TOP 10 best TV stands with mount in 2021 – Buyers’ Guide

Are you looking for high quality TV stands with mount? Here are the reviews of best TV stands with mount you may looking for. At the end of the article, we also give you idea to consider before purchases.

List Of Top 10 best TV stands with mount in 2021

10. Ameriwood Home Galaxy

Ameriwood Home Galaxy

First one in the list belongs to Americawood Home. What’s great about this TV stand with mount is that it is compatible to use with any TV that is up to 65” or 105 pound. Using very tough metal, it is very durable and strong compares to most of the TV mount in the market. Moreover, it is also finished with high quality laminated particles board that is expresso color, too. Hence, it looks perfectly suitable with any type of room decoration.

What’s also great about this TV stand with mount is also on the feature that it comes with 2 large selves at the bottom. What you can do with these selves is that you can put the gaming consoles or to store DVD, or other decorating tool. Besides, this TV mount stand is very easy to take care because all you need is to clean wipe it with a dry cloth and it will look like the new one. Now, since this stand is very heavy duty; hence, it is recommended that there should be two people that works to assemble it to ensure the secure and fast set up.

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9. WE Furniture Mount Black

WE Furniture

For any of you who haven’t heard of WE Furniture, it is one of the famous leading home appliance and furniture where there are thousand varieties of highly trusted products. So what’s great about this top 9. WE Furniture TV stand with mount is made from powder coated steel. Moreover, it is also features with premium quality MDF and laminated very smoothly. Therefore, this TV stand with mount is not only sturdy, but it also has the anti-rusting property within. For the weight carrying capacity, this TV stands can accommodate any flat screen TV which size is up to 60”.

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On top of this, this TV stand product is also designed for more storage spaces with the adjustable shelves, too. You can use it for any purposes from storing the DVDs players or even decorated with flowers or books. It will make your house look greater and peaceful, too. As far as the assembling might be concerned, you do not have to worry about it at all because there will be a clear and step-by-step instruction provided with the package, so you can simple follow the simple process and you will have the best TV stand for your home.

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8. Rfiver

 Rfiver Swivel Floor

On the top 8th, here we have with us Rfiver. This black cover TV stand has the mount bracket that is compatible to work with most of the TV brands. Made from high quality black tempered glass base and powder coated frame, Rfiver is not only strong and durable, but it also looks very elegant. The design has made this TV stand very functional because you don’t have to drill your wall anymore. On top that, you can even organize other things like cables, game consoles or even router by placing it nicely on the selves.

This black TV stand is also super adjustable, too. You can easily swivel up to 30 degrees left or right depends on your preferred angles. Moreover, similar to other TV stands, Rfiver is super effortlessly easy to install; all can be done by following detail manual instruction.

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7. TAVR Furniture

TAVR Swivel Floor

Here at the top 7th, we have this incredible TV stand with mount from TAVR Furniture. TAVR Furniture has the amazingly unique swiveling ability that can directed up to 45 degrees. Moreover, it also 3 adjustable height options that ranges from 47” to 52”, so you can easily set the height to fit your preference. This TV stand with mount is made with black tempered glass for the stand that can hold up to 110 pounds.

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What’s great about this is that its selves that stands up to 88 pounds. The three shelves design is made for more storing spaces with quick reach. What’s also special about this TV stand is it has the cable management system where wire can be put in the metal column, so the stand looks clean and nice. Besides, this TV stand fits almost every type of TVs ranging from 32” to 65” for flat screen TV or even a few heavy old TVs.

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VIVO TV Floor Stand

On the top 6th, we have the TV stand with mount from VIVO. VIVO is not the only brand that is widely famous for its smart phone technology, but VIVO is also specialized in term of TV stand. This TV mounted stand is ideal for any TV which screen is 13” to 42” and within the weight of 44-pound maximum. Besides, this VIVO TV stand also has other others features such as telescopic height adjustment and screen swiveling up to 30 degrees. Besides, VIVO TV stand base is very stable feet, so it can stand securely even on uneven floor.

What’s great about this, too, is that any purchase of VIVO’s TV stand will also receive all the required tools and hardware, so you can save extra bucks from spending on those. Last but definitely not least, you will also get 3-year manufacturer warranty for this TV stand. Therefore, there’s nothing else you should worry about at all.

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5. 1home

1home Mobile TV

Another great TV stand on the top 5 is from 1home. Designing with brilliant concept with wheels, this mount is very flexible. Its mount bracket can work with any type of flat screen TV that has the size from 23” to 55” within the maximum of capacity of 55 pound. It is ideal to use for any space whether at home, at office or at classroom. Moreover, you can also adjust the height of this stand too if you prefer.

