TOP 10 Best under Desk Foot Rests in 2021

Just came home from work and feel like your feett literally gave up on you? You have tried multiple alternatives but nothing seems to work? Or you are just simply looking for a gift for your special someone because they are struggling from intense working and restless standing?  Do not worry, because we are here to help you overcome your cramped muscles and hopefully help you pick one for your beloved ones. Now, here are the top 10 best under desk foot rests of 2021.

List Of Top 10 Best under Desk Foot Rests in 2021

10. Fellowes Climate Control Footrest

Fellowes Climate

First of all, let’s start with this amazing foot rest under desk by the brand called Fellowes. This particular footrest has temperature options between hot and cold which is perfect for both winter and summer all year round. The product comes in just one shade which is black. Moreover, the foot rest has an auto-turn off feature meaning that it will turn itself off within 8 hours.

It is adjustable to perfectly comfort your foot position. And lastly, this product is economic-friendly as it helps save electricity since it only requires 250 watts to run. The device is 4.25 pounds and it is 10 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches wide.

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9. Smart n Comfy

Foot Rest Cushion

Now we shall move on to the next product which is the cushion desk footrest from Smart n Comfy. Just like how it sounds, this product is definitely smart and comfy as this footrest is the secret to heal your painful cramps because it is technically cushiony. Its high class design allows you to rest your foot on a soft surface with extra comfort with an increase of airflow.

Not only that this device is extremely comfortable, but it is also surprisingly very convenient as it is first of all portable and lightweight so no matter where you are, no more muscle cramps from long hours of traveling. Surprisingly, the footrest for desk is just 1.55 pounds and approximately 6 x 16 x 10 inches wide.

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8. Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Foot Warmer

Cozy Products TT Toasty

The third product is from Comfy which is another office foot rest. This best office footrest allows you to have 3 adjustments for your favorable position and it heats up for your freezing foot really well. The Toasty Toes foot rest is also an economic friendly device as it only requires just approximately 90 watts to run compared to a standard foot rest which generally runs on 1000 watts.

Since it requires such low amount of electricity to function, this product is known to be safe and prevent fire break out as well. It is 4.5 pounds and 12 x 18 x 5 inches wide. Overall, this footrest is not only just financially friendly but also safe.

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7. VIVO Ergonomic foot rest

VIVO Black Ergonomic

We all know that standing for long hours is not a pleasant thing to do as it leaves you painful muscle cramps. This best ergonomic footrest from VIVO is perfect to alleviate your discomfort caused by a long day of restless standing. It can be easily adjusted and moreover, it is designed specifically for workers who stand a lot. The textured surface helps to prevent your foot from slipping off from the foot rest both with shoes on or barefoot because it acts as a sturdy grip.

VIVO adjustable footrest has an easy set up system so you can pretty much use it right away without spending hours following the manual. It is 16.9 x 14.5 x 5.2 inches wide and it weighs 8.05 pounds. This product is so good that the company gives up to 3 years warranty.

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6. Nekmit Adjustable Foot Rest

Nekmit Adjustable

A good foot rest releases bad tension and this foot rest from Nekmit is just it. It is a multifunction device meaning that it can be used as both a foot rest and a back rest placed on your chair or sofa behind your back to support your back while you are working in your office on that painful chair. Just like one of the foot rest mentioned above, the Nekmit foot rest is actually a cushiony device which makes it travel friendly and lightweight.

This product is a sturdy device so you do not have to worry about it shrinking after putting your weight on top of the cushiony foot rest. Since it is lightweight, you can bring it with you on flights or long hour car rides so you will not have to travel with sore calves. It is only 1.61 pounds and 17.5 x 11.4 x 5.9 inches wide with 1 year warranty as well.

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5. Mount-It Foot Rest

Mount-It! Ergonomic

Now let’s move on to the fifth product which is an adjustable foot rest from Mount-It. Unlike any other products, this foot rest comes in 2 different shades which are black and gray. The device was designed specifically to help maintain you a better posture as we all know how important your posture is fore your backbone and lift your foot up from the ground while working from office. By tilting your foot from 0 to 30 degrees angle, it helps with blood circulation.

It also comes with a textured surface bumps in order to prevent slippage with a sturdy grip. Not only that Mount-It foot rest helps to increase circulation but it also helps to release tension in your foot making your work life more comforting and your foot will thank you later. It is 4.96 pounds by 18.4 x 14 x 5 inches.

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4. ErgoFoam Foot Rest

Ergonomic Foot

The foot rest from ErgoFoam is known to be the world’s most comfortable foot rest because of its ability to provide you the ultimate comfort. You can definitely feel your best everyday with this product as it allows you to rest your foot on it and maintain a good posture by letting you be able to sit up straight while alleviates back pain.

It is manufactured in North America therefore the quality is guaranteed that it meets high standards. You can also turn the device curved side down and you will be able to move your feet and allows the circulation to flow easily and reduces swollen foot from intense traveling. It weighs 12.6 pounds and 17.3 x 11.8 x 3.9 inches wide.

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3. Embody Care Foot Rest

Under Desk Foot Rest

A good foot rest is meant to help comfort your foot but a great foot rest can literally rejuvenate your whole body into extreme comfort. Presenting you this amazing foot rest by Embody Care, it is anatomically designed to naturally message your feet and leave your entire body feeling relaxed and reduce sore legs almost right away.

This product is portable with its versatile concept so you can feel your best anywhere you go. The height is of course adjustable therefore you can even also use it as a wheelchair foot rest. It is 17.5 x 6 x 14 inches wide and weighs just 4.95 pounds.

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2. Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest Cushion

Quality matters and products from Lasting Comfort Inventions never fail to impress you. With their new cushion foot rest, it allows you to rest your feet at different levels. It is perfect for both home and office and it helps to improve your posture, alleviate knee and leg pain which is essentially recommended for elders as well as people from all age.

Unlike any other foot rest, the device from this company gives you a therapeutic message feeling when used with socks on cozy days. You can also flip the device in order to enjoy a rocking motion that helps improve your blood circulation. It is only 10.2 ounces and 17 x 9.5 x 4.75 inches wide.

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1. Office Ottoman

Foot Rest Under Desk

Finally, let’s move on to our last product on the list, the Office Ottoman foot rest. It is the answer to your foot pain and cramp by keeping your legs incredibly alleviated from those symptoms. Again, it has textured surface preventing slippage and it is designed with medical grade foam. The velour cover can be washed and air dried and it makes a great gift for your friends and colleague for the up-coming holiday season. It is only 1 pound and 17.5 x 11.5 x 4 inches wide also known as a standard size for a foot rest.

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In conclusion, these are the top 10 best foot rest that are highly recommended for those who has issues with foot cramp and work for long hours or you just simply want to get it as a present for your loved ones for the approaching holiday season. Ranging from different price points as well as varieties of function to help you choose your best foot rest personally. Hopefully, you can find your most favorable one out of our suggested list.


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