TOP 10 Best Tea Infuser Travel Mugs and Bottles in 2021

Tea infuser travel mugs or bottles can simplify and refine your daily tea making process. If you are a tea aficionado and are always on the go, you should one of these useful mugs/bottles. With many options available, how do you decide which is the best one to buy? The answer is here as our team has researched for the top 10 choices of all. Here is a look at the top 10 best tea infuser travel mugs and bottles in 2021.

List of  Top 10 Best Selling Tea Infuser Travel Mugs and Bottles in 2021

1o. MIRA Travel Water Bottle

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Now, let’s take a look at this tea infuser travel bottles from MIRA. It has 2 color designs, which are wood and black color. The mug is suitable for both hot and cold drinks, and it is able to keep the temperature for multiple hours. It includes 2 pieces of mesh strainer to make the leaf tea loose. It is equipped with the most advanced leak proof system to make sure that it will not spill in your backpack. In addition, it is constructed of stainless steel which will not rust easily. It is also free of BPA and other toxic materials.

9. Sacred Lotus Love travel size bottles

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Moving onto the next tea infuser travel bottle from Sacred Lotus Love, it is made of premium quality 18/8 stainless steel. It is ideal to loose tea leaf as well as infuse fruit. It can hold both cold and hot beverage for you to drink at home or at work. If you put hot drink inside, it can maintain the temperature for you for about 45 minutes. It has a volume of 450ml or 15oz. The opening lid is also made of stainless steel to enable a durable and non-leak system. Last but not least, the stainless steel mugs is made of no BPA and lead.

8. Romaunt Insulate Water Bottle Tumbler Travel Mug

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If you are looking for the best travel mug that has the best insoluble water, this lovely Insulate Water Bottle Tumbler Travel Mug is the product that you should consider. With the double layers that this product is designed with, the temperature in the bottle is guaranteed to last for a long time. It holds the cold drinks to last for 24 hours while the hot lasts for 12 hours. Additionally, this product is very safe to use as well since the materials chosen are the BPA free ones. This one of the best bottles and cases for travel.

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The good news for the users is this beautiful tea mug comes with the protective case as well, so you can bring your bottle with you anywhere you want with ease. It’s a great companion for hiking, camping, and travelling. With the double layer construction, the bottle is very unlikely to get hot. The bottle size is 350 ml.

7. Teabloom travel bottle warmer

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One of the best tea tumblers is from Teabloom. It is available at a very reasonable price. You can use this tumbler for your traveling or outdoor trip if you wish to have your tea or coffee with you. It is constructed of stainless steel, and it features 2 way filter to brew your drink. The infuser measures its diameter at about 1mm, which is the standard size hole. The capacity of the bottle is 450ml or 15oz. It has a strong glass interior, and its lid is made of bamboo. It is guaranteed to be 100% free of BPA and resistant to stain, corrosion and any unpleasant odor.

6. LeafLife Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser

Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser & Strainer by LeafLife

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This tea infuser bottle from LeafLife is the great product since it is well produced from the top grade materials such as real bamboo and stainless steel. Additionally, as this product only chooses the best stainless steel, the temperature that it can preserve is up to 12 and 24 hours for hot and cold water respectively.

The tea tumblers with infusers can resist stain, bacteria and odor very well. More importantly, the great point of this travel mug is the fact that it is free from BPA; therefore, the safety of the users is ensured.

5. Zojirushi SM-JTE46AD Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Zojirushi SM-JTE46AD Stainless Steel Travel Mug

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This is the next tea infuser bottle, which is a hot sale on the market today. This product is known as Zojirushi SM-JTE46AD Stainless Steel Travel Mug. As the name has already suggested, this product is thoroughly produced from the stainless steel; hence, the quality given in return is ensured to be the superior one.

With the attachment of the removable filter, it can easily remove the loose tea. More than this, it allows you to put the large ice cubes in the bottle with ease as well. Color options are blue and pink champagne. And, size options are 11 ounce and 16 ounce.

4. Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea Infuser

Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea Infuser 12oz, Chai

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The quality of this Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea Infuser is very tempting. Firstly, this product is the ideal for keeping hot drinks on the road. With the tea filter, you can brew your tasty tea without any difficulty. The mug features a flip lid that is leak-proof. It is both washable and microwave safe as well; therefore, cleaning and using it is very convenient.