On top of that, this 1home TV stand has designed with the media shelf that you can easy use to store any laptop, DVD or gaming console. You can also use it as decorated selves if you wish to. And if you worry about whether the stand can role itself because of the wheels, that’s not a concern at all because there is also lock mechanism which you can simply switch to it for the stand to be immobile.

Similar to some previous brands, 1home also own the cable management system where you can simply conceal the wire inside the frame. Everything about 1home is such a great deal that you should miss.

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Here at the top 4th, we have a high quality universal fit TV mounting bracket stand that belongs to PERLISMITH. As mentioned, it’s designed to accommodate almost with every flat screen TV as long as the size is from 37” to 55” while the loading capacity can be up to 88 pound. Besides, in term of price, PERLISMITH is one of the most reasonable priced TV stand you could find in the market; especially with this quality. Talking about The installment of this TV stand is claimed by real users that this universal tv stand would took no less than 15 minutes and the process is super easy, too.

What to note about this TV stand is that its mounting hole is 16” and it cannot fit with VESA hole pattern 24″X8″ and 24”x16”. The last important thing that shows why you can trust PERLISMITH TV mount is that this company also offers 10-year warranty on its products so if you ever find this product got any defects or something, you can also refer back to supportive solutions.

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3. Mount Factory

Mount Factory Rolling

On the top 3rd, we have yet another universal fit TV mounted stand that is from Mount Factory. This TV stand is another brand that is featured with the rolling wheel design. It is very useful because it allows a free movement option, so you can easily relocate your TV to any place you prefer. What’s also great about this TV stand is that it is compatible with any flat screen TV as long as its screen’s size is from 32” to 65”.

Moreover, because the stand is made from a very tough and heavy duty steel frame, it can load up to 110 pound which is very practical; especially if you have a heavy TV. Finally, Mount Factory also own a proper component shelf where you can easily store the cables, DVD player and more.

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 FITUEYES Universal

Second to the top one best TV mounted stand is from FITUEYES. This top 2 best TV stand is also designed with the modern-look shelves, so not only it’s practical as a TV stand per se, but also it can be a handful open storage. Moreover, FITUEYES has featured with a smart design that allows to be swiveled very freely. Aside from that, this TV stand also comes with the open column at the back.

What it does is it gives a space for the cable or wire to stay inside that, so the whole stand looks very clean and organized. For the compatibility, this TV mounted stand is able to accommodate with any TVs that the screen size from 32” to 65”. On top of this, if you don’t like the default height of this stand, you can always re-adjust it to any height you prefer. Even the rack can also be rotated freely so you pretty much have a full control over this stand.

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1. Elitech

 Elitech TV Portable

At this very top one, we have the best ever TV mounted stand from Elitech. By just a quick look of Elitech, you can confidently tell why Elitech deserves to be rated this high. Comes with very premium look, this TV stand is made from super tough steel construction which allows it to load up to 66 pound. Moreover, the bottom part of the stand, there is another metal flat base that is designed to ensure more stability of standing, so the stand will stay securely in a place without fall.

On the same note, you can even bolt it on the floor if you want to but just the base alone already works amazingly. Besides, this Elitech TV stand is also super easy to install because there are all necessary tool and hardware plus the manual instruction will be provided along with the package; so you don’t have to deal with the assembling struggles.

What is more, with Elitech, you can both adjust the height of the stand and the angle of the screen that tilt up to 20 degrees each angle. With all these great reasons, it is no doubt that Elitech is rated as the best TV stands with mount in 2021.

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Buying Guide

To complement with the list, we’ve also prepared the buying guide that you can follow in order to choose the best TV stand that you’ve no regret for. One of the most important thing you must take careful look for is in term of the compatibilities that including whether the stand mount would fit with the TV, what brands it can suit with or even what VESA size it requires to work with the TV.

These compatibility matters are as important as choosing the high quality stand because if it cannot go along with your TV, it’s nothing different from wasting your money and time to actually get back the right one. Hence, the solution for this is that you should also check the description of the products very thoroughly while comparing to your TV’s specifications. If you’re not sure about this, you can also reach out to customer support team to verify with them. By doing that, you will have your best TV stand that worth the money you spend.

