TOP 8 Best Tree Climbing Harness Reviews in 2021

Are you a person who always works or involves in climbing activities? Therefore, a safety tree climbing harness is what you need. Tree Climbing harness reviews can protect you from various accidents from accidental fallings. However, it is also based on its quality and capability to withstand tension, weight, and pressure.

To help you choose the most suitable one, we have included the top 8 best tree climbing harnesses on the market that greatly receive a lot of positive feedback from users.

List of The Best Selling Tree Climbing Harness Products in 2021

Best Seller No. 8

List of The Best Tree Climbing Harness Reviews

8. Teufelberger treeMOTION Light Climbing Harness

Teufelberger treeMOTION

This is a tree climber belt from Teufelberger that offers you ultimate comfort, support, and security while climbing. Made from polyester materials, this harness is very light in weight and able to accommodate people of most sizes.

Its breathable fabric allows air to flow in and out to keep you away from sweat. It also features durable and secure dual straps at both waist and leg loops to ensure higher safety.

At the back, there are also back straps that offer more support to your entire body. To help you find the right position to your wearing, this product has an adjustable riser that is made elastic enough for ease of rising up and down.

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7. YXGOOD Tree Climbing Harness Kit

YXGOOD Climbing Harness

Protect yourself with a climbing safety harness during actual climbing or climbing exercise is a must. YXGOOD Climbing Harness ensures that you will be safe with its well-design features and sturdy build. It has an adjustable waist straps to accommodate most waist size. Therefore, it is ideal for everyone. Leg loops can also be regulated for you to fit in easily. Together with a sturdy buckle, this equipment will always keeps you in place. Constructed with equal pressure distribution, this full body climbing harness will always allow you to feel safe and feel no weight at all during climbing.

Made with high quality and breathable lining, comfortness is always there for you regardless of any seasons you wear it. Attached with soft foam in both waist and leg area, users will ultimately experience the most cozy climbing.

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6. kissloves Climbing Half Body Harness

kissloves Climbing Half Body

The half-body design of this rope climbing harness from kissloves brand will definitely amaze you. It has an overall construction of nylon materials which helps increase its lifespan. Besides, this harness is very quick to dry. The fabric does not hold moisture for too long which is perfect for washing and taking care of. Its waist size can be adjusted up to 120 cm which is ideal for both men and women to put it on. At the same time, its leg loops can be regulated from 48 cm to 64 cm to accommodate most sizes of legs.

Although it made from most comfortable materials, it is very durable and weight bearable. Kissloves Climbing Half Body Harness bears up to 400 kg of weight which ensures that most of users can always have it with safety.

Coming with 2 pairs of dual back buckle, this best climbing harness is very fast to adjust and offers more support through your back.

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5. Oumer Thicken Climbing Harness

Oumers Climbing Harness

Oumer is a thick yet lightweight climbing harness that is suitable for most of outdoor mountaineering activities. With an adjustable waist loop, users can tighten it about 29 inches and loosen it about 50 inches. Same goes to leg loops, they are also designed adjustable to make sure most of users can fit in. This product is great at bearing with high tension up to 15 KN and other impact force up to 6 KN which is what best for climbing.

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Built with traditional buckles, this allows for a quick adjustment and detaching. Moreover, it is also good at distributing pressure to keep you out of feeling heavy during mount climbing. Thanks to its perfect lining, this keeps you away from sweat and enables you to always feel comfortable at any temperature.

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4. Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness

Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness

While we are on the topic of thicken climbing harness, let’s look at another thicken tree climbing saddle from Weanas. This Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness is designed to ultimately protect you during mountaineering activities and climbing exercise at the gym. It has a thick yet breathable lining to keep you comfort for the rest of the day. The mesh materials are used to ensure that your waist, thighs and back will not sweat at all even during warm temperature. This durable harness is capable of loading up to 300 kilograms which makes it fit to most size people.

