Top 10 Best Solid Wood Bookcases in 2019

Having one or two bookcases in your room, living space, or any other corners at home can totally change the atmosphere of your living. As there are many types of bookcase, this seems to be pretty complicated to find the right one for yourself.

That is why we have collected a bunch of top 10 best solid wood bookcases in 2019 for you to choose. All of these picks carry not only solid construction but also stylish design to make sure your home setting can be viewed in a totally different, and appealing way.

List Of Top 10 Best Solid Wood Bookcases in 2019

10. Amayo Home Solid Wood Folding Bookcase

Solid Wood Folding

Amayo Home offers a very solid tall bookcase that adds extra elegance to your space. It is greatly crafted to offer a very smooth lines and shiny finish in natural wood color. This bookcase feature a large base which provides more stability to the storage. The pole pegs from one level to another are also sturdy.

Although the Amayo Home Solid Wood Folding Bookcase is compact, it enables its users to store plenty of their items. Its 4 shelves offers very large space for books, office materials, and other home furnitures. What is more, each shelf allows you to store up to 22 lbs of weight.

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9. International Concepts Shaker Bookcase

International Concepts

International Concepts Shaker Bookcase is an oak bookcase to be highlighted next. This product is made of parawood which is suitable to store in both office and home settings. The construction of this bookcase is very sturdy and stable because it has a large base and thick shelves. Among all of the shelves, there are also two shelves that can be adjusted for more storage space.

International Concepts Shaker Bookcase is very easy to assemble which only takes you a very short time to finish it. In addition, it can be wiped clean and is very easy to take care of.

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8. Sawdust City Solid Wood Hall Bookcase

Sawdust City Solid Wood

Sawdust City Solid Wood Hall Bookcase is a corner bookshelf that helps to complement every corner of your home decor. It is made with durable Knotty Pine which carries both elegance and durability. Featuring cottage style, it perfectly suits any kinds of background. With the overall dimension of 36″ W x 10″ D x 32″ H, it is not too big or too small to place on every corner at your home.

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Thanks to the three opening shelves of this bookcase, it provides users more space for storing their belonging or home furnitures. Sawdust City Solid Wood Hall Bookcase is perfectly hand crafted and coated which is believed to serve you for a very long time.

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7. Better Homes and Gardens Ashwood Bookcase

Better Homes and Gardens

Coming up next, we would like to introduce you to a barrister bookcase which comes from Better Homes and Gardens brand. This product is nicely finished in dark cherry color which looks very professional when located on working or studying room. The craftsman uses ashwood for the construction which makes it one of the most durable bookcases to get.

Better Homes and Gardens Ashwood Bookcase offers its users 5 large shelves for storage. Moreover, this bookcase perfectly supports heavy weight as it allows you to store so many things within just a single shelf. Besides that, the shelf is also adjustable for ease of storing larger items.

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6. Martin Furniture Huntington Open Bookcase

Martin Furniture Huntington

Martin Furniture Huntington Open Bookcase is a very large product that fits perfectly to your working space, studying room, bedroom, or just living room. It is a product of hardwood which you should trust on its durability. Its wheat finish makes it look very sleek on any background and fits to most of other furnitures. Moreover, it has also been dry brushed and nicely crafted for longer lifespan.

Martin Furniture Huntington Open Bookcase features adjustable shelves which are very convenient to store larger items. There are also two fixed shelves for users to store tiny belongings, photo frames, or other small furniture for better shininess.

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5. Atlantic Furniture Harvard Book Shelf

Atlantic Furniture

Coming further, a narrow bookcase is what we are going to review next. Atlantic Furniture Harvard Book Shelf is a narrow bookcase that offers storage space up to six shelves. The overall dimension of this product is 72 inches which is ideal to place it on every corner, living room, study/work room, as well as bedroom. This bookcase features a very durable and sturdy construction for a greater lifespan.

Atlantic Furniture Harvard Bookshelf is also very easy to assemble. All you need to do is to insert each step after one another into the big case.

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4. Great Deal Furniture Cobek Brown Bookcase

Cobek 5-Shelf Industrial

Another 5 shelf bookcase to introduce next is the one that comes from Great Deal Furniture. Great Deal Furniture Cobek Brown Bookcase is perfectly constructed from hardwood. Therefore, its durability is there after years of usage. Furthermore, it also uses iron as the frame to ensure that this product is able to serve you for a longer period of time. With the combination of hardwood and iron, this bookcase actually carries out the industrial style for any spaces it locates.

Great Deal Furniture Cobek Brown Bookcase also features cross back style that is made from solid steel tube. That way, it does not look stylish, but is also very supportive for heavy storage.

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3. Simpli Home Acadian Solid Ladder Bookcase

Simpli Home Acadian

Simpli Home offers a very unique bookcase that carries out a ladder style design. Being finished with dark tobacco stain color, it helps to enhance the color to the wood for greater elegance. Besides, this product is also applied with NC lacquer to ensure that the wood can be protected from any damages including weather and animal damages.

Together with top quality solid pine and skillful hand craftsmanship, Simpli Home Acadian Solid Ladder Bookcase offers a very long lifetime of usage. With its large 5 shelves, this bookcase allows you to store both small and large things at your convenience.

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2. Sauder Heritage Hill Open Bookcase

Sauder Heritage Hill Open

Forget about bookcase with drawers and let’s look at this open bookcase from Sauder brand. Sauder Heritage Hill Open Bookcase comes with a very solid construction to ensure that users can store anything they like into a single bookcase. Beside being very solid, it also features a very professional design and craftsmanship that makes it suitable for any kinds of setting.

Sauder Heritage Hill Open Bookcase offers you a storage space with its 5 shelves. Three of the shelves can also be adjusted for ease of storage. Moreover, it is very convenient to take care of. You can simply wipe clean it if there is any debris or dirt on it. The assembly is also a breeze. Users can finish the task within only 30 minutes.

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1. Sauder 5-Shelf Oiled Oak Finish Bookcase

Sauder 5-Shelf Bookcase

The top product on our review list goes to Sauder 5-shelf Oiled Oak Finish Bookcase. As coming in light brown color, this bookshelf looks totally profession for both studying and working room. At the same time, this product can be used to display your home furniture inside the living room as well. This bookcase also features oiled oak finish which ensures that its shininess will never fade away even if it is used for years.

Sauder 5-shelf Oiled Oak Finish Bookcase does have 3 adjustable shelves for greater storage space. What is more, the assembly of this product is very easy which can be done within just a short time.

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If you are a book lovers, it is just right that you might need a bookcase to organize your book storage. All of these products we have highlighted above comes with not only durability but also elegance to help complement your home decor and settings. Therefore, if you are going to pick any of them from the list, this is not going to disappoint you at all.

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