TOP 20 Best Portable Exercise Bike and Peddler Reviews in 2021

If you are a busy person who finds it hard to stay in shape and hardly gets some sweat, then you might as well thinking of a method to exercise and get healthy. Not sweating for a while can also be problematic for your health, too, since your body needs to release the toxins from time to time to cool down the body temperature.

While we’re at this topic, different people have different hobbies or routines of exercise. Some like to play football while some like to go cycling with their friends to somewhere far away from the busy cities. However, work won’t let you go cycling that easy because there will be many tasks you need to complete even on the weekend. Well, you don’t have to worry about that kind of hassle anymore since nowadays, we have the portable exercise bike that can even replace the bicycle as well.

Exercising on a portable exercise bike will provide you with many benefits, especially, to your health both physical and mental. So, if you consider yourself to be a busy person who wants to stay in shape the easy way, then portable exercise bikes are what you need. Without further ado, here’s a look at the top 20 best portable exercise bike reviews in 2021.

List Of Top Best Exercise Bikers and Peddlers To Buy

20. Schwinn Stationary Bike

 Schwinn 130 Upright

Everyone knows that exercise is very good for the health. Exercise can be done in many forms, among one of those, we would like to talk about self-exercise at home in this article. Here we have Schwinn which is a bike used for exercise. There are many important functions that this biker can do to help you with your exercise activities.

You will feel comfortable using this one because it has the padded seat and is very adjustable for your body position. It also consists of a LCD screen display for your workout tracking. On the LCD, there are many settings for dfferent exercise programs; around 22 programs. One of those, it also has an entertainment input like an mp3 so that you may listen to any songs while doing your exercise.

More than this, for those who want to set goals, you can set this exercise bike with screen easily and the biker can keep the goal tracked for you. This biker is also very quiet for a convenient workout at home.

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19. Marcy Exercise Bike

Marcy Recumbent

Marcy is an exercise bike that has a lot of functions to support your everyday gym activities. You can buy this biker to do exercise at home as well. Besides from the bike-like design, this equipment also has extra back support which you can lean back when doing exercise to avoid backache.

Since the producer is really aware of people body type so this biker exercise is made with adjustable setting so that everyone can adjust in align with their body type or position. The handlebar is made with padded foam as well the seat and the back-leaning part so they won’t hurt your body part.

At the front part, there is also a LCD display screen to assist you in seeing all of your calories burned, speed and time of your exercise activity. The mobility of this biker exercise is good since you can move it anywhere you want because it is not too heavy to move. A 2 years warranty will also be included upon your purchasing. Alongside, you may also consider a Mini Treadmill or a Compact Treadmill if you like jogging or running.

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18. Sunny Stationary Bike Workout

Sunny Health

If you are searching for staying fit while being able to work out from home, you can consider this Sunny Health & Fitness biker exercise. It is a cycling type of exercise equipment with convenient use and quiet sound for indoor space use. It has a padded seat to support your seat and also your seat can be adjusted according to your height and body position.

This biker exercise equipment can be moved easily in your home because it has portable wheels. Moreover, this biker contains of one big wheel that can support your riding. It has so much stability and control which make you feels like a real outdoor ride. Within the front bar of this biking, there is a bottle storage so that you can keep your drink with you every time you do the exercise.

However, at the limit capacity weight, this biker can put up the maximum weight of 275 pounds only. But the material of bike is very strong since it is made from strong steel frame.

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17. Ancheer Mini Exercise Bike


Staying fit and healthy can be achieved everywhere and every time. That is the reason why we would like to introduce you today the exercise biker which you can use for both outdoor and indoor space. This portable bike will be your cycling partner whenever you need them. With one of flywheel on the equipment, it can make your feel like a real cycling because of its stability and resistance.

The seating is made from padded that won’t hurt your seat and it is very changeable. Moreover, the pedal design very carefully to comfort your feet and keep it in place. Doing exercise with this bike, you can keep seeing your progress every time because it has one display screen at the front part that shows speed, calories, time of your exercise. There is also one phone holder that allow you to put your phone on when doing the exercise.

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16. Pyhigh Portable Exercise Bike

Pyhigh is one of the indoor exercise biker equipment which can keep you healthy by your own. This one is also portable and convenient to use because it has many functions to support your exercise. On top of those, it has one strong wheel which its weight is around 30 pounds that make you look like a real riding bike.

If you are a challenging person at yourself, you can make a tracking progress with the display on its screen which shows all of the distance of your ride, speed you are riding, time and calories that you have burned. By this, you can know whether or not you can make any progress. All of the accessories and equipment on this bike are made very carefully for you.

The seat and the handlebar are in padded that make it feel soft and you feel comfortable doing exercise. The maximum weight load is up to 280 pounds. Upon purchasing, you will also get one-year guarantee for its performance.

