TOP 10 Best Pet Stairs in 2021

Little friends like your pets have always been there to help brighten up the mood and life. Of course, you love them so much, and then take their problems into your concerns. One of many big concerns would be the lack of fun and freedom probably because of their sizes, shapes, and health conditions not allowing them to access to their favorite spots. However, that is not a problem here. There is this thing called pet stairs to help boost your pets.

After doing some research, we found you a list of top 10 best pet stairs in 2021 including their best features. Take your time to go through every single detail, and get the best one for your little friends.

List of Top 10 Best Pet Stairs in 2021

10. Ethan Pets Tucker Pet Stairs

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This Ethan Pets Tucker pet stair is a very beautiful pet stairs. The pet stairs is made of furniture-quality hardwood, mdf, which helps to make the pet stairs look even more elegant and suitable for any décor. The pet stairs comes in mahogany finish, which is really stunning.

Moreover, it also features hinged steps providing extra storage area for keeping pet toys, grooming supplies, and other things. Plus, those hinged steps are carpeted to reduce the noise from footing, as well as, to ensure your pets’ safety protecting them from slipping.

Aside from the decorative look and high functionality, the pet stairs was designed to be easily assembled and user-friendly. This pet stairs is perfect for small breeds and older dogs allowing them to move comfortably to and from high places, for instance, bed, sofa, etc. producing less stress on their joints and backs. With the pet stairs, you can care for your pets, and at the same time add aesthetic value to your place.

9. New Cat Condos Wood Constructed Post Stairs

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Even though the name is New Cat Condos Wood Constructed Post stairs, the stairs is handcrafted just for cats; however, they are ideal for multi-pet household like dogs and other pets as well. So, instead of cat stairs, they are commonly known as dog stairs.

This dog stairs is fully constructed with solid wood best for strength and durability, and plush household grade carpet to help absorb shock. Also, the dog stairs features two color options including beige and brown with varieties of carpet color shades and textures to blend in better with any of your furniture. The dog stairs measures 20 by 20 by 20 inches and weighs 30 pounds providing ease and comfort for your pets to move up and down between two altitudes without injuring themselves, and it can support up to 100 lbs.

Once unbox the package, the dog stairs is fully assembled and perfect to use right out of the box; you do not need to worry about the hardship of setting the stairs up later on, which could save plenty of time. Your pets will definitely fall in love with this little piece of furniture, the wood-constructed Post stairs.

8. Premier Pet Steps

Premier Pet Steps Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps

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Premier pet steps is a true beauty in the crafting industry. This dog steps is crafted with solid red oak wood, which helps to bring warmth to your family, providing the most astonishing stains and finishes. And, the solid red oak wood is very strong and durable making the bed high in quality and sturdy enough to support up to 300 pounds.

Plus, the dog steps features steps with 5 ½ inches in height, which is a favorable height for small dogs and low mobility dogs. For better functions, the dog steps is carpeted with a stain resistant carpet weighs 60 ounces allowing your pets get better grip, and easier maintenance.

The dog steps is made up of 3 steps measures 17 by 16 by 23 inches and weighs about 25 pounds, so it will not be troublesome to move it from place to place when needed. From its features, materials, to the well-constructed design, this Premier pet steps could be the treasure that you have always been looking for.

7. Petsfit Wooden Pet Steps

Petsfit Wooden Pet/Cat/Dog Stairs/Steps

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This petsfit wooden pet steps is a very cute looking pet steps, and is offered in two color and style options dark coffee and white with either two steps or three steps depending on your pet’s size. The pet steps also comes with side rails for added safety, and rubber grippers on the bottom preventing the steps from wobbling while in use.

Plus, each steps measures 6.3-inch in depth and 7-inch in width making it an ideal size for dogs with short legs and long body. Those wide steps help to ensure your pet’s safety and boost their confident to jump, walk, or run up to higher places freely regardless of their body shapes, and joint conditions.

Besides, the pet steps’ dimension is 24 by 17 by 20-inch making it super sturdy and durable holds up 130 pounds. And, a plus for its sleek design, the pet steps is made out of MDF and pine wood layered with nitrolacquer paint.

Also, some assembling skills might be needed, but it will be easily done if you just follow the instructions. With this Petsfit wooden pet steps, your pet’s safety will be taken care of, and they will no longer need your help to climb up to the tall bed, or couch.

6. Majestic Pet Stairs

Portable Pet Stairs By Majestic Pet Products

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This Majestic pet stairs is a little different from those mentioned above. Unlike others, this pet stairs is constructed out of sturdy foam covered with a removable slipcover that is made out of durable upholstery fabric and machine washable. The stairs comes in two design options with three or four steps which are available in five beautiful colors-black, gray, navy blue, teal, and yellow.

