Best Sickles in 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guides

You can find the best sickles in the following list here. There are also some idea to help you making your decision as well.

List Of Top 10 Best Sickles in 2020

10. Spec Cast

Spec Cast

The very first product in the list today goes to this best sickle mower which is specially designed for completing your mowing task. This product is known as Spec Cast, and it has the total dimension of 16.3 x 7.7 x 7.6 inches. It is also known to be a heavy-duty product since it can withstand tough use. It is also perfect for working on all types of terrain and surface as well. For adding extra convenience to the user, the sickle is well constructed to have all types of mowing tool in just one sickle mower.

Don’t worry about its quality, you can freely use it without concerning about rust or corrosion. Though it is small in size, we guarantee that the performance of it is superb. For safety purpose, this product is strictly recommended for the users with the ages of 14 and older only.

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Here arrives another incredible product from John Deere, and we bet that you will love the great quality of it. This sickle mower comes with everything you need for completing your mowing task. There are up to 9 key series found in this this single mower; therefore, it is recommended for using in both medium and large scale. It is the ideal choice for mowing grass, plant and more. The combination of both superb materials and the thorough production makes this product a trustable one.

In order to ensure the convenience for the user, this product does not require much maintenance at all. With only this, you will sure to mow the grass with less effort. Please be noted that this powerful product is only suitable for the user who is 14 years old or older. Use this product correctly, and you will gain a lot of benefits from it.

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8. Zenport

Zenport K310 Brush

If you are looking for the high-quality and unique sickle, we would like to suggest you consider this Zenport K310. This product is well constructed from carbon steel, so it is both light and durable. If we take a closer look at the handle part, the soft rubber is spotted in it. The soft handle offers the perfect grips when you are clearing your grass. The 9 inches blade of this sickle is perfect for cutting even in the narrow place.

The sharp edge of this carbon steel blade helps you complete your task faster. For your information, such a nice product is suitable for using with various horticulture application. With only this sickle, the tough job during the harvest time can be eliminated. The size of this product is 18 x 6 x 1 inches.

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7. korean homi

korean homi Dowan

Coming further, this is the sickle which is known as korean homi. This is the multipurpose product that is the ideal choice for using with the herb, weed, grass and more. For ensuring that the quality of it last for a long time, it is well constructed from the high-quality stainless steel. With this, we guarantee that you can use it without concerning about the rust. It aims to give you the assistant on your garden and all types of terrain. The total weight of it is very light; it is suitable for controlled by both men and women. For maintaining its great quality, you can simply wash it with the water.

No matter how long you use it, the blade will be in the good condition. It is good to notice that the overall length of this sickle is 13.8 inches. Don’t wait any longer, this product is ready to put down the weed for you.

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6. Senkichi

Senkichi Saw

Let have a quick sneak peek on the next best sickle which comes under Senkichi brand. First of all, this is the imported product which is proudly made in Japan. It is known to be the perfect tool for harvesting the rice as well as completing various mowing tasks. The heavy-duty blade carries the size of 160mm, and it is thoroughly constructed from the durable material. For ensuring that the quality of it last for a long time, the blade went through electrolytic polishing process. Looking at the handle, it is designed from the high-quality abrasive product. With this, we ensure that you can hold it without slippery.

Please be noted that the handle is designed from the wood. This high performing product carries the total size of 11.4 x 5.1 x 0.8 inches. With all the great features mentioned, we bet that it is the safe and effective tool for mowing the garden.

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5. Nessagro

Astron Sod

The sickle by Nessagro is one among the best agricultural tools that you can get in the affordable price. It is highly recommended if you are looking for the right tool for removing the weed by hand. The quality of this product guarantees to last for year since it is one of Japanese products. The blade is very sharp, allowing you to cut the weed with less effort. If we take a look at the materials used for constructing it, there are the high-quality ones. As illustration, the blade is designed from the superior-quality stainless steel.

The handle is designed from the wood; this way you can hold it comfortably. At the same time, the blade can conquer the tough job without any problem. Next, the maintenance process is not what you should concern about too. You can simple raise it with the water after using it.

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4. Bully Tools

Bully Tools

If you are still here with us, we bet you what to consider this awesome sickle. First of all, this one is brought to you by Bully Tools brand, so it is also well recognized for the superb feature of it too. You can have your full trust on the quality of this product since it is made in USA. Each part of this sickle is thoroughly constructed, so you can use it for years. The blade of this heavy-duty product is made from 12-guage steel. With this, no matter what type of plant you want to cut, you will be able to do it with ease. The handle of this incredible sickle is the reinforced fiberglass.

