TOP 9 Best Table Protector Reviews To Consider

A little protection never hurts. Just like expensive devices, your table might need a protector, too. If you’re here searching for the best table protector, you have landed on the right page. We have looked into some of the well rounded and top rated items on the Internet, and we have found the top 9 picks of great quality and durability. At least, one of them will cater to your needs.

List Of Top 9 Best Table Protector Reviews in 2020

9. Spancraft Clear Glass Table Top

25" Round 1/4" Thick Tempered Clear Glass Table

Spancraft Clear Glass Table Top is a 25 inches round tempered glass table protection that you should check out. As the table has the delicate surface, it can preserve the quality of the table and protect the table. For the durable quality, the product is well constructed from the top quality glass. The edge of the table top is well polished so you don’t need to worry about it causing the injuries to you and your family.

Besides being a great product, it is a safe and brilliant way to enhance the beauty in your house too. You can choose the size and thickness of this glass tabletop as well.

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8. OstepDecor Clear Table Protector

This is a table protector from OstepDecor to secure the surface of your table against stains and scratches. It works well with all types of tables, including dining and office desk. The product comes with 2 options in terms of its thickness, at 1.5mm and 2mm respectively. This table protector is heat resistant, which can be used with the highest temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit. If you find it does not fit with your table, you can always cut it with peace of mind. Last but not least, it is designed to be durable and easy for the cleaning process.

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7. OstepDecor table protector

This is another model of frosted table protector from OstepDecor. It provides 2 types of thickness, which include 2mm and 1.5 mm. It is made to stay sturdy in place without moving around easily. This table clear table protector can hold the maximum temperature up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used with all types of table surfaces, including the glass and marble ones.

In case you find the table protector is longer than your table, you can always cut it short to get the right fit. Last but not least, this table protector is constructed to be BPA free for the best safety, and it is designed to be durable and easy when it comes to the cleaning process, with a cloth simply wiping on it. This one is an ideal choice for sensitives such as pregnant women and kids. Last but not least, you can always use this on dining table, vanity table, office desk, and so on.

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6. DiscoverDecor LovePads Table top Protector 

LovePads Multi Size Grids PVC Table

DiscoverDecor, one of the top brands in the table protector category, is proud to introduce to you that product which is called LovePads. With the total size of 25 x 5 x 1 inches, we bet that it is the right choice for protecting the delicate surface of your table. Next, this table protector mat is thoroughly produced from durable PVC, along with that, for adding the extra beauty, it is decorated with grids.

This product is highly recommended for the desk counter. In the case that you wish to give this table pad a thorough clean, you can also do that with ease too.

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5. OstepDecor Black Plastic Table Top

OstepDecor Black Plastic Table

OstepDecor Black Plastic Table Top is made from superior quality plastic material. You can choose the right size for your table as it can be cut and adjusted easily. With the assistance from this clear table top protector, your table will be free from scratches and damages. Adding to that, the table is free from stain and dirt too.

This product aims to offer the long-lasting use that you cannot find in other product; plus, it still can perform its function well despite the daily use. For your information, for the smooth surface, you can remove its protection film. The size of it is 24.6 x 2.3 x 2 inches and it is very easy to use.

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4. Brilliant Home Design Table Protector

Brilliant Home Design First

Brilliant Home Design Table Protector is another great quality product. This is a dining table protector that has the total size of 13 x 11 x 3.2 inches. Next, the combination of both Vinyl and polyester on both the back and front part of this table protector will do the great job in protecting the surface of the table.

For the convenience in daily cleaning, this product allows you to wipe it clean easily. The main protection offered by this protector is it can go against heat, strain and the dirt. For adding the extra beauty to your dining room, it is creatively decorated with the diamond patterns.

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3. DiscoverDecor LovePads rectangle glass table top

DiscoverDecor LovePads

As table surfaces are vulnerable to the scratches and unexcepted damage, getting a plastic pad is the right choice for protecting it. DiscoverDecor LovePads comes in various size and thickness, allowing you to choose the suitable one for your table easily. Without hiding the original look of your wooden table, this pad is transparent.

The pad can withstand the heat up to 80 degrees Celsius, so you can enjoy your hot food without a problem. It is the ideal choice for dinning, office, and kitchen table. Last but not least, this PVC made product has the full dimension of 37 x 4 x 4 inches.

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2. ETECHMART Clear PVC Table Top Protector


ETECHMART Clear PVC is another worth-buying product that we wish to draw your attention to. It is the expert in protecting the surface of the table that you can get at an affordable price. As the name has suggested, this tabletop protector is well produced from plastic; however, it is a product that can withstand the heat.

Please be note that the thickness of this product is of 1.5mm, and it has the size of it is 24.5 x 2.4 x 2.3 inches. With this product, you don’t need to worry about slippery.

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1. Tablecloths by Design Table Pad

This is the table pad from Tablecloths by Design made to protect your tabletop and cushion dishes from transferring excess heat to the tabletop. The actual size of this product is 54 x 108 inches; however, you can cut and adjust it for the perfect fit of your table too. With the use of the premium grade product, it is lighter and better in terms of quality.

This dining table cover is also easy to use as well; as illustration, you can just simply lay it on the table and it is all set. You can never go wrong with out number 1 pick.

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FAQ: Guide

Here comes frequently asked questions on the table protectors. We have compiled a few, so that we hope it can help giving you more information.

1. Can you wash a table protector?

    • Yes, it is washable, for most of them are made of Vinyl and Polyester which are durable and cleanable.

2. What do you use to clean clear plastic table protector plastic?

    • Cleaning a clear plastic table protector is an easy process. They can just be cleaned with wet cloths to wipe them up cleaned.

3. How to get wrinkles out of plastic table protector?

    • You can use hair dryer with a set heat to warm the wrinkles part. It helps reducing the creases. However, please make sure you put the right heat, not too hot or too cold, to unfold the wrinkles and do not carry it too near for avoiding the heat could make holes.
    • Shall you find the wrinkles a lot on the protector, you may place it as a whole in the dryer to unfold the wrinkles. Again, make sure the heat is at its right temperature.
    • Another method is using a towel and iron to iron on the wrinkle parts. Simply place the towel on the wrinkle parts and iron it.


You have just looked at the top 9 best table protector reviews in 2020. For the best quality, practical design, and great durability, look no further than our reviews. Get yours soon before the items sell out.


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Sweetdecor Table Cover Protector

Sweetdecor Table Cover Protector

Next, this is one of the well reviewed table protector pads that can easily be cut with scissors to fit the table, available in additional sizes. First of all, it is well produced from PVC so you do not need to worry if you spill water on the table. It is transparent; therefore, it can keep the original look of the table that you have. With the new design, it is highly recommended for desk, table, marble table and more.

It is also known as an eco-friendly product in addition to the high durability. You can also clean it when needed too. The size of this PVC pad is 7.9 x 3.9 x 0.4 inches while the thickness is 1.5 mm.

Do4U PVC Waterproof Tablecloths

Do4U PVC Waterproof Tablecloths

For this tablecloth, only the top quality PVC is used for protecting the table; therefore, it offers the best way to protect the table surface. As a user-friendly product, you can cut and adjust it to the size that you want in less time and with little efforts. When placing it on the table, you also don’t need to worry since it is a non-slip product.

More awesome than this, it can withstand heat well too. As a result, you can put hot drinks on it. The size of this clear pad is 24.5 x 2.5 x 2 inches.


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