The 4-step one is 24 by 16 by 20-inch, weighs about 7.4lbs, and the 3-step one is 18 by 16 by 15-inch, weighs 5lbs, which both are perfect for senior, arthritic or recovering dogs and other pets.
Even more important, the pet stairs is also provided with step cushion that will lower the risk of injury in case of weak legs or bones.

And, additionally, the purpose of using foam as the main material here is for everyone’s safety by preventing bruise on your shin if you happen to bump into it at night. With such deep caring, this Majestic pet stairs certainly deserves to be purchased and compliments.

5. Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp

Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp

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Pet Gear freestanding pet ramp comes in four different types of ramp including carpeted bi folds, carpeted tri folds, the slip resistant and the supertraX. They are also provided with soft carpet tread, rubber bottom grippers, and raised edges.

For carpeting, it provides pets extra gripping surface, especially pets with long nails, and it wouldn’t ruin the interior of your vehicle when you take the ramp on the go with you on your trip. The rubber bottom grippers help to hold the ramp in place, and the raised edges protect your pet from slipping off the side.

The ramps can support from 200lbs to 350lbs, measures 60 by 19 by 23 inches, which is ideal for any big pets. These pet ramps will definitely stay in use for years even if your dog is growing up fast.

4. Pet Studio Dog Ramp Steps

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps

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This Pet Studio ramp steps gives a very high portability with its unique design and features. The pet ramp offers two possible options; you can either get a two steps ramp or a three steps ramp depending on your convenience, your pet’s size and your furniture’s heights. Deeper insights into the features, the ramp steps functions as steps as well as a ramp interchangeably making it helpful for pets that are aging or have joint problems to safely move up and down different level surfaces.

Plus, the ramp steps is also ideal for space saving purposes since it can be folded flat for compact storage or easily slipped underneath the bed when not in use. Moreover, the ramp steps can support pets up to 130lbs thanks to the high quality sturdy pine frame with mahogany finished to spice up the look.

And, each step is covered with soft carpet to prevent slip and give the pet better grip. Worries free, there is no assembly required; you can use the product right away after unboxing.

3. Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs

Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs/Steps

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This is the only pet stairs out of all in the list that provides a wide range of height, style and color options. The stairs is available in three heights-13.5, 18 and 22.5-inch high with 3, 4, and 5-step respectively. You can find this doggie stairs in 5 colors with prints and without prints cover making it even easier to choose the right one to fit in with the rest of your décor. Plus, replacement covers are also offered for you to make a change when you feel like to.

The stairs is made out of premium, high quality USA foam making it very durable and light weighted. For added stability and safety, the stairs features anti-slip bottom and wide width of 15 inches. Unlike wooden pet stairs, this one is less rigid and slippery, yet sturdy enough to give your pet the best support ever.

2. Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs

Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs

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This Pet Gear pet stairs is a four steps pet stairs available in three lovely color options-chocolate, mocha and tan. The pet stairs is made out of hard plastic making it lightweight and easy to move around from room to room. And, each step is covered with a carpet-like cloth that is removable for easy cleaning. There are also rubber grippers on the bottom to secure the stairs in place.

The stairs measures 34 by 16 by 30.5 inches which is wider than common pet stairs giving more room as well as stability for small and large dogs. One of many best features is the stairs can be assembled in a snap, and no tools or skills are required. This Pet Gear pet stairs is absolutely the best thing your pets could ever ask for.

1. Dallas Manufacturing Co. Décor Pet Steps

Dallas Manufacturing Co. Home Décor Pet Steps-Pet Stairs

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This Dallas pet steps uses a very distinct material from the rest of the ramps above; not foam, wood or plastic, but each step is made out of durable yet light weight honeycomb cardboard. Very interesting! Plus, the pet steps also comes with a removable cover which is 100% polyester and machine washable for easy care.

Due to the light weighted material, the pet steps is easily portable with the weight of less that 6 pounds and a handy tote handle on the back. For the measurement, the pet stairs is 26 by 14.75 by 20 inches, and available in two color option- brown and tan, which would blend perfectly with your furniture, sofas and beds.

This soft and gentle to the touch pet steps is on the first ranking for a reason, get one now and experience the best things that it can offer.


After going through the list above, we came across many different kinds of pet stairs and ramp with various materials, designs, colors, and sizes. Despite all the differences, they all functions well and will undeniably be your pet’s next best friend.

These pet stairs allow your pet to explore around your house more freely and comfortably. So, you can be rest assured that your pet will always be happy and smiling from the inside all the time once you’ve got a pet stairs around.


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