TOP 10 Best Quiet Portable Air Conditioners in 2020

Honeywell MO08CESWK

If you are looking for the best quiet portable air conditioners to buy, this article is exactly what you are looking for. You can find reviews of the best products and as we as buying guides below.

List Of Top 10 Best Quiet Portable Air Conditioners in 2020

10. Global Air

 Global Air

Encountering summer would be tough for every one of us. No one likes the hot weather because it can make you feel uncomfortable. So, this is why today we want talk about the best portable air conditioner. This one is from Global Air industry which is known as one the quietest air conditioner. So, you can ensure your sleep and your nap without any disturb noise.

The cooling power of this air conditioner is great as it can spread the cooling air up to 300 square feet area. There are 2 settings of cooling air for this one. It can bring cool air to the whole room from its 4 ways air.

Moreover, this air conditioner has such a cute design with 4 wheels that allow you to move it as you want. It also comes with one remote control that is convenience to changes the setting. Unlike some kind of air conditioner, this type has got its own evaporative system without a water rank.

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9. Black + Decker


If you are having a bad day staying home with the summer heat, you don’t need to go to the coffee shop for cool air but you can just purchase this quiet air conditioner for your room. Black + Decker will ensure that you will have the best day ever. This portable air conditioner is one the best choices as it comes in a small size easy to move and plus its 4 wheels mobility. It comes with one convenient remote control to access any features you want.

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There is also an LED display at the top side. The power of cooling up is up to 150 – 200 square feet which means the power of spreading the cool air is about a whole room. There are multiple air directions that you can set as well as the various air speeds. Besides, this air conditioner is not only very portable but it is also very convenient to clean as well.

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8. Frigidaire


Are you feeling hot during the summer time? Now you don’t have to worry about feeling hot anymore because Frigidaire will maintain the air temperature to be cool and comfortable. In order to serve you at all circumstance possible, this Frigidaire also designed with three air speeds so that you choose according to your area. What is special about this one is the antibacterial channel which can decreases microscopic organisms, room smells and other airborne particles for a more comfortable and clean environment.

The power spreading is great because Frigidaire can spread the cooling air to around 350 square feet up to 700 square feet which very large area. There are many cool features available at top side of this air conditioner. You can find it there and set its timer for your sleeping time. You can also change the air speeds and air directions there as well.

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7. Rosewill

Rosewill Portable Air

Rosewill is the portable air conditioner that comes with such nice and simple design. It is very suitable for a small office and your bedroom. The Rosewill can provide you with the most comfortable feeling ever with its quiet feature. It can be your day saver by delivering you with cool environment. It can be your perfect fan with 2 speeds of air flow.

Moreover, it can be a dehumidifier machine in case you feel too moisturize. You will also get a remote control for this air conditioner as well so that you can change its setting from afar. The power of air flow can cover around 200 square feet.

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With the modern technology equipped, at the top side of the air conditioner, there is LED display screen which allow you to choose various features of it there beside using remote control. The Rosewill has a great mobility as it is made with 4 wheels that is good for moving.

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6. Ivation


Just so you know, traditional air conditioners become expired as they are so big and make a lot of noise for you. That is the reason why there is the development of new modern air conditioners like this one from Ivation. The Ivation air condition has made with a lot of important features that totally different from the traditional one.

It can perform with such a silent noise. Moreover, it is very portable to use because it is small in size and very to move from place to place with its compatible wheels. It is effectively spread out those cool and fresh air up to 400 square feet.

There are many choices you can choose either from cool air to simple fan or to dry mode and to auto and sleeping mode as well. At the top side, you can see the LED screen display of settings. It has good mobility with the wheels.

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5. Costway

COSTWAY Air Cooler

This black featuring with white color air conditioner is from Costway industry that aim to provide its customers with satisfaction of its good quality product. This quiet and portable air conditioner is so good for your summer time because the power of air flow and cooling system is great. It has such wide angle of air flow that cover big area.

It can be your cooling fan, a refrigerator fan and humidifier as well. It has three different fan speeds and also a feature of cool mist. The cool mist can be generated from the water because this air conditioner contains of water tank at the lower part. The water tank can put water up to 6 liters.

Moreover, if you want to make it feel like a refrigerator, you can add some ice in the water tank. The Costway air conditioner also equipped with 4 wheels so that you can move it place to place. There is also timer that you can set for on and off function.

