TOP 10 Best Peppa Pig Toys in 2020

Peppa Pig's Red Car

The holiday season is around the corner again. What gift are you going to present to your children? There might be a lot in your options, but we are sure that there must be a set of Peppa pig characters that your kid adores. There is no wonder you might consider this option since Peppa Pig Toys are famous among children. We have worked painstakingly to recommend you the top 10 best Peppa Pig Toys in 2020.

List of  Top 10 Best Peppa Pig Toys in 2020

10. Peppa Pig Princess

Peppa Pig Princess Castle Playset

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Are you finding Peppa Pig Toys for your children? Peppa Pig Princess can be a toy of your children’s favorite. It has many qualities that convince us to write this review. First, the playset comes with many toy items including princesses, treasure chest, dinning table, etc. Furthermore, the castle is fit to any peppa pig toys while it can be folded away as a storage of toy items. Lastly, it comes with a pink color. We believe your children are going to love this one.

9. Peppa Pigs Holiday Plane

Peppa Pigs Holiday Plane Exclusive

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If your children dream of becoming pilots or cabin crews, this toy model will be the best for them. It deserves the ninth place because of several reasons. The airplane is well-designed for kids to conveniently play. Additionally, it comes with a cool design by using red, green and white color. Furthermore, it comes along a pilot figure, and two Peppa pigs.

What’s more, it also comes with two tiny suitcases for those two Peppa pig figures. Lastly, your children are going to have fun moment if you get this one for them.

8. Peppa Pig Forever Friends

Peppa Pig Forever Friends

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The eighth best peppa pig toy goes to Peppa Pig Forever Friends. The set is amazing because of a few reasons. It comes with eight Peppa items. There is no wonder that the set is called as forever friends since they are a group of eight friends. What’s more, each couple of the figures comes with matching outfits. They are supposed to be a squad of best friends, and every two friends are the best mate to each other. If your children like Peppa pig but also want other animals; the set is good for your kids.

The set comes with different animals including cat, elephant, pig, rabbit, etc. Lastly, the Peppa and Friends is highly recommended for kids from two years old. Why do you still hesitate to consider this Peppa Pig Forever Friends?

7. Peppa Pig Deluxe

Peppa Pig Deluxe School House Playset

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The seventh-best Peppa Pig toy goes to Peppa Pig Deluxe. The model comes with a set of quality. It doesn’t come with only the Peppa Pig but also a Zebra and Gazelle figure. Therefore, your kids are not going to be bored by playing only with the same Peppa Pigs. Additionally, the toy comes as a set representing a school. It has student’s and teacher’s desks and a chalkboard.

Furthermore, the school can be folded back, and your kids can bring it anywhere because it comes with a handle. Lastly, the toy set is highly recommended for kids from three years old of age.

6. Peppa Pig 92602

Peppa Pig 92602 Fancy Dress Party Toy Figure

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The sixth-best Peppa pig model goes to Peppa Pig 92602. Your kids will love this model because it has many advantages. The set comes with six Peppa figures including mouse, rabbit, pig, bear, etc. Additionally, those six figures come with beautiful and cool outfits. For example, the mouse comes with a nurse outfit, and the pig comes with a cute red dress.

Furthermore, you can add these unique figures to your great collection of Peppa pig. Lastly, we hope you get this set for your children. We are sure that they will love you more.

5. Peppa Pig Tree House

Peppa Pig Tree House Playset

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The fifth-best Peppa pig toy goes to Peppa Pig Tree House. The set is beautifully designed for a few reasons. The tree house replicates a clam and peaceful house with nature and environment. Additionally, the tree house also has playground that your kids would wish they could be those Peppa pigs to play at the ground. At the playground, there is a slide and picnic table for those Peppa pigs to enjoy their lunch.

Lastly, there is also a swing so that your kids can take those pig figures to enjoy. Better get this set so that your kids will surely have a great day.

4. Grandpa Pigs Train

Peppa Pig Grandpa Pigs Train

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The Pappa pig set comes as a set of Peppa pigs with a train. With these amazing ideas for your kids, the set deserves the fourth place. Grandpa Pigs Train set comes with a number of qualities. The train comes with three colors including red, yellow, and blue. What’s more, Grandpa pig is amazingly awesome with his blue outfit and cap.

There are also two tiny Peppa pig figures as the passengers of Grandpa’s as well. If your kids are fans of Peppa pigs, we believe they would love this set.

3. Best Friends Pack

Peppa Pig- Best Friends Pack

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There is no wonder that Best Friends Pack deserves the third-best Peppa pig place in 2020. There are several features that take this set this far. The set comes with four figures including pig, rabbit, sheep and pony. In addition, those figures are equally high; even though, the rabit is a bit taller than the group. Furthermore, the figures are made of hard plastic; as a result, they are durable to be your kids’ toys for years.

Lastly, those toys come with their amazingly designed outfit. We know that you never wish for good quality of Peppa pig set but with poorly designed outfit.

2. Peppa Pig Family Campervan

Peppa Pig Family Campervan

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Do you still hesitate because there are many options in mind? The second-best Peppa pig toy could also add me to your options and hesitation since it has many good qualities. There are two figures in this set including daddy and son pig. The two figures are designed to match with their holiday outfits. Furthermore, the set also has a campervan.

The campervan allows your children to remove the seats and fold the picnic table as well. In addition, there is also a grill that the daddy pig can cook for the son. Lastly, the Peppa Pig Family Campervan is highly recommended for three-year-old kids and above. What are you waiting for?

1. Peppa Pig’s Red Car

 Peppa Pig's Red Car-Best Peppa Pig Toys

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The last and first-best Peppa pig toy goes to Peppa Pig’s Red Car. As exactly the same as its name, the set comes with a handsomely designed and red Peppa pig car with two Peppa pig figures. The figures include mother and daughter pig. They come along girly yellow and red outfit with the picture of sunflower.
Furthermore, the car can also play melody. The car uses LR6 battery. Lastly, the Peppa Pig’s Red Car is highly recommended for kids from two years of age. These qualities, consequently, make the Peppa Pig’s Red Car the best Peppa pig toy in 2020.


We know that you still hesitate since you are not sure which Peppa pig merchandise your kids are going to love. Since these sets are highly recommended, we recommend you consider based on your instinct to choose one among the ten. We hope you have a great moment with your children as we belive that they are going to love you because you try your best to choose the right gift for them.