Best Yoga Ball Chairs in 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guides

List Of Top 10 Best Yoga Ball Chairs in 2020

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair - Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Premium Ergonomic Chair for Home and Office Desk with Air Pump, Exercise Guide and Satisfaction Guarantee, Blue
$69.07$79.98 (14% off)
Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair - Silver Flake on Black Metal Frame Finish - Exclusive: 60mm (2.5
Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair with ball and pump
Exercise Ball Chair - 55cm / 65cm / 75cm Yoga Fitness Pilates Ball & Stability Base for Home Gym & Office - Resistance Bands, Workout Poster & Pump. Improve Balance, Core Strength & Posture
LuxFit Exercise Ball Chair, Black
arteesol Exercise Yoga Ball, Extra Thick Stability Balance Ball (45-85cm), Professional Grade Anti Burst&Slip Resistant Balance, Fitness&Physical Therapy, Birthing Ball with Air Pump
Trideer Exercise Ball (45-85cm) Extra Thick Yoga Ball Chair, Anti-Burst Heavy Duty Stability Ball Supports 2200lbs, Birthing Ball with Quick Pump (Office & Home & Gym)
Vivora Luno - Sitting Ball Chair for Office, Dorm, and Home, Lightweight Self-Standing Ergonomic Posture Activating Exercise Ball Solution with Handle & Cover, Classroom & Yoga
PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair with Back Support for Home and Office w/Exercise Ball, Pump, Removable Back & Lockable Wheels
Home Circles Birthing Ball Pregnancy 65cm - Big Yoga Birth Ball for Pregnancy and Labor - PDF Exercise Ball Guide Incl - Anti Burst Gym Quality Balance Ball, Pink Blue Gray & Purple Stability Ball

10. Gaiam

Gaiam Classic

One of the must-have which is the top ten best yoga ball chair is Gaiam. There are many great points that Gaiam is capable to offer. Made in a high quality rubber, this yoga chair can actually use for multi-purposes; you can actually use it for exercise or you can use it as a replacement to your typical chair. Sitting on this yoga chair will beneficially boost your productivity and energy as you do have feel like being stuck in a position. This yoga chair brand is suggestively ideal for those whose heights are around 5’ to 5’11.

For those who have are taller than this, you can still use it by adding extra 2 inches’ leg extenders that can be purchased along the chair from Gaiam. Besides, this yoga chair can hold up to 300 pound, so you do not have to worry if you can use this or not. When purchasing Gaiam, you will also receive the 52cm ball, air pump, the metal super bar, casters and an exercise guide.

It’s also worth noting about the ball inflation instruction. When you first inflate the air to it, you should inflate to 100% size of the ball and leave it 24 hours for it to enlarge up to its maximum size. After this, you can deflate it to only 50% of its total size and inflate again to 52cm height.

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9. Isokinetics

Isokinetics Inc

On to this next top best yoga chair in 2020, here is Isokinetics. For this brand, there are two choices of the yoga chair’s wheel size that you can choose, including 60mm an 50mm. The former is compatible with any office size wheel but the latter is if you used on other brands. It’s actually recommended that the wider wheel allows you to have better rolling experience. In term of frame finished, you can also choose between silver flakes or Solid on Black.

To greater support the weight, this Isokinetics yoga chairs has 5 rolling base wheels. Moreover, there are two ways that you can adjust this chair in order to support a variety of body’s size; you can either use 4 leg height or 4 back support position. In the package when purchasing this, there will be 55cm ball that is made of the super-durable non-latex material.

Talking about the back rest, too, you can adjust it into 4 ways, from lowest setting which is 9’’ to the highest, 6’’. By adjusting this height, you will have better lean back position and better encouragement to stand up straight.