Besides, another thing you need to look for which is optional but also beneficial to your decision is to determine how you are going to use it or for which place and what purpose. It is important in the sense that you can then identify the best product that is customized to your actual demand. In other words, if you are using it in the office or classroom; usually the stand might be moved from one place to another. If it’s really so, it is better if you look for TV stand that comes with rolling wheels. However, if you prefer it to be stay still in a place all the time, you may instead look for the one with the stable base metal. Therefore, determine your actual use can help a lot with choosing the right TV stand for yourself.

There four ways of buying a good quality and long lasting TV stand that will promote a healthy lifestyles for you and your family members.

Measure your space and TV

Once you have measured your TV size and TV stands size, don’t forget to measure the space in your house where you will put the TV stand too. You need to make sure that you don’t put your TV stand any areas that are too tiny or too wide that won’t fit your TV stand.

Think about how you will use it

 Your everyday habit of watching or doing activities that related to TV will give you the thoughtful choice in order to choose which TV stand that work best for you. For example, some TVs have a WIFI connection , so it can run apps without connecting to another device which is really easily not to connecting with any wires. Furthermore, if you are a gamer, you probably choose the TV stands that will fit your viewing perfectly in order to enjoy playing your game to the fullest.

Know what you are buying

Television stands are like most other furniture things which they have different features that might leave you a headache if you are not familiar with what they mean. So make sure to read the details clearly before you buying. Here is what you need to consider about its features :

Adjustable Shelves

Make sure you will choose the flexible shelves that you can turn them upside down very easily and quickly.

Cable Management

Choose the TV stand that had a hidden place to run and hide wires so that your television stands area can stay neat and tidy that won’t make it look very messy.

Foot Stabilizers

You need to choose the TV stands that have a tiny flexible feet so your TV stands will stand still if the floor is a tiny contorted that won’t be harmful to your little kids.

Solid Wood

 Some TV stand is made up of a solid wood.  It’s mostly stronger, but it can easily broken when it isn’t in the right climate.


Veneers are exotic woods that are covered on top of other things to give each furniture the look of an exactly like the real expensive wood.

Holes Back

Some TV stands in the lists above has holes in the back to allow your wire an air to inhale.

Follow the instructions

In order to set up it quickly and easily, you need to read the instruction carefully and slowly in to follow up the instruction clearly, you won’t get lost in the process and help you save your times and efforts.


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List Of Top 10 Best TV Stands with Mount in 2021

10. Ameriwood Home

Ameriwood Home

Ameriwood Home is a TV stand with mounting brackets which design with two large shelves to store module and gaming solaces and the center spine to pile up your speakers , DVDs and books in. The modern style with a cutting edge design TV stand came in three different sizes such as 50-Inch TV stand, 65-Inch TV stand and 70-Inch TV stand. To complete the package, a flat screen TV mount must be include if you want to look your favorite show in style.

It’s very hard and stability TV stand which fit perfectly in your living room and it is really suitable for playing games too.

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9. WE Furniture

WE Furniture

WE Furniture is a TV stand came in two different style which are normal TV stand and a TV stand with mount. It’s a high-grade MDF structure with  long lasting laminate. Its cable management hole  view as a clean space. If you have a kid, you should consider a TV stand with mount style because it will hold your television tightly so it won’t be dangerous to your little kid. This espresso 58 inch wooden TV stand can hold up your flat-panel television up to 60 inch

It will help to save up your space if your house isn’t big enough since it has a big divided shelves into four different parts so it help you to store your stuff. It also has a wide top shelving space to put your books on it.

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8. Rfiver

Rfiver Black

Rfiver is designated in two different styles which are two shelves TV stand and tabletop TV stand.TV stand with mounting brackets has a safety lock on both sides of the mount which can prevent television from falling. It also has a cable management which is located between two shelves which you can hide the wires without going through the wall and making holes on your walls. Its feet is non-slip which can stand stabile on the table top. It has a swing around brackets which can rotate your TV left and right about thirty degrees. If you find a strong shelf support , Rfiver will satisfy you with its two-shelves TV stand style. There are two different styles of height adjustment which you can turn it into different nine positions which suits your eye level for a better view. This rotating tv stand is made up of modern black tempered safety glass shelves and a black powder coated steel frame which 32inch up to 65 inch television can fit perfectly.

The tabletop TV stand which can hold up 22 inch up to 55 inch TV and support up to 88 pounds which you can put on your table safely. It was designed with soft bottom feet pads which can make your television stand still and stable.

It can assemble in just three quick steps. Firstly, you need to assemble the base and mounting plate. Secondly, you need to set up the vertical brackets to the back of your TV. Lastly, you can lean your TV protectively to the stand.

