TOP 10 Best Selfie Light Reviews in 2020

Selfie Ring Light

Today, selfie games are getting stronger than ever — thanks to filters and good lighting. To achieve perfect selfies, selfie light is a great tool. Plus, today, finding a selfie light that is suitable with your smartphone and meet your needs is not that difficult. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the most-adored picks on the market. Here are our Top 10 Best Selfie Light Reviews in 2020 to help you find the right one for your phone.

List Of Top 10 Best Selfie Light Reviews in 2020

10. Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder

Mini Camera WiFi

We have researched day in and day out and found this perfect Selfie Ring Light with Phone Holder. With this selfie ring light, you can take a good picture as a professional. It is also an ideal choice when you want to take a selfie in the dark place or at night time. Only the light in your room is not enough for a great selfie or video. This selfie light will help to complete your selfie taking, and offer you enough light for a brighter and better quality picture.

This light ring is perfect for the Youtubers, Twitter users or Instagrammers, and if you have a online business that need you to go live on Facebook to sell, this light ring is the best for you. What is more, you can turn this light around for 360 degree. Plus, there are three levels of brightness which you can choose.

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9. Selfie Ring Light, Rechargeable 36 LED

Selfie Ring Light

Selfie Ring Light, Rechargeable 36 LED is another lovely picks. It is designed with 36 LED lights with three modes of brightness that is adjustable to your preference. It comes with a medium size of only 3.34 inches which you can easily bring along wherever you go and you can simply put in your bag or even your purse. In addition to that, this selfie lighting is really light in weight.

It is designed as a clip for a comfortable use and it is suitable with all series of phones either iPhone, Samsung and more. The battery is rechargeable and durable with an 18 months guarantee after purchasing.

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8. Selfie Ring Light with 120° Wide Angle Lens

Selfie Ring Light

This Selfie Ring Light with 120° Wide Angle Lens is a brilliant smartphone selfie light designed in a tiny size, yet provides great performance. It is rotatable 120 degrees, so you can set it to your best angle for selfie-ing. It is likewise made to be very light for easy portability. With this ring light for iPhone, you will always get a perfect selfie anywhere you go.


Apart from that, it can stick very well with variety types of tablets or PCs, and smartphones. As it is made out from great quality materials, it will not break your phone screen. Last but not least, the battery life of this ring light can be used for more than 20 hours, and it is rechargeable.

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7.  KEKH Selfie Ring Light

KEKH Selfie Ring

Take a selfie like a professional photography with this KEKH Selfie Ring Light. You don’t have to spend a lot of money any longer to get the best shot. This is not a simple selfie light, yet this circle light for phone can help you earn more from your online business. It comes with a stand and a phone holder which you can sit and go live or make a video with hands-free. This is such a really useful tool for Youtubers and Ig-ers.

In addition, KEKH Selfie Ring light ‘s weight is extremely light, and it comes with three adaptable brightness levels, therefore, you still can capture high quality pictures even in a dark place. Indeed, the operation of this light stick is super easy and simple. It doesn’t require any installation.

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6. Keliiyo Phone Ring Light

 Selfie Ring Light

Keliiyo Phone Ring Light is an incredible little tech device that has the capacity to offer you clear and high quality of pictures. This led ring light for phone is flexible with 10 different levels of brightness and 3 modes of lights. It is specialized in taking selfies, yet it doesn’t mean you can use it only for one purpose; this selfie light can offer you multiple functions, including producing videos, going live on Facebook for online business and more. To make you feel more convenient in using this light, there also includes another phone holder with the overall size of 24-inch-long and it can be rotated 360 degrees.

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5. Selfie Ring Light for Phone

Selfie Ring Light

For superior performance, this selfie ring light for phone by TRUMAGINE can give you a natural light when you want to have a selfie in the dark. It is built in with 24W of 120 LED lights and the adjustable brightness that you can set from 0 to 100. More than that, the weight of this good selfie lighting is light as air which you can take it with you anyplace you need.  It will resemble a convenient expert studio picture taker and you’ll never miss your best pictures or recordings.

Best yet, this model of selfie light is suitable to use with all models of smartphones. By purchasing this, you will get a LED selfie light, a desktop support, a mirror, phone clip, connector and tripod. All will be included in a package.

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4. Tycka 40 LED Selfie Ring Light

Tycka 40 LED Selfie Ring

Tycka 40 LED Selfie Ring Light looks simple with a classic design, yet it is an outstanding selfie white ring light with a well-constructed three brightness levels and 40 LED lights to provide high quality pictures and videos when you stay in a place that lacks natural light. Moreover, the light of this ring light would not affect to your eyes. This is a trendy light ring which looks nice and is lightweight. It is compatible with any brand/model of phone. The way to use it is very simple as you there only is a power button to turn it on and off.

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3. LST Selfie Ring Lighting Rechargeable

[Updated] LST Selfie Ring

If not satisfied with the quality of your everyday picture, then try this LST Selfie Ring Lighting Rechargeable. This good selfie lighting takes a very simple step to use, and you’ll get the best selfie picture you want. It has three brightness levels which you can simply select. Besides that, there also includes a medium size mirror that would be a useful tool for doing makeup. There also is a 180 days guarantee as well.

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2. B-Land Cell Phone Holder

B-Land Cell Phone

Though you use a low serie phone, you still can have high quality pictures because you’ve got this B-Land Cell Phone Holder that is capable of offering you a great light in anyplace that lacks natural light. This circle light ring for selfie can create a beautiful photograph with its 10 adjustable levels of brightness together with 3 colors of light. Lastly be noted that it is perfect for using with any model of smartphones.

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1. QIAYA Selfie Light Ring Lights LED

QIAYA Selfie Light Ring

The last item on the list is the QIAYA Selfie Light Ring Lights LED. This white ring light is integrated with the different levels of brightness which you can choose base on your preference. With this one, uou can have extra lighting for an ideal picture. And, let it does its job in fading away the darkness from your photograph. This lighting comes with a battery that is rechargeable and long-lasting.

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These Top 10 Best Selfie Light Reviews in 2020 are must-have accessories to achieve perfect selfies. Stop stressing over your indecision and do yourself a favor by getting one of these top 10. These picks will up your selfie game.