And, for safety, the cup is completely BPA-free, too.



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VIBRANT ALL IN ONE Travel Mug is another sought-after item on the list. More than this, for the durability and the long lasting use, this incredible product is well produced from the top grade stainless steel. As a great result, the temperature of the beverage that this product can store is up to 32 hours. This product is highly recommended if you wish to carry it while you are travelling and work.

To use it as a coffee mug, simply remove the strainer. The mug gives a firm, non-slippery grip. Lastly, unlike other plastic bottles, this BPA-free product is guaranteed to be very safe to use. Grab one now and you will surely enjoy having this plastic travel mugs.

2. Thermos Stainless Steel

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Here arrives another incredible travel mug that receives the second best rating in the list today. Thermos Stainless Steel is the great drinking bottle that comes with the tea infuser. The maximum capacity that it can preserve the temperature is up to 24 hours.

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More than this, with the infuser attached to it, we believe that you can conveniently brew your hot tea easily. Last but not least, this 9.75 x 2.9 x 9.75 inches bottle is well made from the durable, break-resistant stainless steel.

1. UEndure The Original Tea Infuser Bottle

Tea Infuser Bottle & Cold Brew Coffee Maker by UEndure


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We always keep the best product in the list to the last; right now the wait is finally over. This is The Original Tea Infuser Bottle by UEndure that has the size of 2.8 x 2.8 x 9.5 inches and a sleek look. The UEndure bottle’s see-through design lets you see your tea and its strength. It is odor-free; made for making more than just tea but also ice water, coffee, cold brew coffee, smoothies, and more.

Since this product cares about the safety of the users, the materials chosen for producing this product are the high quality stainless steel and the BPA free plastic.

How do you use a tea infuser travel mug?

Here comes a little guide on how you can use a tea infuser travel mug:

  •  Open the tea infuser travel mug lid and put tea infuser into the mesh filter
  •  After that, slowly adding hot water
  •  Close the lid securely and let the tea brewed per your preference or need
  •  After it’s been brewing, open the lid and let the tea flow into the travel mug
  •  Take the infuser out from the lid and put the drip cup back


There you have it – a curated list of the top 10 best tea infuser travel mugs. These picks are appealing in terms of their design, versatility, warm/cold keeping, multi-usage, quality, durability, leak-proof feature, safety in usage, and more. With any of these tea infuser travel mugs, you’ll always time for teatime even when you are on-the-go.


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Dragon Glassware Tea Infuser Bottle

Dragon Glassware Tea Infuser Bottle | 14 oz Double Walled Insulated Teapot

The first product that you are going to hear from us today goes to the Dragon Glassware Tea Infuser Bottle. This product is well produced from the top grade stainless steel, plus the leak-proof lid. As a great result, you can conveniently carry it around when you are travelling with ease.

The bottle can effectively maintain the temperature of your drink as well. We can ensure you that you can use this mug without having to concern about any harmful chemical substance. Please be noted, that the material used is the BPA free and lead free one. And, the item is also backed by a lifetime customer support.

PoLLUx Bamboo Travel Coffee Mug

Bamboo Travel Coffee Mug Double Wall Eco Thermos

The next tea and coffee bottle is the Bamboo Travel Coffee Mug. This product is the expert in preserving the temperature both hot and cold for long hours. More than this, since this product is well produced from the top grade stainless steel and the bamboo, the quality offered is guaranteed to be the best one. No toxic material is used.

It is designed to not only make coffee but also fruit tea and leaf. The mug is also leak-proof. For your information, this eco-friendly product has the total dimension of 2.7 x 2.7 x 9 inches.

Sacred Lotus Love Glass Tumbler with Infuser

The NEW Sacred Glass Tumbler with Infuser + Strainer for Loose Leaf or Ice Tea

The Sacred Lotus Love Glass Tumbler with Infuser is one of best great tea thermos that shas the dimension of 2.8 x 2.8 x 9.5 inches. With a great design, the bottle has the slim and sleek shape. Furthermore, with the combination of the high quality glass and stainless steel, the durability of it is ensured.

If you are concerned about the chemical components, we dare to guarantee that this product is very safe to use since the material is 100% free from BPA. This is the best best travel water bottle.


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