TOP 10 Best Robot Arms in 2020

UBTECH Jimu Robot DIY Buzzbot/Muttbot Robotics Kit

Owning a robot arm is always an exhilarating idea. Yet, since robot arm is not that much of a talked-about topic, we think it’s about time to shed some light on the top 10 best robot arms in 2020. Read below to find these picks, and learn about what they are capable of.

List of  Top 10 Best Robot Arms in 2020

10. CIRCUIT-TEST Hydraulic Robotic Arm Kit

CIRCUIT-TEST Hydraulic Robotic Arm Kit

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First, we are looking at this Hydraulic Robotic Arm from R.P. Electronic brand. The robot arm comes with 229 different parts for every enthusiastic young engineer to enhance their creativity. Additionally, Hydraulic Robotic Arm has a variety of movement functions that your kid will find useful to operate because of its large rotation degree as well as the durable grippers.

On top of that, the item is well known for its superiority of the braking system that also leads to a smooth process of the robot. Not only these abilities, but the robot also can work without battery as well. Last but not least, the kids will be amazed with the lifting capacity of the robot to grip small items around them.

9. Customizable Bionic Life Sized Robotic Hand Kit

Customizable Bionic Life Sized Moving Robotic Hand Kit

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Here, we are looking at another best Robotic Hand Kit in the list. If you are seeking for the perfect starting point to build your robotic skill, Customizable Bionic Life Size Moving Robotic Hand Kit will be your suitable companion that is simple but super creative. With that being said, the item enables you to customize both left and right robot hand so easil,y and it is perfectly adjustable to form as many times as you want.

Interestingly, after you completed it, Robotic Hand Kit works just look like your third hand, and you are free to have any decoration you need. Lastly, this innovative robot hand also has a huge ability to grab a lot of things.

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8. LewanSoul Hand-made Robotic Hand 5 Finger

LewanSoul Hand-made Robotic Hand 5 Finger

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This is the Lewan Soul Hand-made Robotic Hand 5 Finger with Digital Servo that has the dimension of 4.83 x1.26x 2.15 inch. This one is also best known as a smart robotic hand. You will generate a worthy robot performance with Lewan Soul Hand-made’s features from its digital servo which consists of a notable speed of 0.16sec per 60° degrees.

Another important feature is you can control the robot arm by controlling its function through the channel servo that is already connected to the power. For your information, you will get an informative instruction for you to be ready to start your robotic experience as well.

7. LewanSoul 5DOF Metal Robot Hand Humanoid Five Fingers

LewanSoul 5DOF Metal Robot Hand Humanoid Five Fingers

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Let’s look at Lewan Soul 5DOF Metal Robot Hand from LewanSoul company. Lewan Soul 5DOF Metal Robot Hand is well designed to have an enormous moving capacity as it is equipped with 5 servos that allows all the 5 robot fingers to move flexible during the operation. Besides that, Lewan Soul 5DOF robot hand is durable because it is made from the best materials metal and aluminum alloy.

Moreover, the item also comes with the innovative design as well. Not only the combination of these features, but the preferable size of 10.16” x 40.64” also makes the robot easy to operate and deliver lively performance.

6. LewanSoul LeArm 6DOF Full Metal Robotic Arm

LewanSoul LeArm 6DOF Full Metal Robotic Arm

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Next, it is another high reviewed LeArm 6DOF, which is powered through digital servo to control the best movement in a flexible manner. This is not only innovative aspect, but it is also so convenience to use. The item is constructed with a metal claw, so it is strong enough for you to operate the robotic arm in many possible directions.

To control the robot, you can use the wireless controlling system attached. It works with both iOS and Android devices. And, it is fantastic as you are able to operate all the robot actions from your smart phone now.

On top of that, we understand that your robotic journey is not easy, so for your information, the product also comes with a 3D animation video on how to assemble the robot.

5. DOBOT Magician Educational Programming Robot

Robot, 4-axis Robot Arm with 3D Printer

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Are you looking for a robotic arm that designed to multi-task? The DOBOT Magician Educational Programming Robot is a type of toy that created to serve many tasks. This robot toy has a variety of functions such as; 3D printer, laser engraver, pick and place, draw and write machine.

It is a one of a kind robot that is equipped with more than 20 different coding languages and at the same time can be used for the beginner level (primary students) and as high as the advance level like; university students. Be a smart owner; get one now.

4. SainSmart DIY Control Palletizing Robot Arm Model

ainSmart DIY Control Palletizing Robot Arm

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A robot arm has become a very trendy toy nowadays. Most of the parents who are in real science have always purchased one of these toys for their kid. They want their kid to be familiar with the recent technological development and at the same time seeking to boost their children’s interest especially in technology. It is known that the SanSmart DIY control Palletizing Robot Arm Model for Arduino UNO is a very popular robot item.

This product is very high in quality and it can rouse the real palletizing robot arm structure. This model is very high-tech since it moderates with the Computer Numeral Control or CNC that involves the use of computer to control.

Please do not miss a chance to own one of these very cool robot arms.

3. Robot Arm – Build Your Own Robotic Arm


 Build Your Own Robotic Arm

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To become a scientist is very hard. However, there is an alternative way to become one. By simply purchasing a Robot Arm that enables you to build a robot of your own can allow you to experience the excitement that the scientists have been through.

This robot arm only requires about an hour or two to assemble, plus it is a uni-sex toy, meaning that it is suitable for both boys and girls. What’s more, the joystick is used as a remote to control this toy.

2. Pathfinders Robotic Arm


Pathfinders Robotic arm

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Are you into science? Or maybe you want your kids or siblings to be good at STEM subject? If, your answer is a “YES”, then the Pathfinders robotic arm is a good start for them to start a brain exercise. This product comes with 66 pieces kit and glues, which makes it very convenient for the user. It is very safe to use and very easy to assemble since each piece is made of wooden stick.

Additionally, the lightened weight has made it very safe for the user to display the final product in the living room since it is very light and child safe.

1. UBTECH Jimu Robot DIY Buzzbot/Muttbot Robotics Kit

UBTECH Jimu Robot DIY Buzzbot/Muttbot Robotics Kit -Robot Arms

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This robot arm is taking the lead on the list now. The UBTECH Jimu Robot DIY Buzzbot/Muttbot Robotics kit is the model that permits user to control the robot from other devices. A click from your device will allow you to control your robot from a distance, which at some point makes it very convenient to use.

Moreover, this robot arm is a perfect match for those who are into STEM aspects. So if, you are interested in science major, maybe this product should be on your shopping cart.


Provided above is the ultimate list of the top 10 best robot arms in 2020. With robot arms making its way to not just businesses but also homes, there is no reason to not be involved in such an exciting idea. These robot arms reviewed are the high performing and top-rated ones. So, do not hesitate to get any of them while they are still available for online purchase.