Top 10 Best Weight Lifting Belts in 2020

It’s important to wear a weight lifting belt during your lifts as it ensures your back, abs and entire core are evenly stabilized and strength. Lifting belts increase intra-abdominal pressure. Increasing pressure to your core through our power belt will make you feel safer. That leads us to do some research and bring you this list of top 10 best weight lifting belts in 2020.

List Of Top 10 Best Weight Lifting Belts in 2020

10. PowerLifting Lever Belt – 13mm Power Weight Belt

PowerLifting Lever Belt

Iron Bull Strength’s weight belt features 13mm thick, solid and exclusive genuine leather. Additionally, it provides the great amount of support while maintain good flexibility. This weight lifting belt is finished with top quality, providing non-slip surface. You can adjust lever-lock power, as it comes with a heavy-duty steel lever to give you compression and support.

The lever has 2 screws to remove, so you can adjust specifically it according to your waist size. Plus, the double sticking construction makes it durable, as well as the 4’’ wide suede leather material.

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9. Dominion Strength Training Leather Weightlifting Belt

Dominion Strength

This lifting belt designed for competitive weight-lifters is made from top grain cow leather with seamless steel roller. Each belt has 11 holes spaced an inch apart, providing 10 inches of adjustability; which means it will always fits even if your waist size changes. The prong could stand to be about 1/4″ shorter, considering how tight you need to wear the belt.

Moreover, a single prong makes it easy to get on and off. Also, with the 3’’ wide x 10mm thick, it is great for those who have a short torso.

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8. Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting Belt/Powerlifting Belt

Ader Leather Power Weight Lifting

Another Iron Bull Strength powerlifting belt, made from exclusive suede leather (10mm thick). It’s not layers glued together to make thickness, fine suede providing non-slip surface during lift. The belt conforms to your body shape and is comfortable for a weight lifting power belt. The double roller buckle prongs are precision made, custom zinc plated steel which offers strength and durability.

With the height of 4’’ across its length, it will ensure your back, abs and entire core. It really makes lifts seem effortless since it really takes any strain off your back, thus giving confidence to move up in weight.

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7. Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt

Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight

Ader leather powerlifting belt comes in red color with white stiches all over the belt. Its 3/8’’ thick x 4’’ wide, constructed with top quality leather with a soft suede lining for increased comfort. And, it easy to use closure system features a double prong seamless roller buckles with a single loop to secure your belt in place.

This one of the weight belts that offers great support without pinching or sliding on the body and comes in many sizes for you to pick.  It is very stable and provides adequate support on those heavy squats, plus the material is comfy.

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6. Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting Belt Belt

Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting

This advanced back support for Weightlifting and Heavy Power Lifting from Iron Bull strength. It built tough for your workout, the 10mm belt is durable, offers extreme support and fully portable.  It guarantees to evenly wrap around you whole body, and gives a good tight supportive feeling. With the two prongs and a height of 4’’ across its length, it looks sturdy and stiff enough to help keep tight in the lift.

Another pro is when you do deadlift the belt digs into your ribs since it’s just as wide in front as back, so it keeps your spine neutral and chest up.

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5. Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Belt by 4″ Wide by 10mm Thick

Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Belt

Steel Swat weight lifting belt is strong and for long lasting use, with vegetable tanned 100% genuine cow hide leather (using the all-natural cowboy method of tanning hides for premium quality). With a single-prong roller buckle and screw-in rivets, made from stainless steel, allowing you to make easy adjustments from hole to hole when needed.

The 10mm thickness giving you a better lumber and core, support during heavy lift. A stronger core means more efficient force transfer, which means you will lift more weights.

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4. RDX Weight Lifting Lever Buckle Powerlifting Belt

RDX Weight Lifting Lever Buckle

Next, RDX powerlifting belt with oil-tanned cow hide leather construction for strength and stability. Advanced power lever system gives you instant loosening with added strength. The stitching around the edges is nicely done and well placed to help increase the durability. And, the designed mold stays close to the body to provide ample support and enhance posture.

Furthermore, the belt will not fold or lose its shape over time. For choosing the right size, stick to the chart and you should be fine as you can always reset it up 6 inches smaller. It comes with perfectly sized at 10mm thick and 4inches wide.

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3. Stoic Powerlifting Belt/Weight Lifting Belt

Stoic Powerlifting Belt/Weight Lifting

Stoic squat belt has 4 inches width all the way around with 10mm thickness (with only 1.2mm of suede) providing you superior support. It helps reducing stress on your back from rounding on exercises with non-tapered front. Best used for heavy weightlifting, bodybuilder and even heavy cross training workouts. This belt constructed and value, second to none. It features full sole leather, strong nylon stitching as well as ultra-heavy single prong buckle with seamless roller.

On top of that, the belt uses only a single suede exterior, versus both inside and out. This increases support, longevity for the belt with the material that aids support.

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2. Flexz Fitness Lever Buckle Powerlifting Belt

Flexz Fitness Lever Buckle Powerlifting

This exercise belt comes in various sizes and colors. The company has improved the quality material and the lever also comes with a lifetime guarantee. But, the lever itself is made out of durable stainless steel; it helps increase intra-abdominal pressure, which is crucial for the establishment of safe and effective form. The product is made to keep your back safe from injuries as weightlifters tend to round their lower back.

In addition, Flex’s weightlifting belt is useful for reducing stress on your back. Also, the belt has no foam, neoprene, Velcro, glue or plastic inserts. Look like a beast and stand out in the competition with this belt!

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1. Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt

Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight

Finally, we have this black leather powerlifting weight belt from Ader. This is a nice, sturdy 10mm belt made with top quality leather with soft suede lining for increased comfort. It features a double prong seamless roller buckle with a single loop.

It keeps your core very sturdy with its thick, sturdy build. If you want to lift heavy, this belt will definitely fit the bill. You need to look up the instructions for measuring yourself for one of these belts. The more you use it, the more it appears to be sturdy for you.

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A proper weightlifting belt allows greater tension by preventing the core muscles from expanding outward when they are contracted for the lift. As we all know that, back position is critical for preventing injury when performing heavy lifts. This is when powerlifting belts come in handy. So, make sure to get yourself one, before your next lift! (Please use size guide to order the correct size.)


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