TOP 10 Best Side Sleeper Pillows in 2020 – Review and Buying Guide

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Pregnant women find it very difficult to sleep. Therefore, their sleep needs to very comfortable. Here is the best list of side sleeper pillows in 2020.

List Of Top 10 Best Side Sleeper Pillows in 2020

10. HealthSmart


This HealthSmart Side Sleeper Pillow features a luxurious touch for maximizing your comfort throughout the night. With its existing design, this pillow is suitable for both side and back sleepers. It has a construction of hypoallergenic and polyester fiber materials that offers cold effect and anti-sweat experience. In addition to that, it comes with a nicely contoured neck lobe that fully supports your neck and shoulders.

The lobe is a product of polyurethane foam which is soft and comfy to sleep on. This side sleeper pillow for neck pain also has a handy cover from the purchase which means that you can use it right from the box.

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9. Utopia Bedding

Utopia Bedding

This is one of the best side sleeper pillow reviews that comes from Utopia Bedding. It  is a set of 2 pack pillows that has a nice look and is also comfortable to sleep on. Made from air technology, it stays flat in the packaging, but will assemble itself fully once it absorbs the air. With this feature, the pillow can greatly maintain its original build no matter how you use it.

The product uses all of good materials for its creation which include microfiber gusset, blue piping, and double stitching. As it is long, users can also fold it if they want to have a higher position for their sleep. This also allows you to use as a seat and waist padding for office chair too. To ensure a long lasting durability of this pillow, users should dry clean it only.

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8. NiDream Bedding

NiDream Bedding

Whether you are a pregnant woman or naturally a side sleeper, we would like to recommend you this NiDream Bedding Side Sleeper Pillow. It has a very great and unique design of human-like body. This will fully accommodate your entire body when you rest on. It has a curved shape around your neck and shoulders while also offering support to your back and stomach.

As the product is built with therapeutic effect, it is best to use for releasing leg pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and allergies. The cover of this pillow is a combination of durable cotton, polyester, and brushed fabric. Thus, it is worry free to wash it with your hands or machine washer.

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7. Handua

Handua Queen Size

Handua Queen Size Pillow is able to deal with most type of allergies, and pains. As it is made of bamboo material and high quality memory foam, it offers users an excellent sleeping condition. This pillow is adjustable in height and position by adding or removing the memory foam. It does not only serve as a head pillow but also a neck, side, and back pillow.

Because it is made of natural bamboo, it helps to prevent the odor and bacterias building up pretty well. The cover is very easy to remove as it has a smooth zipper system. It is also great at managing human body’s temperature with its cool effect as well. It helps to balance between cool air and hot air during summer and winter making it comfortable and convenient to use all seasons.

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6. Coisum

Cervical Pillow

This Coisum Side Sleeper Pillows might come with a little strange look but you cannot resist its quality, usability, and durability. It has a central cavity that is flexible and adaptable to fit perfectly to your neck position. This reduces the built up pain around your neck and shoulders area. More importantly, it is a lot softer than regular pillows. This is because it uses a number of good materials including slow rebound memory foam, breathable hypoallergenic cover, and others.

Featuring spine natural alignment design, it can accomodate your spine even if you sleep in different positions such as side, back, and stomach sleepings. This Coisum Side Sleeper Pillow core should not be washed and exposed to the sunlight. However, users can wash its case conveniently.

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5. Kannika

Kannika All

This product from Kannika is a massage side sleeper pillow that is really worth purchasing. With its unique ergonomic design, it offers a curved build around your neck making it cozy for both neck and shoulders. Being constructed by natural latex, it provides full support through its soft firmness. With this pillow, no matter how long you sleep in, you will never feel pain, built up heat, or stains at all. It is perfectly contoured to enhance your night sleep experience.

You also do not need to adjust it at all. Thanks to its high and low loft options, it will directly adjust itself to fulfill any curved areas of yours. Kannika side sleeper pillow arrives with a top quality case that is made of natural bamboo fiber. Thus, it is not only comfortable to your skin, but it is also convenient to wash by hands.

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4. Sleep Artisan

Sleep Artisan

Coming next, let’s take a look at this side sleeper pillow from Sleep Artisan. It is a great chance for you if you are currently looking for a side sleeper pillow for shoulder pain. This product is a combination of organic latex, microfiber, cotton, polyester, hemp, and hypoallergenic materials that helps to improve your sleeping condition like never before. The pillow is also attached with high loft which you can customized by yourself to fit your position.

It is also lightweight which allows you to carry it to anywhere. With the purchase, the pillow will be nicely packaged with a natural canvas bag that helps to keep the thing organized. Users can also use it as a storage bag to pack the pillow for trips.

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3. Drift

The Scrumptious

Drift has always been rated as one of the best side sleeper pillow for shoulder pain or just for side sleeping in general. It comes with a long body that is able to accommodate you from head to waist. It has a curvy construction which is best for both back, stomach, and side sleeper. Users can also adjust the height as they want by adding additional cushion through the zipper system.

Plus, the zipper is made hiden which helps to prevent accidental spiking. Users also get warranty with this purchasing as you can use it for 60 days free and return it back if you are not satisfy with the result.

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2. Emolli

Emolli Cervical Pillow

Another reliable and quality side sleeper pillow to introduce next is from Emolli. This product looks very trustworthy as it features professional construction. There are two positions available within this pillow, low and high lofts. Within the high position, there is also a curved neck supporter that allows you neck to rest in a well contoured position.

At the same time, the low position serves nicely for back and stomach sleepers. The core is totally made from natural materials that contains no chemical and toxic substances at all. Therefore, it helps to improve your sleeping and breathing.

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1. PureComfort


PureComfort Pillow is not only designed to help solve problems like back, neck, and shoulder pains, but it is also good for your ears. This is a perfect side sleeper pillow for those who always bears with ear pain. It comes with ear hole areas which allows your ears to rest perfectly fine into those holes. Thanks to this, you will no longer have to put up with your ears folding anymore. More than this, the product also has a neck curve which totally supports your neck and shoulder when you back sleep.

Made from chemical and toxic free substances, the memory foam core of this pillow contains no odor or bed smell that could interrupt your sleep at all. On a plus of this, it also provides a nice and comfy pillow cover. The cover is mainly made of hypoallergenic, and soft bamboo which is breathable and strain resistant.

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Buying Guide of Side Sleeper Pillow


For Child/Adult/Senior: the very first question you should ask yourself to consider before purchasing is to know who is going to use the pillow. The person who is going to use it may also require you to look for different options to meet their needs and requirement. If you are going to get it for your children, you need to considers a lot more things to ensure their safety. Same also goes to senior people. You may need to get the one that holds no odor and is free from bacterias. Perhaps, you may need to get the ones that is ultra soft and breathable. However, if you are going to get it for yourself, you may already know the condition of your sleeping. You may need a high pillow for better breathing, or a curvy one that can support your back, neck, and shoulders.

Height Adjustment: you may want to look for a pillow that comes with height adjustment. While some pillows cannot be adjusted in height, other allows you to remove or insert additional cushion for higher position. Those normally come with flexible cover and durable zipper system.

Variety of Usage: variety of usage means that you can use that single pillow for all types of sleeper including side, back, and stomach sleepers. Most of the products we raised here serve for all type sleepers as they features a one-side-fit-all construction.

Used Material: used material is also an important factor to look at because pillow is something you sleep on and is located near your air and oxygen system. It is better to avoid those toxic and harmful chemical based products even if they are cheap to get. Let’s care about your health more. That is why, we brought and suggested to you a highly natural material side sleeper pillows that can totally change your sleeping habit.