Top 10 Best Winter Tents in 2020 – Review and Buying Guide

Are you looking to take adventure this winter? Here is an ultimate list of best winter tents in 2020. We also list some idea for you to consider before purchase.

List Of Top 10 Best Winter Tents in 2020

10. Winterial

Winterial 6-7 Person

A triangle winter tent  which is made of polyester that is durable and a protection from the elements. It’s a water resistant tent which is really perfect for rainy or snow season. This tent includes 30 ground sticks , a center pole, a rain cap, a pole cap , a stabilizer and a tipi tent which has four windows , four netting vents and two zippered doors in order to give you a comfortable tent. This tent allow six to seven adults to sleep in since it comes with a 10 feet of spacious interior design. You can comfortably stand without hurting your head since it has an enough space to stand up.

It’s very convenient to set up in just five minutes and carry it to everywhere you want.

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9. Geertop

GEERTOP Portable

If you are looking for a couple tent , Geertop is winter tent that will satisfy you and warm you up comes with two different colors such as yellow and green. It has double mesh windows which allow the air in summer you will feel cool and in winter you will easily inhale the air. It is made up of a high quality fabric which is water resistance and non-tear. It’s also an anti-insects tent which have two sides of door which is easily for you to enter and exit the tent and very convenient to put your luggage on the both sides. With its triangle aluminum tent pegs and thoughtful windproof ropes help you don’t trip over them in the night. Its double stitched junctions are fitly sealed for a complete water resistant and the strong aluminum poles and plenty of stabilize little weight gain.

The perfect tent for all seasons which is anti-rain, anti-wind, anti-rain, anti-storm, anti-snow and UV protection. It also can shed off snow and rain quickly because of is slippery surface.

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8. Toogh

Toogh 3-4 Person

Toogh is a winter tent comes four different colors such as dark brown, dark gray, gray red and sky blue. It made up from fabric and silicone coating. It is designed to be an automatically tent that can fold by itself by pressing the end of the pole. It has a special mosquito net which doesn’t allow mosquito to enter easily which can provide you a peaceful and soundly sleep. It is really suitable for travelling, fishing, camping, mountaineering, hiking and beach holiday.

Toogh is a registered trademark protected by US Trade mark Law that will give you a 15 day money back guarantee for any reasons and a year warranty for quality related problems with a very friendly customer service.

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7. Coleman

Coleman 2000028058

Coleman has two variety sizes which a small size tent can hold up to 6 people and another big size tent can hold up to 10 people. It has a hinged door which you can easily enter and get out from the tent. It comes with a storage pocket which you can put your little stuff in. It has an E-port which you can bring your electric power to put in your tent. The small size tent can put a double queen size beds while the big size tent can put three queen size beds in. It has a seams which can hide needle holes inside the tent. It’s a stability tent and an anti-insect tent.

It can prevent not to allow elements to enter the door since it is made up from weather-proof fabric.

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6. Eskimo

Eskimo FatFish

Eskimo is a 3-4 people tent which has six massive windows for a better view and also included six self-tapping ice anchors that is easily to hold and will not bend under any circumstances. It has a massive bottom space which you can store your gear and move around very conveniently inside the shelter.  The FatFish series uses all-metal pivots and long-lasting fiberglass poles to easily op open and set up in seconds.

You can easily fold it down, rolls up and slides into a fluffy carry bag that you bring it everywhere with you.

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It’s nicely feature into room divider and wall storage pockets keep your things neat and tidy. It will provide you a safety tent which the electric port is fully close when not in use. It can hold up to 9 people which are divided into two colors such as green color and wine color. It’s pretty good with the special ability to vent the damp warm air out and keep things dry inside. It has a removable rainfly which give you a perfect view at nighttime and daytime and if it will be rain , you got covered by this rainfly. It has a huge door which give you an easy way to get in and get out from the tent at the same time to allow fresh air to enter the tent.

It has 78inch center height and is a time saving instant setup to assemble the tent for about 60 seconds only.

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4. Winterial


Winterial is one of the trust brand that comes with a high quality product. This winter tent comes with a rain fly roof, two long-lasting aluminum tipped tent poles screen and two solid doors. It’s three season tent which you can use it in spring, summer and fall. It’s a wind and water proof which gives you an amazing camping experience. It has a big ventilation screens which allow the airflow from outside to inside. The bottom of the tent is water resistance. It is really easy to install which include the poles, the stakes, the rainfly pack up neatly into a lightly carry bag.

Winterial is the best winter tent under 100$ which was founded in 2014 by a group of adventurer who love outdoor entertainment.

