TOP 10 Best Trunk Coffee Tables in 2020 + Buying Guide

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List Of Top 10 Best Trunk Coffee Tables in 2020



HOMES provides almost everything that you need in your house. This also includes a wide rectangle dark espresso coffee table which is really suitable in your living room. This coffee table is made up of fiber board and strong magnify veneers with two big capacious bottom drawers and a silver finish accent pulls. The bottom drawers are spacious that you can put your stuff in there such as cups, glasses, plates, forks, spoons and knife which is easily that you can serve your guests quickly.

This trunk coffee table with drawers has a top panel which you can slide it to reveal a special divided storage. The special divided storage will give you a big space to put a lot of your things there such as books, newspapers and so on.

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9. Viniquewise


Viniquewise will satisfy those who are into ancient things. This coffee table is designed in a vintage style which can look like a pirate themed treasure box. This wooden coffee table also gives you a big drawer inside which you can put a lot of your things in there whatever you would like. It’s really fitted if you have a coffee shop and  put it in your shop  and you can decorate your shop with a lot of ancient things too that can make your shop become old-fashioned.

This antique trunk coffee table will help make your coffee shop become very attractive and unique.

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8. Styled Shopping

Styled Shopping

Styled Shopping is a new style of pirate themed treasure chest coffee table with five different colors such as beige, black, brown, gray, red and come in three sizes. It is made of durable timber wood and ancient hardware. The medal hardware looks stunning and has enough storage capacity.

This elegant antique trunk coffee table is light; it is really convenient for you to use it in order to decorate in your house or your coffee shop.

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7. Furniture of America


Unlike other antique trunk coffeetables , Furniture of America came in a dark cherry rectangle pirate box with four black legs coffee table. It is made in USA. It has a slow hardware so it will be good if you have a kid , it won’t smash their fingers. It’s really acceptable to put it in a living room and you will smell the exactly fresh wood come from inside the table too.

This quality  end tables has a wide storage capacity that you can even put your blankets, quilts and pillows inside the trunk very fitly.

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6. Household Essentials


Household Essentials is a medium fashionable design in a luggage style coffee table. It’s old-fashioned design wood which is in red mix brown colors and has an affordable price. Its design is really unique since there are some coffee stamps and stickers on the trunk coffee table which make it look really interesting and fascinating. You can put it in everywhere in your house since it came in a medium size so it won’t need much space in your house.

This trunk coffee table has a hinge lid opens for your spacious storage or you can use it as a coffee table or can be low side table too.

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5. Festnight


Festnight is a small width storage cupboard trunk coffee table that is really perfect for your living room. It is fully hand made furniture that made up of solid multi-color wood with iron bumps that make the cabinet strong and long-lasting. It can use in two different ways like you can use it like a coffee table to put your drinks on this table or you can use it as a storage box to put your things.

This trunk end tables will delivery in front of your door in just three to seven days after you make an order.

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4. Southern Enterprises


Southern Enterprises provide you a solid and smoothness dark cherry wooden coffee table which is really tiny and adorable to look at. If you are looking for a small simple furniture, Southern Enterprises is perfect for you since you can put it at everywhere you want in your house and can save up your house space.

This mission and classic style furniture is suitable to put in your bedroom in order to help improve your study area or work area to become more restful.

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3. Best Home Products

 Best Home

If you are a black lovers, Best Home Products coffee table will make you really satisfy about it. It’s a good quality product which provides a good storage option with hidden right in plain sight. This four legs table characteristic interior design on the storage capacity and round handles.

The 60 pounds coffee table will make your living room or family rooms transform from a retro style into a modern style.

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2. Pemberly Row

Pemberly Row

Pemberly Row is white vintage rectangle end tables which can use as a trunk coffee table that is really fit into your living room and bedroom. Its graphic panels are designed to be a colorful design adverts which make it looks charming. It can be moveable easily since it finished on all sides for a flexible movement that you can move it into every places you want in a just a short time.

This non spindle casters with a lid stay for safety furniture can be used as a storage box too.

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1. vidaXL

vidaXL Rustic

vidaXL is the top one coffee table that made up from mango wooden that is a unique-looking handmade furniture. It’s a small rectangle end table with wax coated finish. Since this furniture is made up from a solid wood , so every pieces of the woods are different from each other. The different color of pieces combine together make it look more unique and interesting. Its surface is really smooth and velvety. The hardware is black iron with a designated thinly hammer iron hasp thing from the front lid, with no functional ring on the chest for a lock.  The side handles look maintainable and corresponding.

This table has hinges that always stay open until it closed so you won’t slam your fingers very easily. It’s a very good long lasting steady furniture.

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Buying Guide for Trunk Coffee Tables

There are six recommended guides to assist you with choosing the best trunk coffee table for yourself and your family. They are :

1. Size

Take into account the size of an area where you want to put it in and be realistic about the maximum size of the table that will comfortably fit into the space. A good rule of thumb is to leave two or three feet between the coffee table and surrounding furniture to allow people to comfortably move about the room. If you want to decorate it in your coffee shop, make sure to be realistic how much space that you have and how many tables that you want to put it in but make sure to leave a wide space for your customers between each tables too in order to make them walk comfortably.

2. Budget

Coffee tables can cost as little as 50$ or as high 700$, so before you begin to choose your coffee table, decide how much you would like to spend. With so much choices available, it can be easy to overspend so pick a budget and stick to it.

3. Uses

Think about what you would like out of your coffee table. Tray top coffee tables are perfect if you tend to carry food and drinks from the kitchen to the living room a lot, while trunk designs are ideal for those requiring extra storage options to put stuff in.  If you have a lot of things that need to be stored, so make sure to find a massive spacious trunk coffee table . If you are looking for something aesthetic and unique, a simple and classic trunk table could prove the perfect choice.

4. Whether children will be about

If there are often small children about, avoid expensive coffee tables in  will be damaged or scratched by pens and toys. Try to also steer clear sharp corners, which will lessen the risks of nasty bumps and bruises. The list of trunk coffee tables and end tables above also mention some of the trunk coffee tables that won’t slam your kid fingers and your fingers in order to provide safety for your family.

5. Current interior style

If you are channeling a modern monochrome look in your living room or area that you put it, a shabby-chic wooden coffee table is going to look out of place. Take into account your current décor and select a coffee table style that will complement it.

6. Styles

The trunk coffee tables and end tables above are r into two styles like antique and modern furniture. If you love vintage things, You should choose a coffee table that which is like a pirate themed treasure box and if you love your things to be in modernity, The classic and simple coffee table is an absolutely perfect choice for you.