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15. Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike

 Exerpeutic Folding

Exerpeutic is not only a simple exercise equipment but it is a heavy-duty type of exercise equipment that you will want to use at home. The material made of this exercise biker is from strong steel and padded foam. The equipment itself can endure around 300 pounds weight. You can get comfortable getting on and getting off this exercise bike. The sitting space is larger than some usual exercise bike that can make your exercise more comfortable and it is fold by soft pad.

Besides from this, the bike also has got its screen display that shows about your speed of riding, distance, time and also how much calories you have burned. So, you can keep track of your workout habit very easy. There are 8 level of tensions that you can choose either to go with easy or difficult one.  At the handle part, it also has a controlling system there too. After the workout, you may also fold the equipment to save your space.

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14. MaxKare small exercise bike

MaxKare 2 in1

It is said that workout at home is fun and time saving. Opt for using an exercise bike to lose weight as well? So, here we would like to suggest you another brand of exercise biker from MaxKare. Being made from strong and thick steel, this bike exercise can put up to around 300 pounds of weight.

This biking exercise will provide you with effective exercise routine as you will get to keep track on your exercise progress every day. The biking will help you to improve your leg muscle, abs, arm and back too. Moreover, there are multi-functions available on this biking including hand sensor, screen display that provide you with all information of your workout.

It can count your distance of riding, count your real heart rate, count the calories you have burned and speed that you are using. Also, this bike has an extra back support which help you to lean back if you have backache. Plus, the eight level of tensions will allow you to adjust to an easier riding style or a more difficult riding style.

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13. Yosuda stationary bike pedals


Are you busy with your work that much that you cannot find any time to go to the gym by yourself? Yes, we can find you the alternative way that you can doing gym at home after work. This is the Yosuda which is an indoor riding bike exercise equipment that is very convenience for all people. This exercise biker is super easy to use and very high quality.

The material used are covered by strong steel, soft padding and other high-quality accessories. The bike capacity is up to 270 pounds which is very heavy so they can support for chubby people doing exercise. The seating part is cover by soft pad to avoid pain from sitting too long.

Moreover, the pedal is very simple and fit for your foot that can help you to have a smooth riding like a real cycling. Beside this, you can find you seat and the handlebar are adjustable that you can adjust to any position to help your body feel comfortable when riding.

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12. Goplus Stationary Bicycle

Goplus Indoor Cycling

This Goplus exercise biker looks very cool and attractive just like other type. The color of this exercise biker is in black and red that make it look even more fancy. It is one of the best choice for you to buy this one for home exercise. The combining material of this bike are from solid steel with strong durability. It can support for heavy duty which mean it can support for 260 pounds weight of people.

You don’t need to worry about your height whether you are tall or short because the seat can be adjusted up and down. Besides the seat, you can also adjust your handlebar as well. This is to serve that your body position is comfortable and fit when doing exercise with our bike.

While doing your exercise, you can also keep track and see how your exercise progress is going. That information include speed, time, distance, heart rate and how much you have burned for your exercise.

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11. Pooboo Exercise Peddler

 pooboo Indoor Cycling

Last one of today list, we have Pooboo which is another brand that we going to introduce for your exercise habit. Pooboo has its design similar to another biker as well. It stands very cool with super convenience of mobility. When you purchase this one, you can move it anywhere within your home very easily. It has one heavy flywheel which to support your riding and make your riding to be more real.

For those who want to lose weight or those who want to stay fit and workout your muscle, you can use our Pooboo at home any time. With our Pooboo at home, the ride is yours because you can see your progress within this equipment very quick with its LCD screen at the top front side. For this bike, the capacity load is up to 330 pounds.

You can feel more comfortable when having riding exercise with this one because of its adjustable seat and adjustable handlebar. So, you can make sure your body is in the right position.

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10. Water-Chestnut Foot Pedal Exerciser

Water-chestnut Foot Pedal

Life will be easier and healthier when you have the Water-Chestnut Foot Pedal Exerciser in your house. This portable stationary bikes will allow you to train your body while you can manage to work on your tasks at home. It is a great choice for you for toning the muscles and also improving concentration due to its compact pedal used to strengthen arms and legs. It also increases the blood circulation while you can also improve your stamina.

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Due to all of these benefits, it operates in smooth and quiet operations, so you will not annoy your family or interrupt you from being concentrated. Moreover, the versatile feature on this portable stationary bikes is that it can be used for hands or feet while watching the TV or even put it under the desk while you working and it is all thanks to its compact design.

Looking at the construction, this portable cycling machine features the anti-slip pad and is constructed from a heavy-duty steel frame to prevent the exerciser from sliding while working out and keep you safe and efficient.