The length of it conform well to the standard set too. The overall size of this product is 15.2 x 9 x 1.2 inches, the right size for keeping in your tool box. The good news for the user is, you can get the refund and replacement if you are not satisfied with it. Don’t wait, get it today and enjoy lifetime warranty.

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3. Toil in the Soil

Toil in the Soil

Toil in the Soil is known to be one of the top best brands, and it introduces this long hand sickle just for you. This is the garden sickle which is perfect for being the assistant in your garden. The first feature you need to know is, it has 6.5 inches blade, so it is perfect for cutting all types of weed. At the same time, for ensuring that it is the heavy-duty product, the material used for constructing this product is stainless steel. The nice blade is strong and durable, and you will no longer worry about the rust or corrosion. If we take a closer look at the handle, it is designed from the ash wood. It can comfortably fit in your hand. The smoothness of the handle offers the comfort even when you are using it for many hours.

Adding to that, the package of this product comes with the cover too. The PVC blade protector allows you to carry it around without any problem. Last but not least, you will also get 1-year warranty when you make the purchase.

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2. Zenport

Zenport K315

This product comes with many great features that you will find it hard to get from other brand. This 14.5-inches sickle is manufactured by Zenport, and it has its part made from many high-quality materials. For enhancing the quality of the product, the blade is well constructed from the strong carbon steel blade. At the same time, the handle part is also very important too. The handle of this model is made from the aluminum.

The great advantage of it is, it is both light and durable. With the total size of 23.5 x 12 x 1 inches, the length of the blade is 9 inches. Such a nice sickle is highly recommended for harvesting all types of fruit and vegetable. With all the great point highlighted, we bet that you will have nothing more to worry about.

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1. Korean homi

Stainless Homi

The champion in the list today goes to the double-edged sickle and it is brought to you by korean homi. This superb gardening equipment carries many features which is sure to amaze you. It follows the thorough design; therefore, the overall quality of it is ensured. This sturdy product is well constructed from the high-quality steel, allowing you to cut, mow, pick and more with ease. Though the quality of it is high, the price it is the reasonable one. The total length of it is 12 inches, while the blade size is 5.2 inches.

The size and shape of it is perfect for working in the tight place. On top of having desirable quality, the maintenance process is very simple. You can simple wash it with the water after using it. Last but not least, it is good to know that the package of it comes with 2 pieces of sickle.

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Buying Guides

· Blade

The very first thing you cannot overlook is the blade of the hand sickle. Since we need to remove the weed manually, the good blade can minimize the effort we spend. The tip for choosing the blade is by thoroughly looking for the material used for constructing it. If you wish to get the durable blade that can withstand the rust and corrosion, we do recommend the one which is made from stainless steel. On the other hand, for guaranteeing that the quality of it last for a long time, the 12 to 14 gauge steel is known to be the ideal choice.

· Handle

The further feature you should consider is the handle of the sickle. There are many sickle models and each of them comes with different design. The key point to look at is the handle of the product. As illustration, we do recommend the product that has it handle ergonomically made from the high-quality wood. Adding to that, for avoiding the slippery and injuries when using it, it is wise to choose the non-slip handle. Please be noted that most product attaches the soft rubber to the handle; this way, you can comfortably use it for many hours.

· Length

Both the size and the length of the sickle are equally important when you are deciding on what to get. The small and medium size sickle are highly recommended since it is perfect for cutting various fruit and vegetable. At the same time, the small size sickle is known to work best in the tight and narrow place. On the other hand, the large sickle allows you to complete your task even faster. Next, the total weight of the product plays the important role as well. The light weight sickle is suitable for both men and women.

· Bonus feature

The bonus points that you can get from the sickle are various. For example, some premium-quality products come with at least 1-year warranty. It is the plus point to consider since you can ask for refund if you are not satisfied with it. If you go through over review, there are some sickles that have plastic covers. It can protect you from the injury when you carry it along.

· Maintenance

The last but indeed the important point to consider is the maintenance process of the tool. As the gardening tool tends to expose to the dirt and mud, it is a wise choice to get the sickle that can be washed. We personally recommend the sickle that can raise with the water. Don’t worry, many sickles available on the market right now require only the easy and simple care.

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