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3. ALPS Mountaineering

ALPS Mountaineering

A free standing two poles design with fiberglass poles that is UV protection and water resistance with extra storage space. It’s fully equipped with zippers, poly floor, gear loaf, stakes, rope with a tiny storage pocket. To set up this tent, you need to connect pole pins to the shock twilled Fiberglass poles.

It’s the best tent for the money saving and provide you two sideway doors which is really convenient for you to walk in and walk out.

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ENKEEO Camping

It has two layers which are outer and inner layer. The blue water-proof and sun-proof fly covered is bigger than the inner one so it creates a sheltered entryway where you can store wet clothes in different weather conditions. It also works as an outdoor activity. There are six steps in order to install this tent. Firstly, you need to take out the tent, poles, guy lines and pegs. Then join the poles together. After that, Insert the tip of the poles into the eyelets at the corner of the inner tent. The poles should curve and create an X pattern. Then, you need to pick up the inner layer and join the clips on the inner layer to the pole. Finally, put flysheet over the inner layer and peg down the corner of the tent.

It’s a multi-functional camping tent which is lightly that you can bring it everywhere with you.

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1. Crua Outdoors

Crua Duo Cocoon

The top one fluffy and comfy winter tent that made up from duo cocoon combo tent which is really durable. This cocoon tent will give you the protection and comfort shelter that you will have an incredible camping experience. Its good materials will keep you warm and comfortable in winter and cool in summer which is really perfect for every couple.

It’s easily assemble and fold down by just laying out the floor of the tent and then inflate the two built in air tubes using air bumpers in a fairy quick way.

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Buying Guide

If you are an adventurous person, you will want to know the perfect tent for all seasons especially winter seasons .Here is a list of 9 to think about which can help you to choose the most suitable winter tent for yourself.

1. Warmth

In order to keep yourself warm,  the best winter camping tents need to have two layers.

2. Tent’s Capacity

Tent storage capacity is very important that you should read and check it out in order to hold up the amount of people that you want to stay in the tent together warmly.

3. Spaciousness

Big space is another point to think about in order to choose a perfect winter tent. Whether camping, backpacking, or mountaineering, you will want to have a comfortably sheltered that will warm you up and allow an air inside the tent for you to breathe comfortably.

4. Tent Quality

During a snowy day ,winter, blizzards and other risky weathers usually happen unexpectedly and accidentally so you need to be well prepared for your safety. You will need a tent made of high quality materials that can keep you safe and protect against the winds. Furthermore, you will want to choose a winter camping tent that is designated for 4 seasons which comes with an affordable price and comfortably.

5. Ventilation

Having an extra ventilation permits you to manage your tent very well. Even though you need some fresh air, but having the tent to keep yourself completely inside is essential. The more number of people inside the tent, the bigger ventilation it will have to proffer.

6. Access: Two Doors

There are two reasons that you need to consider why you need to choose a two doors winter tent such as:

  1. In the blizzard situation, If snow falling down on one door side, you will have a chance to walk out at another exit door.
  2. The last reason it is very comfortable for you if there is more than one person using a tent, way in and way out without awakening the other person next to you because two doors allow for easily move inside peacefully and silently.

7. Portability

Portability is very important for you, especially if you have a ton of things to be carried away with you. The winter tent which is lightly is  what you need to think and consider about which can make your adventure trip become more enjoyable and happily.

8. Weather Resistance

Windy situation is one of the risky situation that you should concern and be careful when camping in the winter. Your winter camping tent need to be very strong enough to fighting against and blowing snow  and blizzard conditions which means you need to choose a winter tent that has a shedding ability.

Be caution to choose a winter camping tent with a  trigonometric shape to bare with high wind speed conditions. Both of these characteristic will reduce the chances your tent will become a flying kite and blow up.

Snow and water discharge ability is really a must reason in order to choose the best winter camping tent because it will secure and protects you in a snowy and blizzard situations. When snow builds, your tent will be falling down if it has no snow shedding ability.

Look for tents with a water and snow proofing which can make the snow and water slip away from a tent that won’t make snow build up on the tent. Most tents made for cold weather have waterproofing as they also mentioned above on the top ten lists, that you can check them out. Check for good quality water resistance seals around zippers, and sealed seams.

9. Budget

Tents made for cold weather is more expensive than summer tents. You will want a combination of strong and lightweight winter tent together. Otherwise those two factors tent together will make the tent even more expensive. However, you can find less expensive 4-season structures if you want an affordable tent.

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