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9. Electronic Smart Mini Exercise Bike

Electronic Smart Mini Exercise Bike

Staying in shape and stay healthy are the hard things for the busiest person and sometimes they can really manage to work out for only 10 min to 30 min per day. Well, with the Electronic Smart Mini Exercise Bike, you can exercise wherever you want and whenever you want. This portable stationary bike has a version of mini stationary exercise bike that you can even work out while you are working on putting in under your desk due to its compact size. This portable cycling machine has the versatile uses which you can either use it as the upright bike or a recumbent one and this function are really convenient for busy people.

Furthermore, this portable stationary exercise bike is also equipped with the clear display that shows the clear images and is easy to read. It will be able to show you the speed you are cycling, the distance that you have been traveled and also the number of calories that have been burnt. To make it more portable, this portable cycling machine is made to be lightweight so that you can bring it anywhere you want with its convenient carrying handle equipped on the body.

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8. Belovedkai Arm and Leg Pedal Exerciser

Arm and Leg Pedal Exerciser

Moving on to other portable stationary bikes we have on our list is the Belovedkai Arm and Leg Pedal Exerciser. This is the mini version of the exercise bike that is the ideal choice for those who cannot manage their time to go to the gym and to go cycling with their friends even on the weekend. This smallest exercise bike requires some assembly before you can use it but it is designed to make it very easy to assemble. You can exercise both arm and leg with this portable cycling machine and also easily changeable to accommodate different preferences in order to offer the best exercise ever.

For the assembled dimension of this portable stationary bikes, it has the width of 16 inches, Diameter: 13 ⅘ inches and the height of 12 ⅗ inches that with this size, you can easily tuck it under your desk for storage.

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Moreover, this portable exercise bike has the ultra quiet operation that will not disturb you from working out on your most important tasks while you exercise on it.

It also has the adjustable pedal strap to fit with different users and provide the best exercise experience for everyone. Looking at the dimension, this portable stationary bike is made of a sturdy frame to accommodate you for many years to come and features with the non-slip feet for safety and efficient workout.

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7. Pinty Mini Exercise Portable Pedal

Pinty Mini Exercise Bike

Another top quality portable exercise bike that we are going to introduce you is the Pinty Mini Exercise Portable Pedal. This portable stationary bike is made to handle all the heavy duty tasks since it is equipped with the 4.4 lbs cast iron flywheel that it provides more stability if you compare it to the common plastic one. This exercise bike also has the quiet operation to ensure that it will never interrupt you from working on your important tasks while exercising on it. The pedals are wrapped with the rubber to ensure that your feet will stay in place and also to ensure your safety as well.

With this portable stationary machine, you can exercise on both arm and leg so that all parts of your body will stay in shape since this exercise bike comes with the two sets of pedals for both arm and leg exercise. The pedal straps are also adjustable in order to fit with different preferences and its 12.5 inches height make it easy to tuck under the desk when you stop using it.

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6. EXEFIT Mini Exercise Bike

EXEFIT Mini Exercise Bike Desk

Staying healthy is not a difficult task to do now with the EXEFIT Mini Exercise Bike. This smart portable stationary bike can be used for arm and leg exercise anywhere you want even inside the office or home due to the compact size that you can bring it anywhere you want. Using this portable stationary bike to increase the circulation also improving the stamina, you can use it to relieving your stress as well. Since it is portable, you can exercise it while you playing with your phone, watching the tv or even working on your important tasks as well. Talking about the design, it is lightweight because of its compact design that you can tuck it under the desk after stop using it or even easier to bring it anywhere you want.

For the pedals of this portable stationary bike, it has the strap to cover your feet with the non-slip surface to make sure that it stays in one place and let you have a comfortable exercise. Moreover, this exercise bike also has the adjustable resistance to customize your own exercise routine and you also can adjust the tension as well by screwing the knob. Due to all of these benefits, this portable stationary bike is a great deal for beginners and perfect for rehabilitation for who those who just have encountered a surgery or injury.

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5. ProGear Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike

ProGear Foldable Magnetic

Moving on to another great quality portable exercise bike on our list is the ProGear Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike. It is made to handle all the heavy duties that it can carry out the weight up to 220 lbs due to its sturdy construction. This portable stationary bike also equipped with heart pulse sensors that allow you to monitor your heart rate while working out and also to prevent you from exercise over your limit. After you stop using it, you can fold it back to the smaller size thank its compact folding design which is perfect for those who have limited living space or small apartment. After folding, this portable exercise bike has the dimension of 19″ x 17.5″ x 53″.

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To fit with different preferences, this exercise bike comes with 8 levels of magnetic tension control which is very convenient for everyone. The LCD display comes equipped on this bike allow you to know the number of calories that you have burnt so far, the distance traveled and the speed you are going.

