TOP 9 Best Portable Wheelchair Reviews in 2020

Comfy Go - Lightweight Manual

When shopping for a wheelchair, you cannot gamble with untested brands. You need to look for ones with safety tested and approved designs. Yet, that can take a tremendous time on research. Luckily, we did all the work for you.

Recently, we have scoured the Internet for some of the well rounded and highly reviewed portable wheelchairs of the year. Save the time and stress of figuring out what to buy. Browse through our top 9 best portable wheelchair reviews in 2020.

List Of Top 9 Best Portable Wheelchair Reviews in 2020

9. Lightweight Aluminum Portable Wheelchair

Lightweight Aluminum Portable Wheelchair

The first portable wheelchair on the list is this Lightweight Aluminum Portable Wheelchair. This 19-inch product is suitable for withstanding the weight up to 275 lbs without any concern. Since this chair is light in weight, you can carry it while you are travelling easily. The wheels are of 8”, and they require no maintenance.

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The upholstery is well made from nylon, so the utmost comfort is ensured for the users. For the safety of the user, the brake and seatbelt are added while the footrests are the swingaway type. With this incredible product, you can pull and push on any path without any problem.

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8. Comfy Go Lightweight Wheelchair

Comfy Go - Lightweight Manual

This small wheelchair from Comfy Go is an ideal product for with limited mobility. First and foremost, this product is very light; suitable for carrying around when needed. The rear wheel can be released quickly, plus, it is attached with the armrests as well. With the design of the durable wheels, the performance of the chair is ensured to be superb.

The weight of this product is 35 lbs; however, it has the capacity to hold the weight up to 220 lbs without any concern. In the case that you are worrying about maintaining this product, worry no more since it is very durable.

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7. yuwell Portable Folding Travelling Wheelchair

yuwell Portable Folding Travelling

Made from top quality aluminum, yuwell is well recognized as a top-rated transportation wheelchair. Firstly, the total weight that it can support without any concern is 75kg. As the name has suggested, only the superior grade aluminum is used. The cushion is ensured to offer the comfort to the user.

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There is handbrake built-in for the user’s safety. The backrest can be folded flat and removed easily. The seat is indeed comfortable and breathable. Purchase also includes a carry bag with shoulder strap. Please be noted that the chair is washable as well.

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6. Elite Care Super Lightweight Folding Chair

Elite Care Super Lightweight Folding

Elite Care Super Lightweight is another outstanding option. The chair is well attached with the footrest and armrest; therefore, in terms of comfort, you can always trust this one. Many parts of this folding chair with wheel can be folded, so you can push it under the table or store it away without taking a large storage space.

The back of the chair can be folded down and the footrests are detachable. It is ultra lightweight and collapsible, fitting in any car. The tires are of 8”. Last but not least, this lightweight chair is well designed with the padded desk arms, too. Purchase also includes a travel bag.

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5. Drive Medical Rebel Lightweight Wheelchair

Drive Medical Rebel Lightweight

The next premium grade product is this Drive Medical Rebel Lightweight Wheelchair. First and foremost, this travel wheelchair has received many great reviews on the fact that it can be folded easily. The wheels attached to this chair can be released quickly, plus, you can remove the footrest and front casters, too. This chair is constructed to meet the standard; hence, the armrest is designed by taking the pattern of the desk style, which greatly aids accessibility.

The weight of the chair is extremely light while the seating area is spacious. If you are looking for a conveinet portable wheelchair for the elderly, this should be the right choice.

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4. Drive Medical Travelite Transport Wheelchair

Drive Medical Travelite Transport

Drive Medical Travelite is another option of stellar reviews. First and foremost, this small wheelchair is the ideal choice for the elderly who enjoy travelling. The first great feature is the weight of this product is very light; it is suitable for carrying and transporting around. The solid tires are of 8”, coming along with wheel locks. And, the footrests can be adjusted.

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It folds for easy storage. For easing the transportation process, the package of this product comes with the storage bag too. The total weight of this wheelchair is 20.5 lbs, and the weight capacity that it can support is up to 250 lbs.

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3. Drive Medical Deluxe Lightweight Wheelchair

Drive Medical Deluxe Lightweight Aluminum

The next reputable product that we wish to draw your attention to goes to Drive Medical Deluxe wheelchair. With the total size 17 inches, this incredible product is thoroughly produced from the premium quality aluminum and the Nylon upholstery. The composite wheels are of 8” and require no maintenance. The total weight that this lightweight travel wheelchair can withstand is up to 300 lbs.

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For adding the comfort for the user, the armrest is well attached with the padded armrests. More than this, the seatbelt is built-in for the safety of the user as well. And, the quality of this wheelchair is certainly built to last.

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2. Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

Medline Lightweight Transport Adult

The Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair is another option you should not miss out on. The rear wheel of this wheelchair has the size of 12 inches; therefore, it is pretty strong even on uneven surfaces. As it comes with the handbrake for locking the 8” rear wheels, the safety of the users is reinforced. For your information, this product is well attached with the footrest, armrest and the seatbelt as well.

In terms of quality, the body of this wheelchair is well made from the aluminum. The footrests can be detached easily. The frame is powder coated for added durability. It is also good to know that the maximum weight that it can support is 300 lbs.

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1. Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

Drive Medical Lightweight Steel

Drive Medical wheelchair tops the list for its outstanding features and superior performance. It is a 19-inches chair that comes with 2 options of fixed arms or detachable desk arms. The frame of the chair is well produced from steel while the cushion is well made from nylon. The chair and the backrest can be folded flat for ease in transportation. The size of the composite wheels is 8 inches, and they are lightweight.

Coming in a sleek design, this wheelchair can maneuver in small spaces as a breeze. The seatbelt is very useful. You can also wash and clean the wheelchair without any concern as well. Since it can be folded, this is the excellent choice for small households.  As of maintaining the wheelchair, it can be done with less time and little efforts.

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You have just looked at the top 9 best portable wheelchair reviews in 2020. These items all look good. They also bring with them special features for the user’s ultimate comfort and convenience. We hope you’ve enjoyed the reading, and found it informative enough to aid your selection. The choice is now yours to make.