TOP 10 Best Ring Light with Stand Reviews

LimoStudio Dimmable

With a ring light with stand, you can easily create your own mini photo studio. Indeed, a ring light with stand is a must-have for every photography lover. Better yet, this item can be really practical that you can use it for enhancing vlogging quality for YouTube or helping ladies put on flawless makeup.

Looking for a suitable, high quality model for your needs? This article is all you need to read. In it, you will find the top 10 best ring light with stand of the year. And, we will review their features herein.

List Of Top 10 Best Ring Light with Stand Reviews

10. GVM Ring Light Ultra Slim

Ring Light GVM Ultra

For achieving the perfect photos, lighting is one of the key important features to look for. GVM Ring Light Ultra Slim is a 14-inche LED light that is of high-quality. This product can be used for more than 70,000 hours. You can also freely adjust the color temperature to get the great photos for portraits. This multipurpose product is great for various applications.

Besides using it when taking the photograph, you can use it during makeup time too. For getting the good quality photos, the good item like this should not be overlooked. The size of this item is 13.6 x 17.4 x 18.5 inches and it comes with many accessories in the package.

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9. Playmont Macro Ring Light Kit

Playmont Macro Ring

Coming up next in the list today is an incredible ring light for camera which is known as the Playmont Macro Ring Light Kit. It is the expert in offering you the best photo for your amazing photo session. You will sure enjoy the shadow-less photo when using this superb lighting. The macro LED light is the ideal choice to consider if you wish to get enough light. More than just offering the perfect portrait, it is great for taking pictures of insects, coins, flower and many other items.

For the added convenience of the user, this set is attached with an extension tube; therefore, the quality of the photos is ensured. With the use of this item, you will sure always get the perfect photos in return. The dimension of this package is 7.8 x 5.2 x 3.5 inches.

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8. Kshioe 14” Outer 12” Inner Dimmable Led Ring Light

Kshioe 14'' Outer 12'' Inner

Kshioe is here to introduce to you an incredible light for professional photographers. First of all, the size of the light is 14 inches; however, please bear in mind that the inner size of it is only 12 inches. It is designed for offering a great time for the user; so this ring light is perfect for various usage. The brightness from this item guarantees to be both soft and bright. If you are a professional photographer, we are sure that you know how suitable it is for your studio shooting time.


The package of this product comes with the necessary kit which is great for both indoor and outdoor shooting time. The size of this durable item is 7.8 x 7.3 x 1.9 inches. The plus point of it is, you will get another 1-year warranty from it.

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7. Geekoto Ring Light, LED Ring Light

GEEKOTO Ring Light

If you need assistance in taking great photos, GEEKOTO Ring Light is ready to serve you. This product is applicable with a stand and phone holder, so no matter how you use it, you will sure love it. The size of the light is 14 inches while the light offered is 38W. You will sure love the color temperature, from 3200K to 5500k of this light. For ensuring that you have a great time using it, a handy remote control is added. This feature benefits more for the Youtubers and makeup artists.

Please be noted that you can freely use the remote control in the range of 8 meters without any concern. The light head and stand that come in the package are totally adjustable. The good news for the user is you will also get the 24-month warranty from the company. 15 x 3 x 14 inches is the size of this item.

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6. Ring Light, TRAVOR 14-inch Circle Light


The next incredible item that comes next goes to one of the Travor products. This is a sought-after light that has the size of 14 inches. The stand is produced to be the durable and adjustable. This selfie light can withstand the weight up to 11 lbs and holds the light from 32 to 78 inches without any problem. For having a good time taking photos, the built-in light is ready to produce the soft and bright light. It is 45w, the right choice for illuminating skin color.

For safety purpose, the item is thoroughly produced from flame resistant features. You can conveniently choose the color temperature from 3200k to 5500k based on your application. You will also get all the necessary items in this 20 x 18 x 5 inches product package.

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5. LimoStudio LED Ring Light

LimoStudio LED Ring Light

We have spotted another lovable item that is sure to capture your heart. LimoStudio LED Ring Light allows you to have the full control over the stand and angle. The light built in this item is 18 inches, a nice and suitable light for photo shooting time. You can also choose this amazing product for using when you do the make up or live any tutorial video on Youtube.

Please be noted that it comes with the phone holding clip which is compatible with all types and size of your smart devices. For adding the convenience to the users, you can control it by using the Bluetooth Remote feature. The size of this ring light with stand is 2.7 x 1.4 x 5.7 inches.

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4. LimoStudio Round Ring Light

LimoStudio Dimmable

If you are all about quality and appearance, we bet that this product will be the right choice to choose. LimoStudio 14″ Dimmable Dual Colored Light has the size of 22 x 20 x 4.7 inches. The light offered by this light is well balanced; therefore, it spread evenly. It is the great option for eliminating the shadows from your photos. This smart product is applicable with all types of the DSLR cameras.

You can also adjust the angle for meeting the right photograph position for each photo. With the use of this newly innovative product, you will sure to find it easy to capture the perfect photo. The good news for the users is the package of this product comes with many necessary accessories as well.

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3. Prismatic 18″ Halo Ring Light with Stand

Prismatic 18" Halo Ring

Prismatic Lighting gets a spot in the list today by introducing this high-quality Ring Light with Stand. First of all, this item is also known to have the 18 inches light and the temperature color of 5400k. The bulb is applicable for using with 110-120 VAC; therefore, it is also the precaution to bear in mind. This product comes with a durable light stand, so you can adjust the position ever better. It is also a reputable item among professional photographers and videographers.

The light offered by it will make each photo more beautiful and attractive. It is great for all skin colors as well. Last but not least, the user-friendly item requires only the simple setup process, next it has the size of 30.5 x 27 x 7.5 inches.

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2. Ring Light, ESDDI 14inch

Ring Light, ESDDI

This awesome product is the right choice for shooting videos, vlogs, portraits and selfies. It is an 14-inch ring light which is brought to you by ESDDI. The color temperature of it is 3200k to 5600k; however, it can be adjusted. For offering you a great shooting time, this device comes with the adjustable stand. This ring light is the great partner for using with both iPhones and professional camera. You will sure get attractive photos all the time.

It is good to know that this ring light kit comes with many items such as stand, tube, holder, carrying bag and more. Once you buy this product, you will have nothing to concern about as the 12-month warranty is available for you. The size of the product is 20.5 x 19.5 x 4 inches.

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1. Neewer Ring Light Kit

Neewer Ring Light

The champion in our list today is the incredible Neewer Ring Light Kit. First of all, this awesome item is designed to have the size of 20.1 x 4.3 x 24 inches. The light of it is 55W; however, you can adjust the dimness from 1 to 100% based on your shooting condition. The stand given this this product is also known to be very light and portable. You will sure find it very convenient to adjust the position when making videos.

The light the color temperature given is both bright and evenly distributed; therefore, you will have nothing to concern about, especially, when it comes to shadow. If you choose this item, the shot shoe adapter is compatible with many smart devices.

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This article has just broken down the top choices of the best ring light with stands of the year. Whatever your needs are, you should have found a preferred model in our list above. Now it’s time for you to decide; and rest easy knowing that any of these picks will be a worthy investment.