Top 10 Best Socket Set Reviews

If you are into mechanics stuff, you must know the struggle of torquing the socket or any mechanical tools with the old school spanner. The modern-day mechanicians use sockets with the socket wrench which will solve all the hardships that the old day mechanicians endure. High quality socket sets can provide various types of torquing and make your work go smoother than ever. That said, to help you shop for the perfect socket set for your needs, our team has been researching day in and day out. And, we have compiled the best 10 socket sets for you to browse through. Without further ado, let’s see what we’ve got down there.

List Of Top 10 Best Socket Set Reviews

10. TEKTON Drive Socket Set

TEKTON 1/4-Inch

Hang on tight, we are going to start our list with the first product on our list which is rge TEKTON Drive Socket Set. This is a complete impact socket set that will make your work easier than ever. The sockets are available in just about any size starting from 3/16 to ¾ inches and also from 5mm to 19mm. Inside the set, you will find some tools that you might not find in other socket set brands like a universal joint, power socket adapter, extra long extension, screwdriver, and many other tools which make it most completed set you can ever find on the market.

The high-torque with 6 points sockets grip along with the flip sides of fasteners will prevent the round of that deliver the utmost convenience during the work. Looking at its construction, this set of sockets are all made of high-quality vanadium steel along with the mirror chrome plated finish.

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9. Sunex Tools Drive Master Impact Socket Set

Sunex 3580 3/8-Inch

For the mechanicians, you will find the Sunex Tools Drive Master Impact Socket Set great at making your work easier than ever. The construction of this socket set is all made of premium quality materials that are built to last with a lifetime guaranteed. Due to this quality, this set of sockets will be at your service for years. The different thing about this socket set is that you will be able to forge with the finest impact grade with chrome-molybdenum steel that is the ideal choice for strength, durability, and for any heavy-duty works.


For the design, this socket set has its radius corner designed in order to better torque. Moreover, this socket set also comes with a heavy duty case as well that is convenient for transporting it from one place to another.

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8. Neiko 02443A Complete Impact Socket Set

Neiko 02443A Complete

Coming up next, let’s look at the Neiko 02443A Complete Impact Socket Set. For the construction, this set of sockets is made from a premium quality steel coated with chrome vanadium for greater torque and a better experience. Each piece of this set is finished with black electroplate in order to resist corrosion and oil. Moreover, this socket set also has a special 6-point flank drive that turns flat sides of fasteners as well as delivers maximum torque while at the same time, it will not strip or damage the corners.

This socket set is made from combination of both metric and SAE size that can fit with all kinds of situations like deep and shallow length and there is also duometric sockets included as well to make it one of highly versatile sets.

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7. CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tool Socket Set


Moving on to another product we have on our list is the CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tool Socket Set. For every mechanician, this set might be the most convenient one for them to complete every work comfortably and easily since everything they need is in one case. So, this craftsman socket includes 84 sockets in 6 combination wrenches, 5 drive tools, and size as well as 42 specialty tools.

Another struggle for the mechanician is that when the socket has been used for too long, the number of each piece tends to fade which is hard for them to find the right to torque. Well, this socket set will not be like those ones since all of the 84 pieces come with a permanent mark which will not chip fade or corrode easily.

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6. Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Craftsman 230

Coming up next, we have another craftsman socket on our list which is the Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set. This is a dream-set for every mechanician since everything you need is all there and is the right tool for the job. For the construction of the tools, they are made of a strong, tough, and durable alloy steel finished by silver for anti-corrosion.

All of the 230 pieces are organized in one durable case that enables you to bring all the sockets to anywhere you want. Inside the case, you will find other tools that the sockets like a quick-release ratchet that comes with many sizes such as ¼, ⅜, and ½ inches drives along with the 116 sockets that come in both metric and standard size.

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5. DEWALT Mechanics Tools Set


Landed on the fifth place on our list, we have the DEWALT Mechanics Tools Set. This dewalt socket set is constructed with deep laser etched marking on its body to allow all the mechanicians identify the size number easily. This dewalt socket set is designed with a swing and head which make every torque is effortless and finish the work without losing all your strength.

To all the mechanicians, this set will be the dream set for them since one case provides them with all the tools they need for torque which make their work easier. The 72 tooth gear system is the ideal choice for high torque ratcheting. It is so convenient that you can even operate with one hand easily.

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4. DeWalt Mechanics Tool Kit Set

DeWalt DWMT73803

Another Dewalt socket set landed on number 4 on our list which is the DeWalt Mechanics Tool Kit Set. This socket set is a one-piece set that includes wrenches, sockets, hex keys and many other essential tools for every mechanician to have during the work. This socket set also has the 72-tooth gear system which is the best choice for high torque ratcheting and make the work for all mechanicians easier than ever.

Moreover, this socket set also has the low profile directional layer that it will help reduce the catch point and also allows you to operate in one hand as well. To make sure they will provide all the convenience you needed, these dewalt socket sets are packed inside one durable and sturdy case so that you can bring all the tools to anywhere you want to.

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3. TEKTON Drive Socket Set

TEKTON 3/8-Inch Drive

Here we are at the top third product on our list which is TEKTON Drive Socket Set. This is the master set which will provide everything the mechanicians want and need. This master set includes every size of socket ranging from the size of 5/16 to ¾ inches and from 8 to 18 mm in both deep and shallow lengths. Along with all the sockets, this set also features a universal joint as well as an extra long extension that these kinds of tools will not be found on most of the other sets.

Due to these benefits, this socket set will be the ideal choice for every mechanician to bring along with them and execute every work perfectly. Looking at the construction, all the tools in this set are made from a premium quality chrome vanadium steel that is strong, tough, and durable.

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2. Crescent

Crescent CTK170CMP2

Moving up to the next high-quality socket set here we have the CTK170CMP2 Set. This is the updated version from the previous best product of Crescent CTK170CMP. With this new set, it has a sturdier blow mold case as well as the newly improved screwdrivers. All of these sockets contain a carefully selected assortment that is needed for the most industrial and mechanical application.

Inside the set, you will find ¼, ⅜, ½ inches drive tools both in SAE and metric size. This upgraded version of the socket set also designed to meet the stringent new ANSI and ASME specification as well as equipped with full guaranteed satisfaction.

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1. Stanley 123-Piece Socket Set

Stanley STMT71652

Our list will be incomplete without Stanley 123-Piece Socket Set. Many sizes and types of sockets in one case that allow the mechanicians to execute his work perfectly and quickly since everything is there. For its construction, the Stanley is constructed from chrome vanadium forged body to ensure the strength, durability, and torque as well. It is also equipped with a quick release switch also the reversible mechanism to allow you for easy operation.

Around each piece, its body is polished with chrome finish for anti-corrosion as well as prevent the socket from getting rust as well. This master set will be the ideal setting for every mechanician and will be at their service for years.

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We have reviewed all the top 10 best sockets set for you and all of these sets come with their own specs and benefits. This list will help you go through the selection process wisely and guide to choose the best one for your own preferences. Don’t hesitate to grab yours on time.

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