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7. TAVR Furniture

TAVR Swivel

TAVR Furniture designs in four characteristic like two shelves TV stand, three shelves TV stand, four shelves TV stand and a wood cabinet TV stand. The two tiers and four tiers TV stands can hold up 32inch up to 55 inch television while three tiers and a cabinet wooden TV can hold up 32inch up to 65 inch television. The wooden cabinet TV stands is the most unique among all of TAVR Furniture TV stands since it is not a TV stand with mounting brackets and come in special features. There is glass shelf inside a wooden cabinet that can adjust three height positions. You also can adjust its feet to the stand level that you want to because it has a flexible feet. However, it can only swivel to left or right side only 35 degrees while the other three TV stand can swivel up to 45 degrees.

All of the TAVR furniture TV stand made up of tempted glass shelf and had a safety lock to hold up your TV tightly and prevent from dropping. If you are looking up for a big spacious storage to put your things on , you should purchase the four tiers TV stand.

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VIVO TV Display

VIVO is one of the popular brands that sold electronic device such as mobile phone , TV stands and so on which you can trust this brand. VIVO TV stands came in two styles which are floor stand and mobile floor stand. These TV stands with mount black is fit perfectly with 13inch to 42inch television. If you are looking for stability base for exactly direction , you should choose the normal floor stand. But if you are looking for a moveable and flexible base , you can choose the mobile floor stand sine it has four wheels on the base that you can move it easily to area you want to put it in.

It comes with a three years warranty and you also can turn it upside down about thirty degrees to the level that is suitable for your eyesight.

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5. 1home

1home Mobile

1home TV stand is suitable and moveable for your conference rooms , classrooms for giving a presentation. It is designed to hold screens between 23inch to 55inch screen with a max load capacity of 50kilograms. The TV stands with mounting brackets which you can turn it upside down about 15 degrees. There is a plastic cover on the base which make it look really attractive. It’s a low profile rear feet which helps to place the cart near the wall. Its four wheels covered in plastic and have a locking mechanism  to stand still at where you want it to be, so it will satisfy you if you are looking for a stand still and easy movement TV stand.

It featured an integrated cable management system to hide wire very well and has a large media shelf which you can put your laptops, DVDs player, gaming console and other AV equipment.

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PERLESMITH designed in three sizes which are 32inch-47inch tempered glass TV stand, 37inch-70inch steel leg TV stand and 37inch-55inch TV stand which is a really affordable price TV stand The tempered glass TV stand has a safety extra security wire to prevent TV from tip over accidentally and will be safe for your kids. The steel leg TV stand has a non-slip and non-scratch pad which help to make your television stand still and prevent it from falling. The normal TV stand is a long-lasting TV stand that added a touch to your home theater system while providing safety when mounting your device.

This brand company will provide you a lifetime warranty with a friendly customer service that will help you to assemble your TV stand quickly and easily.

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3. Mount Factory

Mount Factory

Mount factory is a mobile TV stand with mount black which has two expanded legs on the front base with a locking mechanism which provide you a stabile , strong and adaptable base. It is a fitting TV stand for 32-65inch television such as LED, LCD, Plasma TVs and other flat panel displays which give a better view. It’s a hardy TV stand which can hold up your television to approximately 5o kilograms. Easily openings in the back plate provide space to move cables and wires through for a neat and tidy look.

It’s a good quality TV stand which is very functions and also a well built TV stand that is made up from good materials.

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If you are looking for an elegant look TV stand that fit your audio video equipment, FITUEYES is the best choice that you should consider. It’s a TV stand with mounting brackets that you can swivel it which is really suit your 32-65 inch television. Its shelf is flexible which you can move it to the position you want it to be, then lock it. Each shelves edge is polish in order not to be dangerous for everyone especially your little kids.

Its feet is made from rubber which is not slip and it also has a safety lock which can hold your TV safely and tightly.

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1. Elitech

Elitech TV Portable

Elitech is the top one popular TV stand in 2021 which is really suit between 32 to 55 inch television. It is made up from hardy steel which can support weight up to 66 pounds and wire can run inside the pole. The mounting bracket has 20 degrees swivel so monitor can be set to fit the viewing angles for a better view and is VESA complaisant supporting up to 400 X 400 mm mounting holes. Stand assembly is simple and comes with compulsory tools and hardware. The stand can be set up without bolted on the floor as a portable free-standing TV stand.

It is really easy to install if you follow the directions in the instructions.

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