TOP 10 Best Square Rugs in 2020

Safavieh Natural Fiber

Choosing the perfect rug to put inside your house can be a headache. It is difficult for everyone to decide which rug look stylistic and elegant when putting on the floor. People even think about the quality of the rug like whether it would make their feet feel comfortable when walking on it or not.

Size, color, and quality are almost everything that everyone think about before buying a rug. Don’t waste your time thinking all stuffs because we have thoroughly picked top ten best of the best square rugs in 2020 that would beautify your house and comfort your feet.

List Of Top 10 Best Square Rugs in 2020

10. Unique Loom Del Mar Collection

Unique Loom Del Mar

The tenth square area rug is a product of Turkey. It is made from polypropylene contributing to the effortless cleansing and strain-free feature. The color will not easily be faded. The color of the rug is beige and ivory turning the rug into a contemporary classic style. This 8 feet long by 8 feet wide weighs 26.4 pound and has the allover pattern. You don’t have to worry that you have to lift the rug and put it on the floor because the rug perfectly lays on the floor right after you unpackage it. Look good on your living room, dining room and even bedroom.

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9. Unique Loom Tuareg Collection Vintage

Unique Loom Tuareg

Another rug has a vintage style and is created from the same company, Unique Loom. This Unique Loom square rug has 8 sizes and comes in different color according to the need of the owner. The rug is made from polypropylene by the Egyptian. Its measurement are 8 feet wide by 8 feet long and it has the height of 1/3’’ thick. With the high-quality material used to make the rug, it is easy to clean, soft and light, only 15.5 pound.

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8. Unique Loom Chimera Collection Vintage Modern

Unique Loom Chimera

If you are after a vintage modern style, you have come to the right place. With Unique Loom Chimera Collection, the product is made to fit into a vintage style. It is made in Turkey using a superb polypropylene as the material. The design is great as it includes six colors in the rug such as dark blue, blue, beige, ivory, light blue and light brown.


However, the primary color is dark blue. The size of the rug is six feet wide by six feet long together with the height of ¼ feet thick. Easy to clean, easy to fold, stain resistant and non-shed are the top features of the rug.

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7. Unique Loom Tradition Collection Vintage

Unique Loom Tradition

Meet with another Turkish square rug made from polypropylene. Polypropylene contributes to the strain-free feature making it easy for the users to clean. There are several cheerful colors designed on the rug including silver, gray, light brown, and tan.

The rug is 8 feet 4 inches times 8 feet 4 inches with the height of ½’’ thick. Thick, heavy, soft and not scratchy are the other features of the rug. Look magnificent on the hardwood floor.

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6. Unique Loom Del Mar Collection

Unique Loom Del Mar

If you are after the stylistic dark grey square rug, you have come to the right place. Just like other square rugs, this square rug is made from polypropylene. The material makes it easy for the users to clean the rug. The color on the other hand is guaranteed to be unfadable.

The measurement of the rug is 8 feet long time 8 feet wide. With the height of ½’’, the rug looks perfect on the floor. Soft and comfy, you can just put your feet on it and feel the relaxation. Sturdy; therefore, you can just pull your rolling office chair on it.

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5. Unique Loom Sofia Collection Traditional Vintage

Unique Loom Sofia

If dark color is not your time, you have been to the right the destination. With light grey color, the square rug looks classic in your house. Made from polyester, this modern square rug is known for its softness, yet sturdy. The material allows the rug to be easy-to-clean and stain-free along with unfadable feature.

This ¼ thick rug is designed with thorough circumspection. The floral inside the rug shows the vintage style. It looks great not only at home but also in the office.

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4. Safavieh Monaco Collection MNC225E Square Rug

Safavieh Monaco

Meet with a brain new modern looking square rug. The rug is produced with a colorful look which helps brighten up the mood whenever you come home. This polyester rug is easy to clean and strain resistant. The height of the rug is not high and it is also not short, only .5 inches perfect to put on your floor.

It suits not only living room, but ever single rooms in your house. Soft, thick together with the modern look are the features of the rug. Recommended by everyone who used to use it, so be one of the lucky rug owners.

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3. Safavieh Monaco Collection MNC222F Square Rug

Safavieh Monaco Collection

Another square rug from Safavieh. This rug is designed with modern look. Fit with the abstract yet modern trend, the rug has multiple color in it including blue, yellow, red, white and orange. The material used to produce the rug is polypropylene. Polypropylene creates the softness and strain-free feature to the rug.

The colors loomed in rug are non-fading. With the height of 0.5 inches, the rug appears to be perfect when placing it on the floor. The size of 60 inches x 60 inches, it is suitable to place not only the living room, bed room but also office room.

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2. Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Square Rug

Safavieh Natural Fiber

Not only that you can find a colorful and modern looking rug on Safavieh, but you can also find a classic and majestic rug at the same brand as well. Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection is designed in solely one color, light brown. It is made from a high-quality fiber that is think, durable and sustainable. Can be used on both side.

Perfect for those who are after a farm-house looking style or a contemporary style or casual style. This sole colored square rug provides a comfy feeling as if you are out of time where you find peace in mind. The dimension of the rug is 84 x 84 x 0.4 inches.

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1. Unique Loom Sofia Collection Traditional Square Rug

Unique Loom Sofia

Another square rug from Unique Loom. This rug is festoon in a majestic and traditional style. Blue, ivory, light blue, and beige are the color in the rug. The fading rectangle style at the edge along with the blue classic flow in the middle of the rug gives a classic look to the rug. It is a Turkish product made from polypropylene.

The material makes the rug soft, easy-to-clean and strain free. With the dimension of 96 x 96 x 0.5 inches, the rug isn’t too big or isn’t too small, it looks perfect for every room.

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In short, if you want to enrich the style of your house by adding a square rug and you have a hard time choosing one, you can use our article as a guide. Every single rug presented here is a high-quality rug designed by a masterpiece designer. The materials used to make the rug are mostly polypropylene and fiber which enable the rugs to be durable, strain-free, soft and easy-to-clean.