TOP 9 Best Tactical Scopes in 2021

Are you looking for tactical scopes? Here are the reviews of the best tactical scopes you may need. There are also some idea for you to consider before purchase at the end.

List Of Top 9 Best Tactical Scopes in 2021

9. Hiram

Hiram 4-16x50

Looking for the best tactical scope, here is the top tenth in the list, Hiram. This usefully strategical tool is special in a way that it has four functions, including rifle scope rangefinder, laser, flashlight and reflex sight, in only one whole piece. Also, its magnification range can be 4 to 16 time zooming along with the rangefinder and parallax that is adjustable from 15 Yards to as far as you want to. Hence, you can always have a crystal clear scout over the distant object.

Asides from that, the boast also have 5 light modes, which you can find anything from low to SOS mode. It’s claimed to be ideal for hunting days and night. Moreover, you can also choose up to 4 brightness or color modes in the reflex sight sections, all depend on your need. Lastly, it has the nitrogen-filling so you can have its original quality no matter you are using because it is absolutely waterproof, shockproof and fog-proof.

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Next in the list, there is OZARK ARMAMENT that’s widely known as the high performance tactical scope. Its unbeatable crystal clear Magnification can be zoomed up to 4x, so you can imagine how long it can be. On top of this, to enhance the lighting quality, there are 3 available illuminated BDC Reticles, ranging from red, blue and green color.

Besides, OZARK ARMAMENT also features up to 3 forward mount points in case you need any extra accessary option to use on with the tactical scope. Likewise, this great performance tool also use the built-in Picatinny mount to ensure the effortless installation, so you don’t have to worry about such task.

Finally, OZARK ARMAMENT also confidently offers a whole one year warranty, so if you have any problem with using this, you can always seek the support from its professional team.

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7. X-Aegis

X-Aegis New Style

Looking super high quality in the black matte finish, this X-Aegis is one of a must-haves if you are hunting for the best tactical scope. This brand has the 2.5-10×40 Rifle Scope all along the gun sight lasers on that in order to ensure a clear sight on the object. Besides, it also owns 4 different reticle reflex sight with the weaver Picatinny Rail mount.

With X-Aegis, you can adjust the optic sight in just a minute of angle. Besides, for more convenience using, it also has the gun sight laser that you can fully adjust or control, so you can perform with this tool to the greatest extend.

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6. Monstrum Tactical

Monstrum Tactical

Other high quality tactical scopes can be found in Monstrum Tactical that is our top 7 on the list, positively reviewed by countless users. It has the super tall precision rifle scope in which the magnification can range from 1x to 4x. The design of this is made for its functionality as there is the ranging information that is provide for simple read through the magnification.

Moreover, it has the dial controlled reticle, available in both red and green colors and several brightness intensity choices. Whether you are using it at night or in the low light condition, this tactical scope will never fail to perform.

On the same note, it is also constructed using the aircraft grade aluminum together with nitrogen charged, so the magnification is ultra-resistant to water or fog. What is also special about this is that there is also a set of medium size picatinny scope rings included in the package along with other useful stuffs like removable honeycomb filter sunshade, flip-up lens cover, the tool’s bag, cleaning clothes and battery.

What else are you asking for when you got all of these at once?

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Adhering but simplicity for greater practical practically, TRUGLO’s 30mm tube is surely one of the best tactical scopes you could ever look for. This lengthy tube is specifically for increasing the brightness or click adjusting. Along with that, there are two pre-calibrated BDC, such as 223 and 308, that will be used to engage targets that extends up to 800 yards.

Made from aircraft grade aluminum, its CNC mount-machine can confidently guarantee your using experience. In the package when you purchase this TRUGLO’s tactical scope, you will also receive 1/2 MOA wind age that can be adjusted based on actual utilization and the 24mm objective lens that you can use as the magnification.

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4. Pinty

Pinty Rifle Scope

On to the next one, the best tactical scope that wins many consumers’ heart is Pinty. The product has three main functions all concentrated in 1 piece. Those function includes riflescope, red laser sight and a red dot sight. These three function makes up a great tool, especially for those who like hunting.

Besides, it’s super high quality because it’s made of aerospace aluminum in order to ensure its durability and versatility. Its main focus is for the super clarity of the sight so that you can keep up with the speedy movement of the subject.

Also, it uses the O-ring sealing and nitrogen charging in order to protect the tactical scope from losing its performance in waters or fog. Finally, for the magnification part, there is 4x to 12 x in different colors illumination so you can brighten the environment despite all light conditions.

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3. AT3 Tactical


Now, comes to the top 3 best tactical scopes that received countless positive review which is AT3 Tactical. The sight is super accurate when using the red dot sights, so you can definitely score the shooting with it. there are 11 red dot brightness that can be used in order to optimize the visibility in every light condition.

The material is coated using multi-layers in order to prevent scratching marks on the lens. This AT3 Tactical scope is also super dependable in a way that it has the waterproof sealing and shockproof; both of which even have lifetime warranty, so you don’t even have to worry about any of these problems.

At one change, the battery can last up to 50, 000 hours depends on how bright you set whenever you are using. Inside the package, you will get whatever tools that you need includes, so you can just sit back and try this incredible qualified tactical scope.

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2. AT3 Tactical

AT3 Tactical

Sitting as the second best tactical scope in the list, this is yet another AT3 Tactical. Understanding the values that the previous model of AT3 Tactical, you will never question how this one can be the best of the best.

This model is claiming itself as the best tactical scope for sporting, hunting, or even real life combating; which it really proves its worth. It’s super durable; doesn’t matter if it’s in the water, fog, shock, or get scratches during operation, none of them can lower the product’s performance.

With this model, there are the 2 MOA red dot and super-smart red laser that can adjust the W/E, so you can set to your target more accurately. The size of it, in addition, is also helpful for carrying along and storing because it’s not that long, so you can easy find a place to keep it safely.

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1. Bushnell

 Bushnell AR

Finally, we’ve come to the last yet best tactical scope in 2021 that we’ve been waiting for; proudly introducing Bushnell. The concept in designing this is super simple and classic. However, don’t let this fool you to think it doesn’t perform well because the fact is, this simplicity is purposely made to boost its practicality. It doesn’t matter if you are using it in a hunting scope or in military matter, the product performs just as perfect as you could imagine. Its tube is 30mm diameter that can view up to 100 yards with available magnification from 1x to 23ft at 4x.

Talking about durability, nothing could compare this. It was layered with multiply coated in order to prevent any marks from scratching or damaging. While it is super ideal to use in order to target the fast movement subject, the Drop Zone-223 BDC reticle acts as an important complementary for the accuracy of the sight.

esides, you can also pinpoint with precise adjustment in order to more rightly target the subject, too. These are the strong reliable reason why this Bushnell is the most favorite and perfect tactical scope. And, if this one is not a great tool yet, nothing else will be.

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Buying Guides

To help you with choosing the best tactical scopes for yourself, there are a few short tips that you may want to take into consideration. In order to check if a tactical scope is useful and would perform great or not, you shall look for some features in that products.

Firstly, it’s about how far it can capture the subject. You can actually tell by the its magnification’s visual capability. Moreover, to help with targeting the subject regularly, having the red dot feature found in the gun laser is also important and you want to make sure it comes together in one piece because this feature will make it a true tactical scope.

Finally, you should also look for the part while the product is durable and everything-proof or not. Usually, tactical scope tends to be used in the field. That means it will easily get dirt or wet. However, the best tactical scope is the one that can resist with all these obstacles. So, you have to make sure that the tactical you are looking for has the waterproof, fog proof, scratch-proof, fogproof and so on.

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