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4. Vive Portable Pedal Exerciser

Portable Pedal Exerciser

Easy and enjoy your healthy lifestyle while handling all the workload with the Vive Portable Pedal Exercise. Having this portable cycling machine with you will provide much health benefits to you due to its compact design that allows you to tuck in under your desk and allow to exercise while exercising on it. This portable pedal exerciser is great for toning your muscles and also improving the concentration as well. It can be used to strengthen your arms as well as your legs and effectively increase the blood circulation and stamina to let you live a healthy life. You can also use this pedal exercise in relieving all your stress from all those workloads to improve your productivity and creativity too.

With just 9″ high, this portable pedal exercise allows you to bring it anywhere you want easily and you can also have a healthy lifestyle wherever you go. Looking at its construction, this exercise bike features with the non-slip surface on the pedals to make sure that you won’t slip and got injured during the workout. The non marking feet of this pedal exerciser will ensure that the pedal will stay in one place while exercising on any kind of surfaces.

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3. VIVE Portable Medical Exercise Peddler

Pedal Exerciser by Vive

Here we are at the top third-rated exercise peddler on our list. This is the VIVE Portable Medical Exercise Peddler that is great to tone your muscles and to improve your concentration. To ensure the healthy lifestyle, this portable exercise peddler can increase the circulation, improving the stamina and even relieve you from the stress of the tons of workload. To make it even more convenient, this portable stationary bike has the quiet and smooth operation so that it won’t interrupt you from working on your important task and also to your colleague. The compact design of this peddle with just 12.5″ high, you can tuck it under your desk and enjoy working like usual with the non-slip surface on the pedal to ensure your safety and prevent you from getting into an accident while working out.

This portable exercise peddler also has the adjustable resistance to let you customize your exercise routine. You can easily adjust the tension by just screwing the knob on the front of this portable stationary bike. The LCD also comes equipped with this peddler to show you the time, the speed you are going, the calories you burnt and changing from one function to another by one touch of a button.

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2. Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Next, we have the Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike which is the excellent machine for a cardio workout that it will burn all of your fat. This exercise bike is great for those who want to exercise on their quads, hamstrings and also glutes since they are the target of the pedal. Moreover, this exercise bike also able to strengthen the leg muscle and offering you the perfectly toned leg. It also has the adjustable resistance that it will offer many degrees of exercise to fit with different preferences and routines.

After your exercise session ended, you can fold it back to a smaller size which is easy for storage and ideal for those who live in a limited living space or small apartment. The LCD equipped on this bike allows to know the speed you are going, the distance traveled, and the calories you have been burnt. Looking at the construction, this exercise bike is built from a sturdy construction with the high-quality frame to boasts the durability and surface resilience.

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1. Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding

Saving the best for last, we have the Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike. This exercise bike is foldable with the quiet V-Belt double-drive transmission system that allows you to have an effective result from your workout routine. It also has the precision-balanced flywheel features with 8-level of adjustment magnetic tension to fit with different preferences and everyone will have a comfortable workout experience with this recumbent bike.

For the LCD screen comes equipped on this bike, it is made to the user to easy to read and show the distance you traveled, the time you have been working out, the speed you are going and the calories you have burnt so far. Due to its premium quality construction, this bike can handle the maximum weight of 300 pounds with large seat cushion and backrest.

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Buying Guide for Exercise Bikers, Mini Exercise Bikes, Under Desk Bikes & Peddlers

In our everyday life, it is very basic to look at various criteria when it comes to buy anything. It is rare that people go that buy anything immediately without looking at the equipment’s criteria or functions. That is why we would like to list some of necessary points you should search for when you go to buy exercise biker by your own. Please see the below guiding points:

Weight limit

An exercise bike is something that we ride on that is why we have to look at how strong it can put up with the user’s weight. You have to see how much weight that the biker itself can support. There might be different capacity available. So, you can decide your own equipment with your own use.

Adjustable features

This aspect is also important as you need the exercise biker that can fit with your body as well as to make your body part feel comfortable when having an exercise. That is why there is the adjustable features which can allow you to adjust the equipment and make change to its position to fit with your body.


Some exercise bikes can be very noisy when you start riding. It could be from the wheel, chain and other supporting equipment. So, at first you can try on the biker to see whether or not it makes too much sound that can be very annoying.


Some equipment might be fixed at one place after installing. But for our exercise bike we have list down most of the convenience type where it can be moved to anyplace after the installation. Put something in one place, we are not sure whether it can stay there forever that is why our exercise biker can be move to other places with its wheel or portable weight.

Display Screen

All of the exercise bikers that we have listed are all consist of display screen. It is very easy for you to keep track of your exercise progress. The LCD screen is important. It can show you the progress with speed, distance, time, calories and more for your exercise tracking purpose.


All of these exercise bikes will encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to its compact design and convenient functions –  even though you have tons of workload waiting for you. These top 20 best portable exercise bikes in 2021 all look good. They also bring with them special features for bringing you the ultimate comfort and convenience while working out. The choice is now yours to make. Get your preferred model soon before stock runs low.


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