comfortable when carrying it around as well as easier when you keep your rifle or some of your equipment. It features multiple handles and rugged wheels so that you can carry it around or transport it a lot more easily than before.

There are many latches attached so that you can enjoy using this case with the ease of security and durability. Safe, secure and along with life guarantee which you have never ever found.

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2. Glock 19 Handgun & 2 Magazines Custom Foam Insert for Pelican Case 1170


Glock 19 Handgun & 2 magazines Custom Foam Insert for Pelican Case

Next, with this Pelican Case 1170, you can be sure that your guns and rifle stay in the best secured case. They have used polyurethane foam to fill the internal to make your items flexible and dense enough to offer the cushion for each heavy item.

This gun case foam can possibly make the air flow and water flow can operate freely in the case. There will be convoluted lid foam, a solid pad (for Glock 19 and 2 Megazine custom foam) along with this gun bag.

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1. Pelican 1450 Case with Foam

Pelican 1450 Case With Foam-Pelican Gun Case

Last but not least, we are going to introduce to you one silver pelican 1450 case with foam, which will come to protect your rifle. It also comes standard with the APEV (Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve) which will release the air pressure when the water is kept out. The foam inside will let you customize your own interior by yourself.

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Moreover, the reinforced padlock protectors are made from stainless steel to ensure the durability of the case. There are double throw latches, which is very easy to open, yet capable of protecting all your belongings perfectly.

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Our review is already over. All these 10 best pelican gun cases, which are found to be highly recommended and highly rated will never disappoint you. These rifle cases are known to be durable and will make sure that your rifle is safe inside. There are many models left in the market, yet based on its appearance and performance, we are sure that at least of these picks has already caught your eyes. So, do not waste some more time. Get your favorite model soon to protect your rifle from any possible damages.



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