TOP 10 Best Wooden Playsets in 2020

Backyard Discovery Atlantis

A backyard playground is great at keeping children active, entertained and healthy. Adding to that, it can strengthen their physical and motor skills at the same time too. There are many types of wooden playsets which are there for you to choose; however, how much trust to have on those products?

We are here to give you the solution as well as highlighting the key features of each swing set. Below is a curated list of Top 10 Best Wooden Playsets in 2020.

List Of Top 10 Best Wooden Playsets in 2020

10. Backyard Discovery Dayton

Backyard Discovery Dayton

The Backyard Discovery Dayton swing set has it all and your kids will love it. First of all, this swing set includes all the things kids love to play on, such as the belt swing, trapeze swing and slide. The size of this adorable playground set is 87 x 196 x 94 inches. Under the deck of this swing, there is a sand box that allows children to expose to the outdoor play.

Each swing is very sturdy; therefore, the safety of your kids is ensured. Last but not least, for added stability, the angled frame is attached.

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9. Backyard Discovery Monticello 

Backyard Discovery Monticello

The next backyard playset is brought to you by Backyard Discovery. First and foremost, it is not only perfect for your child but will also look great in your backyard too. This heavy-duty product is attached with the bar and the swing that sure to capture the children’s heart. The speedy slide of it has the size of 8 inches, the right size for the kids to enjoy the safe slide.

There is the sand box area which is built-in with the toy. The total dimension of this product is 155 x 255 x 144 inches.

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8. Backyard Discovery Shenandoah

Backyard Discovery Shenandoah

Coming up next is the lovely and inexpensive swing set and playset which is known as Backyard Discovery Shenandoah. It is the combination of the wood and plastic materials. All the materials chosen is guaranteed to be the high-quality one. the window and bench is designed in this swing set; hence, your kids will have many choices in playing what they want. For improving the physical health of the children, and rock climbing wall is built-in too. If you are looking for the right product for placing at your backyard, this set is the one. Last but not least, the size of it is 165 x 213 x 125 inches.

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7. Backyard Discovery Tanglewood

Backyard Discovery Tanglewood

This wonderful and strong wooden swing called Backyard Discovery Tanglewood comes with the challenges and funs that your children will love. The full set of it comes with belt swings, slider swing, slide as well as the clubhouse at the lower part. For the roof part, the wood is added to this durable set. With this product, you kids can enjoy playing outside in the safe way.

For attracting children’s attention, this swing set is painted in a very colorful color. More than just entertaining the kids, adults can discover the fun brought by this 144 x 175 x 106 inches product too.

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6. Backyard Discovery Peninsula

Backyard Discovery Peninsula

This safe and sturdy wooden swing will keep the children entertained for hours. Backyard Discovery Peninsula swing set is designed to carry the total size of 130 x 157 x 114 inches. For ensuring that it is suitable for long-term use, the materials chosen are the superior quality ones. This set is creatively designed to have belt swing, trapeze swing and the enjoyable slide.

Plus, the rock climbing wall is attached to this set too. For giving you the choice in customizing it the way you want, the lower part is designed to have the clubhouse.

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5. Backyard Discovery Atlantis

Backyard Discovery Atlantis

The next reputable outdoor playground, Backyard Discovery Atlantis, is the ideal choice for offering great fun for your kid. Unlike other products, it is designed with the room which is the sand box and resting area. Each of the swing produced to offer the fun in the safe way. As a great result, the belt swings can even accommodate the adults too.

If your kids love challenges, the climbing wall is the right platform.  This wooden set can be placed at the backyard of your house since the size of it is 217 x 93 x 111 inches.

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4. Backyard Discovery Weston

Backyard Discovery Weston

If you own a kid outdoor playset for your own backyard, you allow your children to enjoy the fun while discover many things in the safe zone. This is another incredible set from Backyard Discovery. This heavy-duty set is designed to have the swing, bench, stand and more.

For allowing the kids to play with sand, the sandbox is built-in in this set too. With the full dimension of 130 x 157 x 108 inches, the size of the slide is 8 inches; which is large enough for the children to slide.

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3. Backyard Discovery Tucson

Backyard Discovery Tucson

This backyard play set, Backyard Discovery Tucson, is ideal for an outdoor adventurer. There are two swings, trapeze bar, snack stand and sand box. It’s sure to provide the kids in your house with hours of healthy outdoor play. You kids may want to experience the challenges; this product offers the combination of all the things.

As illustration, the rock climbing wall will sure to make the kid become physically healthy. Please be noted that this swing set has the total dimension of 211 x 87 x 113 inches.

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2. Backyard Discovery Montpelier

Backyard Discovery Montpelier

Here arrives the 2nd best product in the list today; Backyard Discovery Montpelier is a durable swing set that you should consider. First off, this backyard playset is designed to have the total size of 191 x 187 x 113 inches. For the safety of the children, the parts of this set are carefully constructed to meet the standard set. This way, we bet that you don’t have anything to concern about after purchasing such a nice product for your kids.

Besides its great features, there are many things that the kids can enjoy from the swing, bench, slide and more. For your information, the assembly process will take about 18 hours.

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1. Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge

Backyard Discovery Prairie

This Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge offers the set that comes with the monkey bar, snack stand, bench, belt swing and more. For ensuring that the kids are playing in the safe zone, the perimeter that has the height of 6- feet is added. The slide has the size of 8 inches and it guarantees to offer the speedy slide in the convenient way.

With the monkey bar, you can enjoy the challenge and make the playground more interesting. In terms of reliability, you can always have the trust on it. Lastly, the size of the playset is 240 x 129 x 106 inches.

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Now we have given you some suggestions on many types of the wooden playset; getting the right product for you children is no longer a problem. If you wish to give your kids a safe playground at the backyard, do not hesitate to renovate it right now. With any of the product mentioned above, you will be impressed by its durability. Get your preferred model soon.