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4. Emersion Quiet Kool

 Emerson Quiet Kool

Another brand is from Emersion Quiet Kool which is known as one of the oldest air conditioner brand. This Emersion air conditioner is super portable to use with its reliable and innovative features. It can fill up the cool air in the whole room size about 150 square feet.

The size of this air conditioner is not too big and not too small that it easier to move, plus its 4 wheels. It also has its back filter which you can frequently remove it and wash for fresher air and reduce bad bacteria too.

You can also choose to changes it setting like air speeds, air mode (Cool, fan or humidify) and set timer on its screen display or by using the remote control for a far too. In order to ensure customers its quality, Emersion also has the warranty for this air conditioner too so that you can check with their team for any problems occur.

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3. DeLonghi

DeLonghi Pinguino

DeLonghi is a dark grey color air conditioner made with a compatible size to use in your bedroom. It is one of the powerful air conditioners which has its air flow capacity to cover up to 500 square feet. Once you buy it, you don’t need worry if it disturbs you because it has a very quiet noise.

It also has flexible mobility as it designed with wheels and handle side that also allow you to move it anywhere. There are three features available for this type of air conditioner. It can be your cooling fan during hot summer. It can be a dehumidify machine as you feel too much moisture around you. It can be a simple fan you use during simple day.

It comes with one digital remote control that allows you to changes any of its setting. There is also a screen display at the top as well. If you are lazy to turn it on or off, you can just set the timer for an automatic shut off too.

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2. Honeywell

Honeywell MO08CESWK

Having a Honeywell air conditioner in your house will cure anything that annoys you; especially, from the heat of the summer time. This Honeywell air conditioner has a very simple design with a small size that is very convenient to use. This portable air conditioner is made in black and white color and equipped with 4 portable wheels which you can move it to any places you want it to. It is not too heavy to lift either.

You can just sit back and relax with this powerful air conditioner because it can cover the area of 350 square feet. It is very quiet in its function as well as very simple and quick for installation. Just like the other portable air conditioner, this one also has one remote control just in case you are lazy or you forget to set it to the right setting you want. So, you can change it from a far. There are also 2 speeds of air setting too.

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1. Fitmaker

FITMAKER Personal Air

The last product for today is from Fitmaker. Fitmaker also make a portable air conditioner for hot summer as well. The good thing about this air conditioner is that it can perform very quietly and there are many cool features you can find on this air conditioner. Moreover, the unique design of this one is that it small, light and in circle style. The color is so cute; white with 6 other colors.

At the top side, there is a handle bar for you easily carry it anywhere. It is very suitable for most of circumstances. It can be use outdoor, in office or in bedroom. The rotating ability is great which it can rotate up to 360 Degree. In order to have more cooler air, you can add water at the bottom water tank or some more ice there. There are also three speeds setting too. So, you can change depending on where you use it.

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Buying Guide for Quiet Air Conditioner

Buying products is about making a decision on your expense so sometimes it is really hard to decide because you might be afraid that you spend money on the wrong one. Thus, in order to clarify doubts on wrong spending, we would like to list some guiding points to help you decide on the best quiet air conditioner. Please take a look.

Noise: Firstly, you have to note that quiet air conditioner that best for you is the one that won’t disturb you whenever you use it. You may test it before purchase to see if it makes too much noise on its performance or not. You may test its motor’s sound and the blades’ sound. 

Size: As you can see that the most portable air conditioner is the one with a flexible size. The one that you can place anywhere and bring anywhere. It means that you should choose the air conditioner with small size and light weight. It will easy for you to carry and have good mobility.

Area cover: For this point, we refer to how strong the air conditioner can bring down the heat and bring the cool air to you. Also, you should choose the air conditioner that can spread those cool air to a wider area for you so that everyone in the room can cool down even for when they sit far away.

Mobility: About the mobility of air conditioner, as we have stated in some of above points, you can look for those that come with wheels or is lightweight. It is best to choose the one with wheels so that you can easily move it around you home.

Various Features: It is great to have an air conditioner with various features because it will benefit you a lot. You can look up for air conditioner with multiple fan speeds, flexible air directions, or the ability to dehumidify or humidify your surrounding area. The one with a water tank which can add power of cooling everything down. The one with timer setting and you can also look for the one that consume less electricity so that you can save your expense too.