TOP 10 Best Pet Cameras in 2020

Furbo Dog Camera

Always thinking about what your pets is doing at home? Afraid that there might be something bad happen to your pet when you are out? These pet cameras can eliminate these worries. No matter how long you go or where you go, these pet cameras will make sure that your pets will be fine. Hence, if you do care about your pets, check out these products down below to choose the right one.

List of  Top 10 Best Pet Cameras in 2020

10. Wansview 1080 Wireless IP Camera

Wansview 1080P Wireless IP Camera

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Let’s begin with 1080 wireless home security camera for pets. Wansview WIFI camera is very slim but comes with 9.8 feet power cord far enough to each faraway power socket which means there is no battery inside and it needs direct power supply. You can mount it very easily on your wall, ceiling or even your table with Micro SD car for video recording and playback. It is very remarkable for the view with super wide 120 degree viewing angle.

This pet security camera features an excellent day and night visions and crystal two way audio which ensures clear and high quality images day and night as well as smooth voice recording. What you need is just Wansview app on your mobile phone to monitor 4 cameras at the same time.

9. Wansview WIFI Home Security Camera

Wansview Wireless 1080P IP Camera

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This one comes as full HD home camera with 1080P resolution at 25FPS. You can live the stream on IOS, Android, Window PC or Mac software to monitor your pet even if you are outside. With Winsview App, you can access to live videos or even a playback on your mobile phone. Micro SD care slot allow the video to be playbacked without taking it out of the camera. Especially, you can also check to see what happens on your local computer even if it is stolen.

This pet monitoring camera provides wider view angle for complete coverage of your home. It can look through even in dark place, which offers you the best night experience with full security. It can be used for shops, meeting room and so on.

8. Wansview WIFI Home Monitor

Wansview Wireless Security Camera

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With Wansview WIFI home monitor, you will be able to watch everything even if you are away from home. Wansview will help you keep your eyes on your pets with 1280 x 720 P resolution at 25FPS. You can access to live stream via IOS or Android devices as well since you just need to download Wansview app and setup that app with your devices. Plus, there is Micro SD card which can let you record and playback.

This best pet camera can record views well even in the dark since it includes IR LED night version in this model, too. This one will guarantee that there is no risk of your personal information.

7. Wansview 720P Wireless IP Camera

Wansview Home Security Camera

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Quick and easy setup is one of its advantages as well. There is no complicated setting, you just need to download Wansview app and then, connect your WIIF with camera. It features wider vision and two ways audio. The viewing angle for this one is up to 120 degree and is easily mounted to your wall, table or ceiling so that you can keep your eyes on what happened and is happening via your devices.

At night, this pet surveillance camera can still record everything clearly up to 20 feet as well. Plus, this pet monitoring camera is super slim and it is perfect for monitor your pets as well. Anyway, please note that this model doesn’t support Micro SD card slot.

6. Pawbo Life WIFI Pet Camera

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

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This Pawbo Life pet camera come with HD live streaming, 130 degree wide angle lens with 720p HD and 4x digital zoom. It can capture and record every precious moment from your mobile device. With the built-in microphone, speaker, laser and treat dispenser, you are allowed to listen, talk and reward your pet with its favorite snack or even play or interact with your pets anywhere and anytime you want.

You can also snap the photo and share images on Facebook or Twitter as well. This interactive pet camera is very easy to install as first, you just need to download Pawbo Life app and then, connect Pawbo Life through Pawbo Life app and lastly, find your home WIFI. Don’t worry, there is also quick guide shipped along.

5. SAFEVANT 1080P Security Camera

SAFEVANT 1080P HD WiFi IP Security Camera

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SAFEVANT has come up with the 1080P HD WIFI IP security camera with a stunning 360 degree full viewing experience. With adjustable pan and tilt, you can move the camera as you desired. Moreover, the 8 time digital zoom ability can let you view all the details you want. You can view the image in 1920 x 1080p which is very clear and exquisite. This pet monitor camera can let you stay in touch with your pet by the built-in speaker and microphone so that you can listen and responding to what is going on while watching on live stream as well.

The included versatile installation also allows you place the camera where it suits you best including vertical, wall mount or even ceiling. SAFEVANT security camera will record everything happen for you while you are in your deep sleep.

4. PetChatz Treat Camera

PetChatz HD: Two-Way Audio/Video Pet Treat Camera

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Let’s continue to another pet camera which can let you greet and teat with two-way video and audio. You can connect and interact with your pet at home from anywhere through PetChatz app from your device or on your desktop. PetChats features this with pet safe design since there are no corners, or edged to chew and you can attach this securely to your wall as a fully contained unit.

This interactive pet camera includes the calming scent, which helps relieve an anxious, or scared/nervous feeling from your pets. Especially, you can capture all of your special moments with a video or photo and share with family or friend as well.

3. Nexgadget Wireless Security Camera

Nexgadget 720P HD Wireless Security IP Camera

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Next, we are glad to introduce you to one of the best wireless security camera from Nexgadget. It comes with a built-in responsive and advanced microphone for a clear two-way audio experience, which offers a real time communication.

It features the advanced night vision with 12 built-in infrared LED beads, which can extend the viewing distance to 8 meters in the dark as well. Moreover, you can view 4 videos on the phone pet camera app and 64 videos via your PC.

2. Petzi Treat Camera

Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

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This treat camera from Petzi offers you the fun and easy way to connect and treat your pet from anywhere you want. You can dispense your pet’s favorite treat with treat launcher and say help to your pet through the high quality audio.

This one is supported with IOS and Android pet camera app that lets you control the device and allows the content to be shared socially. Buy this pet monitor camera to watch the excitement on the face of your pet when your face pops up.

1. Furbo Pet Camera

Furbo Dog Camera-Pet Cameras

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Furbo pet camera comes with over 100 pieces of your pet’s favorite treats and a game of catch. You can watch your pets on the live stream video to monitor your pet with 160 degree wide angle view in 1080P camera day and night. This pet surveillance camera is attached with a free smart dog alerts trails which lets you know exactly what your pet is doing.

There are only three steps for the setup: first, plug in to a power outlet using USB cord, second, download the Furbo app, and third, connect to your home WIFI and then you get in touch with your pet from anywhere and at anytime you want.


We have come to the end of our reviews today on the top 10 best pet cameras. We are thrilled to highly recommend these picks to any pet’s lovers who still worry about and think of their pets when they are out from home or far away from your pet. Purchase one of these to still feel like you always get to spend your time with your pets throughout the day.