TOP 10 Best Wall Cubbies in 2020

Rustic Dark Brown Wood Shadow Box

Want to find something functional that can be placed on your wall to add more decoration to your house? Want to get more space to store and organize your items in a modern way? Wall cubbies are the solutions to these questions.

Yet, with a wide variety of options offered on the market, the shopping for good wall cubbies might stress you out. Thus, we are here with the top ten best wall cubbies in 2020, which are very likely to meet your needs. Find out about these picks below.

List Of Top 10 Best Wall Cubbies in 2020

10. DesignOvation Cubby Wood Wall Shelf

DesignOvation Corri Square

You will have some more extra space for storage by using these cool wall shelves from DesingOvation. It is of a modern design which offers you up to 9 cubbies to arrange your things much easier. You can also use this shelves as decorative items and you can place it anywhere including your living room or even your bedroom.

It is constructed with high quality material with satin finish that will ensure the durability of the shelf. Enjoy using this shelf with its dimension of 20 inches tall, 20 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep.

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9. MyGift Rustic Torched Wood Wall Mounted Cubby Shelving

Rustic Torched Wood Wall

This one looks stylish and elegant with the new design using wood with rustic style torched. You will get 4 spacious cubbies featuring two drawers by just choosing this collectors shelves from MyGift. With these cubby and drawer, it will be easier for you to organize your things than ever before.

Anyway, you do not have to stress yourself out by thinking which space is suitable for your shelf since this rustic style shelf can be placed anywhere around your home or office.

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8. Best Choice Products Cubby Wall Drawers

Best Choice Products 20 Unit

Enjoy another innovative way in storing your clothes or shoes with this cubby storage wall drawers from Best Choice Product. There are 20 units of cubic that you can use to divide your stuff perfectly. Each drawer is attached with frosted panel door that could possible fit well in any corner of your room.

Plus, each cubby is capable of storing up to 22 pounds with the spacious compartment than you have expected. You will find the installation instruction in order that you can assemble these drawers by yourself.

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7. Wood Designs Wall Locker and Cubby Storage

Contender C51401F Wall Locker

Baltic Birch Plywood is the material that Wood Designs uses to build up this perfect cubby wall shelf. It comes in the original wood color without any colors added yet still look elegant. This wall shelf will offer you 10 translucent trays that allow you to place your item by types so that it will be easier when you are to find your things later on.

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6. ECR4Kids Cubby Wall Locker

ECR4Kids 10-Cubbie Birch

Teaching your kids to organize their things with these cubby wall locker that is not used only as a bookcase but their toys, their clothes and such. These are recommended shelves for kids’ room. You can actually save the floor space for your kids to play by just mounting this children cubbies shelf on the wall. It will offer you 10 spacious compartment and another four double sided hooks at the same time to ease your kids’ utility.

This one features rounded edges to protect your kids from getting injured when they hit the shelf. It is made of solid wood that can protect itself well from getting scratches.

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5. Wood Designs Contender C51409 Wall Locker

Contender C51409 Wall Locker

Another best cubby wall locker from Wood Designs is appearing in the list. These shelves are sturdy and will actually make your wall look nice. This locker is not only used to keep your things in order but you can also distract your kids by hiding your things in the drawers if you do not want kids to get access to that things. It is built with high quality wood that comes to serve you right in a long period of time.

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4. MyGift Rustic Dark Brown Wood Shadow Box

Rustic Dark Brown Wood Shadow Box

Made from high quality wood with the dark brown rustic style finish, this wall cubby will provide you the most stylish storage highly recommended in the market. This is one of the wall mounted shelf that you can actually mount it to the wall by your own with the help of manual instruction given in the pack. You will have 9 spacious cube storages featuring 2 pull out drawers that you can use to show your memorable items or store your book.

It can be used in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or toilet. So with these rustic style wood locker, you do not have to spend time thinking about how to organize your room in the stylish way.

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3. Elegant Home Fashions Wall Cabinet and Storage Cubbies

Elegant Home Fashions Wall

By Elegant Home Fashions, the wooden wall cubbies cabinet works well for storage and showing your memorable things to the visitors coming to your house or office. This wall cabinet is made to be sturdy with the high quality wood equipped with warm Cane brown finish.

There will be another inner shelf that can be adjusted to make it easy storing the taller objects. An additional charming touch will be offered by the combination of can paneled doors and wooden knobs.

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2. Simpli Home Avington Two Door Wall Cabinet with Cubbies

Simpli Home Avington Two Door Wall

Organize the things in your bathroom with the Avington storage collection. You will get the shelf that has two doors with an adjustable inner shelves and three spacious cubbies to store your items effectively. These wall shelves feature white painted lacquer finish to offer you the experience of using the classic style wall storage.

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1. ClosetMaid Cubeicals Organizer

ClosetMaid 421 Cubeicals

CloseMaid cubbies organizer comes to offer you the a 9 cube design that is perfect for arranging your items so that you will spend less time seeking when you are in hurry. You can use this one to store things or to show off your favorite or memorable things. This can help reduce clutter and offer you larger space to manage your objects.

It is constructed with laminated wood that can be installed much easier by just following the mounting guide that will be seen in the same pack. Get one of the colorful shelves by choosing your favorite color to personalize your own cube.

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All the best wall cubbies reviews above could help you save your efforts in looking through random items in stores or online. These are top 10 best wall cubbies that are highly rated due to their best appearance, quality, durability and their usefulness.

These cubbies will offer you the spacious compartment that you need to save your floor space, display your favorite objects, and they can be the best tools for decorating your wall and your room. Any of these picks will serve you best; get yours soon.