Best Planter Boxes in 2020 – Buyers’ Guide

List Of Top 10 Best Planter Boxes in 2020



We are here to give you an idea to organize the indoor plants in your house. This is the product from VIVOHOME, and it is perfect for planting the flower and vegetable. The set of this product comes with 4 different boxes. Each of them is carefully produced from the reinforced PP materials. We dare to guarantee that the quality of it will last for a long time. It can withstand the heat and water well; therefore, your plant will get enough water and nutrition.

If you are new to this product, worry no more as the set-up process is very convenience. This light-weight plastic plant boxes are highly recommended for placing in the garden, balcony, café and more. Please be noted that the package of this product comes with other planting accessories.

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9. Keter

Keter 238699 Easy

Planter boxes from Keter designs come with many attractive features. First of all, both the size and height of this box from the brand is carefully designed, so you can sit and stand when you are watering the plants. Better than other choices, there is the water gauge attached with the box. This way you can get to know when the plant needs water.

Next, you can drain the water out of the box by controlling the drainage system. Another great point of it is, we will have nothing to worry about even when you water the plant too much. This stylish box is perfect for using in both indoor and outdoor areas. The attractive look will match well with the modern furniture in your house.

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8. Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products

When getting a plant box, there are many things to consider; however, if you wish to get the wooden box, this product is the answer. This one comes under Best Choice Products brand, and it is about 4 feet deep. This durable product uses the cedar wood for producing, so it is built to last.

The 0.75 thicken of the box wall is great for keeping the moisture. The height of it is about 30 inches, making it the right choice for placing in the outdoor area. This user-friendly planter box requires no tool at all in the installation process. With this box, you can plan your favorite plants at your door step.

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7. Giantex

Giantex Raised

Giantex makes their way to our list today by bringing this superb planter box. It is the right product to think of if you wish to decorate your house with flower. The material used for producing this product is known to be the natural cedar wood. Without the use of chemical or toxic components, this box is great for planting vegetable and flower.

You can have your trust on the durability of this product, as illustration, the thickness of the wall is 0.8 inches. The height of it is 18.5 inches; it allows you to water it without bending. Don’t worry about the assembly process, it can be done with little effort.

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6. Miles Kimball

 Chippendale Planter

The planter box from Miles Kimball is the perfect choice for using with the garden, patio, backyard and more. It comes in beautiful brown color, so it will showcase your plant. It also aims to offer the best quality; therefore, the materials used are thoroughly chosen. The polypropylene makes the box both strong and durable.

Next, it is also known to withstand the weather well. With this product, you plant can grow rapidly since it gets enough sunlight and water. Please be noted that this planter box requires an  assembly process, but it is very simple and no tool is needed. Another bonus point of it is, it can drain the water and allow the oxygen to get to the root.

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5. Mr. Stacky

Mr. Stacky High

If you think of getting a durable product, the one and only product we recommend is Mr. Stacky Garden Bed. First of all, this incredible product is designed from the high-quality metal. The height of it is 12 inches, this way the root can grow freely and get enough oxygen. The smart design of it allows the excessive water to drain easily too.

Though it is the metal garden bed, the weight of it is still light. We bet that it is the right option to choose if you wish to change its location, there is nothing to worry about. The size, shape and height of it is perfect for growing herb, vegetable, flower and many others. Don’t wait any longer, this rust-free box is waiting to keep your plant safe.

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4. Mayne

Mayne Fairfield

Mayne, a window box planter, is the right choice for keeping all types of plants in your house. The materials used for producing this product is the high-quality plastic. The polyethylene is the incredible material that can keep the water effectively. Please be noted that the water reservoir capacity of it is 15 liters. With this planter box, we guarantee that you can plant with nothing to worry about.

For adding extra beauty as well as durability, the walls are powder coated in black color. You can use it in both indoor and outdoor since it withstands the harsh weather well. The good news for the user is, you will also get a 15-year warranty when you make the purchase.

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3. Adams Manufacturing

Adams Manufacturing

This is another durable planter box which can be used under the heat and rain without any concern. It is known to be one of Adams Manufacturing products. If you are looking for something light and strong, the planter box from this brand is highly recommended. Better than other choice, the legs of it can be removed when needed too.

With this flower bed, you can always drain the exceed amount of water out by opening the drainage hole. The style and look of it is perfect for adding the attractive look to your garden, backyard and more. Last but not least, if you wish to give it a thorough clean, feel free to wipe it with the damp cloth.

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If you are looking for a strong box, the one made from steel is highly recommended. This is the show time of another attractive planter box which is sure to capture your heart. CASTLECREEK planter box comes in silver color; therefore, it can match with your house decoration well. If we look at the shape of it, it is the oval one. For the convenience of the user is moving it around, it is designed to be the lightweight product.

Though it is light, the sturdiness of it is ensured. With this box, the roots of your plant can grow freely. Such a nice product makes a good choice for growing herb, vegetables, and flowers. Don’t wait any longer, get this incredible steel planter box, fill the soil and start planting.

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1. Gardener’s Supply

Gardener's Supply

We bet that you are waiting to know more about the champion in our list. This is the planter box which is thoroughly designed to offer only the best features. Gardener’s Supply Company introduces this standing garden box that is constructed from the combination of cedar and aluminum. For ensuring that the product is free from rust, the leg and corner are covered with aluminum.

These special points make it the right option for using at the backyard, garden, patio and more. Next, the set up process can be completed with ease, so you will have nothing to concern about. Last but not least, the planting guide is given for free when you make your purchase too.

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Buying Guide for Planter Boxes

· Size

The first and most important thing to consider is the size of the planter box. You need to check the size, shape, as well as the depth of the box. Some plants require the deep box as it allows the roots to grow freely. The size of the garden box also indicates the amount of soil you can put in it too. More than this, the small and medium flower bed enhances the portability as well.

· Purpose

It goes without saying that the purpose of getting planter box is for planting the plant. However, some may focus more on the plant, while others may interest in the box itself. First off, if you aim to plant vegetable, herb, flower and more, the deep and large box is recommended. It allows the plant to grow much easier. On the other hand, if you wish to decorate your house. You may need to focus more on the box. The attractive planter box comes in many shapes and colors.

· Material

If you go through our review above, we bet that you will notice that some boxes are constructed from plastic, steel, aluminum and wood. Each of them has it own great features. As illustration, if you plan to place your plant at outdoor area, the one made from steel and cedar wood are highly recommended. They can withstand the harsh weather condition such as heat and rain effectively. Lastly, for preventing it from getting corroded, the legs are constructed from aluminum.

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