TOP 10 Best Womens Wetsuit Reviews in 2020

best women wetsuits

Are you a fan or a newbie of water sports? If you are, wetsuits might be one of the most important equipment you need. As always, buying a good wetsuit assists your well being in many ways. When it provides comfort and warmth, you can swim, snorkel, or surf longer and better. Below is a list of top 10 best women wetsuits that receive the most popularity in 2020. With any single piece among them, you will fully expose to underwater world with ease, protection, and confidence.

best women wetsuits

List Of Top 10 Best Women Wetsuits Reviews in 2020

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10. Billabong Women’s Synergy Full Wetsuit

Billabong Women's Synergy

It is a womens full wetsuit that is known as Billabong Women’s Synergy Full Wetsuit. Being made of grand AX2 Superflux neoprene materials, this wetsuit goes against water, oil, heat, and other chemical substances very well. The seams of the clothes seal perfectly which keep your under clothes hided. Totally glued on the seams, it greatly avoid water to leak in.

Billabong Women’s Synergy Full Wetsuit is very flexible on body which does not make you sweat and feel stuffy at all. Regardless of this, it always provides you enough warmth to keep swimming in the water.

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9. Micosuza Womens Shorty Wetsuit

Micosuza Womens Shorty

This is one of the top best womens shortie wetsuits on the market that come with long sleeves, and back zipper. Like previous wetsuit, this one is also a product of neoprene which has an ability to prevent water, oil, and heat from touching your skin. It is also very stretchy which allows you to engage in most of movements including snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and more.

Thanks to its form fitting design, Micosuza Womens Shorty Wetsuit does not hold water which makes you feel heavy at all. On contrary, it weighs very lightly and allows enough air to go through for ultimate comfy.

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8. Lemorecn Women’s 2mm Wetsuits Jacket

Lemorecn Women’s

If you are a fan off two piece wetsuits, you might sometimes want to get a single jacket to fit with different swimming pants. let’s us introduce you to Lemorecn Women’s 2mm Wetsuits Jacket. It is not only designed for swimming or under water related activities. Users can also put it on to keep you warm during winter, or for exercising. This jacket is highly made of super stretchy nylon fabric, and is greatly sewn with three layers to keep it durable. Highly resistant to water, heat, and strong air, it is just a very needed piece of clothes for outdoor wear.

Lemorecn Women’s 2mm Wetsuits Jackets features a front zipper that is designed in crewneck. Therefore, users can zip quickly and conveniently.

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7. EYCE DIVE & SAIL Women’s 1.5mm Wetsuits Jacket


This product from EYCE DIVE & SAIL might be a long sleeve wetsuit you are looking for. Coming with a few color options, you can now choose the one that fits you best. The jacket is specifically designed for multi-use. This means that beside using it for swimming, you can put it on for many other outdoor sports. It also comes with a crew neck and front zipper style which offer greater protection and privacy to your wearing.

EYCE DIVE & SAIL Women’s Wetsuits Jacket is a one piece wetsuit that is super duper flexible. That way, it promotes a wide range of movements. Its 1.5 mm thick pattern will always keep you warm and out of moisture.

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6. Realon Wetsuit Women 3mm Jumpsuit

Realon Wetsuit Women

If you are looking for tall womens wetsuit, Realon Womens Full Wetsuit is an ideal product to look at. This product is totally made of neoprene fabric which is best to use for water related activities. Those include swimming, surfing, diving, snorkeling, and so on. Its ability to go against water is very impressive which you will be amazed. As it is 3mm thick, it always makes sure to offer you warmth.

Realon Womens Full Wetsuit is also very stretchy and lightweight. Moreover, it does not keep you stuffy at all. Thanks to its full length back zipper, you can always experience easy access.

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5. Cressi Tortuga Wetsuit Women

Cressi Tortuga 2.5mm Lady

What is great about Cressi Shorty Ladies’ Wetsuit is that it comes with a one full piece and little decoration. It is a product of nylon and neoprene fabrics combined. Therefore, its quality and durability are always there for a long time wear. It features a convenient donning design which stretches perfectly for ease of putting on. At the same time, the back zipper helps to promote an easy doffing.

Moreover, there is a long pulling lace attached to the end of the zipper for self removal. Cressi Shorty Ladies’ Wetsuit is 2.5mm thick which provides a full protection from moisture, sunlight, and cold air.

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4. Hyperflex Women’s Access 3/2mm Full Suit

Hyperflex Wetsuits Women's

Product #4 presents a plus size wetsuit from Hyperflex brand. One special characteristic of this product is that it features a bomb proof construction. Thus, it ensures a full protection against strength and most of outside effects. It comes with a very thick outer that is made of top quality neoprene fabric. It is capable of protecting you from most kinds of abrasion which is very suitable to use for outdoor and water interconnected activities.

With an adjustable neck design, it provides a free flow of movements. What is more, Hyperflex Women’s Access Full Suit is very flexible and comfy on body. Thanks to this, it is best at accommodating most body’s shapes and sizes.

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3. O’Neill Women’s Reactor 2mm Wetsuit

O'Neill Women's Reactor

If you love to wear short sleeve suit for swimming, snorkeling, or surfing, O’Neill Women’s Reactor 2mm Wetsuit is what you need. This one comes with a back zipper system to makes accessing an easy task for any individuals. It has a long lace fastened to the zipper for an ease of self taking off.

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Arriving with a seal collar design that can be adjusted, it provides better choices of wearing. It is also made of inhaled fabric of FlexNeoprene to keep you away from stuffiness and sweat all the time.

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2. Seavenger Navigator 3mm Shorty Wetsuit

Seavenger Navigator

This one from Seavenger is a gender friendly wetsuit that is highly designed to suit with both women’s and men’s body shapes. It has a short sleeve pattern that is perfect for most kinds of water sports. Made of Nylon II neoprene material, this wetsuit offers the best fitting to your body like nothing else. You will also love how lightweight it is on your body which is very ideal for swimming and other activities in the sea.

Seavenger Navigator 3mm Shorty Wetsuit is the most flexible suit on this review. Therefore, putting it on still allows you to involve in most kinds of movements like there is nothing on your body.

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1. Ivation Lycra Full Body Diving Suit

Womens Wetsuit

Ivation Lycra Full Body Womens Wetsuit deserves the first ranking on the list due to many good reasons. First off, it is a quality product of nylon and spandex materials. This keeps you comfortable all the time, and it is greatly resistant to water and cold temperature. Moreover, its fitting and full body coverage features keep you away from any kinds of pests, dust, and dirt.

You would also love about its zipper that stays in the front. This helps you to put it on and off very effortlessly and quickly. Ivation Lycra Full Body Womens Wetsuit also arrives with a pair of stirrups locating at foot area to keep the clothes from moving up.

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Whereas you are able to look for wetsuit from anywhere on the market, the quality ones are still difficult to find and might be expensive. You do not want to waste your money and also get disappointed from buying a wrong product. Therefore, picking out a wetsuit or two from our review will surely satisfy your needs.