Top 10 Best Silk Trees in 2020

The color green is known to be one of the most soothing colors that can enhance your mood and clear your negative thoughts. It is the color the represents earth, lives and living things. Perhaps, the green or the artificial plants are good to have in your home since the color is made in green, and it is widely known for bringing positive energy and joy to your property and your family.

Browse through this list of the top 10 best silk trees in 2020, and you’ll eventually find the one you adore.

List Of Top 10 Best Silk Trees in 2020

10. Nearly Natural – Bamboo Silk Tree

 Nearly Natural 5214 Bambusa

The lively appearance of this bamboo silk tree can embellish any room. The green and lively leaves look very attractive and are so environmentally friendly. To have one in your home, it can bring an extra soothing and earthy feeling to your entire family. This silk tropical plant has a natural trunk and very lively leaves that can ultimately turn your home into a refreshing zone.

This is one of the tropical trees that has the dimension of 35 by 35 and 72 inches. The leaves on other hand are super airy and the entire tree is grown in a non-decorative nursery pot, and it is important to be informed that the trunks are natural.

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9. Youz

Artificial Plants Money Tree

Are you seeking to buy some exotic artificial silk tropical plants for home decoration or maybe as a gift? If ‘yes’ is your answer maybe you should keep reading. The Youz is one of the best tropical outdoor plants that is made to symbolize money, prosperity and wealth. Despite being made from fake materials, the tree still preserves its natural meaning. This product is made from a very premium quality that looks exactly the same as the real one and it comes in the dimension of 5.15 feet.

The weight is very light that allows the customers to place it anywhere as desire raging from a living room, a bedroom and to a pool. Another significant feature of this item is that it can save you energy and water since both do not require users to keep the artificial plant alive.

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8. Nearly Natural 5033 Sago Palm

 Nearly Natural 5033 Sago Palm

For those who live in a winter wonderland but want to assemble their home décor to a summer vibe, maybe this plan is the answer.  This is one of the small tropical plants that represents summer, a month of vacation where people mostly spend their time at a hot beach. There are two plants that come in a single pot and weighs 11.65 pounds, which is not heavy and can be easily replaced to elsewhere at home.

It is made in the dimension of 44 by 44 and 72 inches. It has 80 green leaves in total and is set in a 10” brown basket. You can now have it at home for an extra decoration in your selected area.

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7. Nearly natural 5191- big bamboo

Nearly Natural 5191 Big

The nearly natural 5191-big bamboo has a medium size with voluminous leaves. It works very well for home or office decoration since it brings the tropical appealing. This product is made in the dimension of 45 by 45 and 84 inches and weight 22.4 pounds. It is made from the natural trunk and still remains in a nursery pot so changes on the pot can be made. The tree is very well made to install at the corner of the room or by the pool or maybe at a house entrance. Step up your decoration game with this tree.

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6. Nearly Natural 5107

Nearly Natural 5107 Sago Palm

Welcome to the world of natural looking silk tropical plant that requires zero maintenance and lasts for years. This tree is made in a dimension of 40 by 40 and 72 inches and 13 pounds. It has the combination of 50 leaves and placed in a decorative brown pot.

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The leaves are colored in dark green, which really boosts the hot and summer feeling. This tree is commonly used for decoration at the balcony, a living room and elsewhere since the size can be seized everywhere.

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5. Nearly Natural 5179

Nearly Natural 5179 Bambusa

“Is it real”? -will be a frequently asked question from your guests after you have this tropical tree at home. The nearly natural 5179-bamboo silk tree is made in the dimension of 33 by 33 and 60 inches and weighs only 13 pounds. The trunks are natural following by thousands of airy bamboo leaves.

The natural size has enabled the user to place it at almost everywhere at home or even at an office since it is very well known for being able to bring luck and money.

Note; a tree is still in a nursery pot when arrived at your doorstop, so placing it in a decorative pot will be a huge welcome.

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4. Nearly Natural 6651

Nearly Natural 6651 Areca Palm

Opting for an elegant look, maybe? The nearly natural 6651 are another tropical tree that will not fail to amuse you.  The Nearly natural 6651 is another artificial plant that comes with its own beautiful vase, zero maintenance (with water) and best known to improve your mood. This product is made in the dimension of 27 by 27 and 38 inches and weighs only 0.96 ounces. Note; wipe the leaves with a wet and dry cloth to keep it clean.

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3. Nearly Natural-5216

Nearly Natural 5216 Palace

A green silk tropical plant has always been listed as the most favorite tree for home decoration. The Nearly natural has created a palace style plant that has a dimension of 40 by 40 and 72 inches and weight about 20.8 pounds. The leaves are made in a color of deep green to offer more of a tropical look.

The trunk, on the other hand, is made from natural wood. The tree still resides in a nursery pot so changes can be made if necessary. It is important to note that, the tree might not look the same as in picture due to shipping. However, it can be reshaped again after unboxing.

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2. Nearly natural 5263-03

Nearly Natural 5263-03 Areca Palm

The 5263-03 is also known as another decorative silk tree that comes with its own basket. This silk tropical plant is made in the size of 32 by 32 and 56 inches and weight 11 pounds. It has 32 large palm leaves to enhance the look of the entire tree.

This tree can basically be placed anywhere due to its size. The entire product, on the other hand, can get a bit out of shape after shipping but it is able to turn into a normal shape after a little adjustment.

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1. Nearly natural 5209- Ficus Silk Tree

Nearly Natural 5209 Ficus Silk Tree

There will be a wow moment when people hear it has more than a thousand leaves on a single tree. The nearly natural 5209 is another tropical plant that requires zero maintenance to keep it in the same, orginal condition. The company has created it in the size of 35 by 35 and 72 inches and weighs only 2.08 ounces.

The entire trunk, on the other hand, is made from natural wood and has a size of 6 feet height and 35 inches width and 35 inches width. It is important to note that, the tree is still nurtured in a nursery pot.

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These above trees allow you to enhance a look of your home and possibly freshen up your mind. They are the top 10 best silk trees that are available on the market, and currently the top hits as well. If you haven’t found one for your home elsewhere, maybe you can consider having a look at this article and choose one among the 10.

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