Moreover, it can withstand heavy tension up to 25 KN as well. With its extraordinary  pressure distribution feature, this unit gathers all of the pressure from your body and makes you feel light during climbing. Attached with double back buckles, this climbing rope makes waist and leg loops adjustment an easy and quick work to do.

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3. Oumers Wider Climbing Harness

Thicken Wider Climbing Harness

Weighing about 12 ounces, Oumers Wider Climbing Harness can be used both as adult and childrens climbing harnesses. Designed and constructed to received CE Certification, this unit is pretty safe to use for outdoor mountaineering activities. This product comes with a waist and leg loops that can be adjusted to fit both sizes of young an adult.

It supports up to 15 KN to ensure that safety is always at the corner of your climbing. Coming with built-in traditional buckle, Oumers Wider Climbing Harness can be adjusted within a short of time. It also features padded foam to provide better softness to your wearing. Its frame construction is built for excellent pressure distribution so that its users can feel at ease once they are on action. Made from mesh lining, it contribute more breathability to your skin and kick away all the sweat.

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2. YXGOOD Treestand Harness

YXGOOD Treestand Harness

YXGOOD Treestand Harness is one of the high performance materials you might need during your climbing. The construction is made to enhance durability and lifespan, while the design is made to ensure higher safety of its users. Padded on both waist and legs, it offers extra softness and comfort to its users and prevent pain and fatigue from occuring. The foam inserted at the waist and leg straps are breathable which improve greater breathability and reduce the level of moisture.

Being able to load up to 150kg, this harness is ideal for both adventurer and non adventurer. This item also comes with multiple rings to make storing and carrying more repairing tools possible. Besides, this tree climbing equipment is very lightweight in which you would feel comfortable wearing.

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1. Hunter Safety System UltraLite Flex Harness/ tree climbing belt

Hunter Safety System UltraLite Flex

Hunter Safety System UltraLite Flex Harness is the most potential product on our review list. its lightest design makes you feel no weight on your body at all while putting it on. It has the most flexible design to make adjustment and detachment easy for users. It durable and solid construction contribute greater safety to its users. Therefore it is a product worth buying. Apart from all of these great features, it has also been tested and proven to enhance its safeness for its users.

What is more, this item also comes with a built-in mesh that enables users to store their cell phone or other necessary things during climbing as well. Padded almost everywhere on the harness, comfortness is guaranteed to be there.

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How to use a tree climbing harness?

Tree climbing is one among outdoor activities that facilitate you to get involved in risky and challenging environment emotionally and physically, as well as building your creativity and cognitivism. However, this kind of activity might cause you an injury if you do not play it safe or have additional equipment. Tree climbing kits helps eliminating your worry if your kids are playing this activity. Tree climbing kits include glove, helmet, climbing harness, ropes, and so on.

In this little section, we would guide you how you can use a tree climbing harness.

First of all, we would like to introduce you the tree climbing harness part. Its part consists of 1 big waist loop, waistband, two-legged loops, gear loop, buckle, and cross piece.

Now you may take your harness, and identify the one big waist loop at the highest, and so your two-legged loops. After that, hold the cross-piece to the front, then step both of your legs through the waist loops. You must put your left leg within the left-legged loop, plus your right leg within the right-legged loop. Next, pull the full things up and make sure your leg loops are at the highest of your legs and your waistband is above your hipbones in order that it won’t collapse when you’re climbing. Lastly, you have to confirm that you tighten the buckle of your waistband so as your two-legged bands as tight as you can.

Now your harness wearing is ready.

Please also note that the harness design might be a bit different according to its brands. You may have to check its guidelines on how to use it too, so that your safety is ensured.


Climbing is the most dangerous things for both entertaining and professional activities. Therefore, a safety climbing harness is what you cannot miss. To provide you higher safety during usage, these top 8 best tree climbing harness are highly selected based on quality, usability, and flexibility.

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