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8. Sivan Health and Fitness

Sivan Health

Next in the list, we have Sivan Health and Fitness as one of the brand that produce the top 8 best yoga chair in 2020. Using ergonomic design, this yoga chair is made to fit with your body figure, so you can use anytime as the supplementary to the typical chair. There are 4 rolling based wheels in which 2 of them are lockable, so it doesn’t easily move from a spot. Ideally, it is used for stretching, correcting your body’s posture, eliminating stiffness and making better circulation in your body. Likewise, this chair can also help preventing you from suffering spine disorder from sitting on bad quality chairs. This yoga chair comes with black color, so it’s very classically fit to any design of your desk.

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7. Mantra Sports

Exercise Ball Chair

Unlike the previous three above, this Mantra Sports yoga chair is more specifically ideal for exercising although you can still use it as the replacement of office chair. This yoga ball and its kit is highly recommended by many physios and physical therapists as it can be used to support the rehabilitation of your knees, hip joint and other body’s spine after replacement surgery. This yoga ball allows you to do exercise without going harshly on your body’s energy. Just because we call it yoga ball, it can actually be used for cardio, Pilates or full body work out too.

You can comfortably use this at home; which can save countless bucks from hitting gym as both would results comparably the same. What’s also special about the core ball is that it has been produced using several layers of heavy-duty PVC in order for it to be capable of holding heavy weight (up to 750 pound) without making any burst or slip. Montra Sports’ main focus has also been on the ball’s stability in order to offers comfortable experience when doing exercise or sitting on it. Finally, with this product, you will also get offered with a lifetime warranty.

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6. Luxfit

LuxFit Ball Chair

Looking pretty good in black, the next best yoga chair in the list belong to Luxfit. It’s trustworthily claimed by many health experts that this yoga chairs is very useful for those who are encountering or trying to avoid spine and back problem because the chair is ergonomically designed to fit with human’s figure. This exercise ball chair’s height is between 22 inches to 25 inches; the height usually depends on how tight or full you inflate the ball. On that same note, the weight that the ball chair can stand is up to 300 pounds.

Its designated larges wheel along with the thick-layer high quality ball is ensured 100% in order to offer the best using experience of all time to users. You can also easily roll this chair from one place to another while sitting on it without having to stand up and move it because the rolling wheel is made for the smooth and flexible movement.

Besides, you will get the 2 year warranty with the purchase of this yoga chair, so you can always enjoy using it knowing there’s a helpful team waiting to support if you have any problem with the yoga chair.

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5. arteesol

Arteesol Exercise

Looking at the appearance, this arteesol’s yoga ball might appeal to you as the typical one you can find everywhere; however, this one can actually offer more than you could ever ask for. First of all, it’s made of super premium grade rubber that has non-toxic PVC and BPA-free. Moreover, it’s also explosion-proof and super durable; which is very important as your body will rely on it during the exercise, so you want to make sure there’s no damage happening to your body. What’s even unbelievable is that its strength can let it stand the weight up to 1100+ pounds, so you don’t have to worry whether you can use it or not.

Moreover, it’s designed using honeycomb structure in order to prevent slipping as it grips highly to the ground, so you can always have a comfortable workout. Besides, if you do not only want to use it for exercising, you can also use it as an office ball chair by just putting on the chair.

Regarding the inflation of the ball, there will be air plug and air pump included within the purchase so you can have all your tool without going out for anything else. Moreover, this arteesol’s yoga ball also offers a year warranty from the professional arteesol’s team.

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4. Trideer

Trideer Exercise Ball

Looking stunningly high quality in matte black and many other different color, the next best yoga ball in 2020 sitting on top 4 belongs to Trideer. Trideer is made of extra thick non-toxic, BPA-free and heavy-metal-free material in order to ensure its record for greatest density exercise ball that can 100% guarantee no explosion. What if you’re told that this Trideer yoga ball can stand the weight up to 2200 pounds? Yes, you read it right.

The 2000 micrometers of thickness used for this ball allows it to stands this gigantic amount of weights. It is ideal for everything; even pregnant woman can safely use this for pregnancy exercising. There are five available sizes you can select, counting from 45cm to 85cm.

Talking about inflation, it’s super easy to inflate; using the Trideer’s foot pump and air stopper provided in the package. And finally, Trideer yoga ball also offers 1-month no hassle returns with full cash if you are not satisfied with its performance. If you do, you still have a 12-month warranty on the quality of the product.

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3. Vivora Luno

Vivora Luno

As you can tell by its outside appearance, this top 3 best yoga ball looks nothing like the rest of yoga ball you can find in the market. This Vivora ultra-premium yoga ball has many different size that you can choose, ranging from Max Lano and standard size. You can determine which one is the right size for you depends on the height of your desk.

The former one is if your desk’s right is 30” and the latter one is if it’s 26”. Vivora’s Luno yoga chair has been always known as the best ball chair solution to every officer’s worker as it’s produced with a careful design for ergonomic alternative in order to provide the luxurious comfort to the user. Besides, it can also make muscle at back and core support to activate in order for to create a good posture; and hence, curing the spine or back pain that usually occurs to adults.

This Vivora yoga ball is made for everything from ab engagement to posture workout and other physical training. You can actually use it everywhere; in offer, at home or at the dinner table. One thing to take note about inflating this is that you might find yourself sweating a bit while setting it up. First, you can to use the air pomp to inflate the sitting ball inside and keep inflating it until the outside cover is entirely filled. However, you can always contact Vivora for the support in case you cannot pump it or it doesn’t get to full size after 20 minute air pumping.

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2. PharMeDoc

PharMeDoc Balance

Now, we’ve come to the second to the top best yoga chair in 2020; here we have PharMaDoc. It has earned many positive reviews from its users in term of its quality and capability. First of all, it acts as an agent to cure the back pain as well as rehabilitating the spine development in general. All you need to do is just to sit on it and it will perform the magic.

Furthermore, it is also multifunctional as the design allows the user to use it in many different ways. For the back of the chair, if you do not want it there, you can easily remove it. The chair size is made to be compacted in order to ease user’s with storing it, too.

With PharMeDoc, you can also lock the chair’s wheels if you want it to stay still in a spot. In the package that has everything from the 52cm ball and the hand air pump to a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

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Home Circles

Finally, here we are at the best of the best in 2020 in term of yoga chair, HOME CIRCLES. If you haven’t already aware of its unique specially points, here are some highlight of why the products is now everyone’s favorite. No matter if you want to compare on price or quality point, HOME CIRCLES has them all. Made of the highest quality PVC rubber, it is perfect to use everywhere. You want to have a personal dream home fitness; here is HOME CIRCLES. You want to have an energetically productive day at work, here is HOME CIRCLES. Moreover, this Swiss made gym product is very versatile to both heavy weight user, preventing the ball from exploding under pressure.

Moreover, HOMES CIRCLES focuses on simplicity and easiness of using, so anything like inflation and deflation can be done without giving so much effort on it. With the purchase, you will get this premium quality 65cm ball and the hand pump. Last but definitely not least, you will also have the satisfied guarantee up on the purchase of the product. If you are not happy about HOME CIRCLES, you can always claim the full refund in cold hard cash back. Where can you have all of these is the very cheap price? Nowhere, except HOME CIRCLES.

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Buying Guides for Yoga Balls

On to the tips when purchasing the yoga chairs, there are some important feature that you need to look at and we will help to point them out now. First of all, you shall look for the material. There are countless affordable yoga ball and yoga chair in the market, but there are very few that has use the high quality materials. Everything from thick durable non-toxic PVC banner or BPA-free material are all important point you need for a good yoga ball. Besides, it’s always recommended that you should try sitting on the ball and try rolling around to see if it’s easily slip away as you sit on top of it. It is to test if it’s safe to use.

Finally, especially when purchasing the yoga chair, you should measure it correctly; more specifically if you are going to use it in office. Because there are many different size and height of the chairs, you want to make sure that it fits perfectly to your desks, or still you are going to have a spine problem after 8 hours working every day. Once you go and purchase the yoga chair, it is better that you measure your desk height, and then you can take this to consult with the salesperson or expert on how high or what size of the ball will work for you and your desk.

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